ONLY Rape Is Wrong

WOW, look at the brazenness of these people:

Quote: “Suppose he, and all of the exposed Ashley Madison users, were just cheating. So what? Why should that be the concern of progressive people? Why does contemporary culture so often seem indistinguishable from a Puritan society where everyone is constantly sticking their noses in everyone else’s business?”

Comment: Yeah, from the liberal bourgeoisie perspective, contemporary culture is indistinguishable from Puritan society of several centuries ago. Think about that for a second.

Quote: “Set aside the hypocrisy inherent to the fact that so many doing the judging are no doubt cheaters themselves, or will become so in a few years when monogamy has gone stale. Set aside that we’ve collapsed the distinction between behaviors that are truly destructive and must be illegal, like sexual assault or sexual coercion, and those that we merely find untoward, like cheating.”

Comment: You see, cheating on your spouse is just unseemly. Like picking your nose or not washing your hands after using the restroom. It’s not actually destructive or harmful like RAPE. Only RAPE is wrong. Anything other than RAPE is at most rude.


WOW, look at the brazenness of these people:Quote: "Suppose he, and all of the exposed Ashley Madison users, were just…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Thursday, August 20, 2015

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In the quran Allah said oppression is worse than murder.

Zina is between a person and God, it is punishable if it is proven.

Rape is violating someone’s sacred body.

You need to get r I ght with God if you think they’re comparable.