Israel has no interest in fighting ISIS. And ISIS has no interest in attacking Israel. We don’t have to engage in any conspiracy theorizing. We just have to look at facts, sit back, and marvel at the peculiarity of the whole thing.

Even Israelis have been scratching their heads. A while back, Haaretz published an op-ed: “Why the Islamic State Isn’t in Any Rush to Attack Israel.”

ISIS has threatened and committed acts of terrorism in and murdered diplomats from all these countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Iran, Turkey, Saudi, even China and Japan. In total, 20 countries have had acts of ISIS-linked terror on their soil:

Just look at that wikipedia list. It’s astounding that ISIS seems to be belligerent to everyone except Israel. ISIS has even threatened to wage war against Hamas! In other words, ISIS sees Hamas as a bigger enemy than Israel. How does that make any sense (from a geopolitical perspective)?

Some Zionist apologists for Israel say that ISIS is not worried about Israel because ISIS is focused on fighting other Muslim factions. Really? Then why has ISIS been attacking France, Belgium, Canada, and the US?

I guess it’s just a big, fat mystery! We’ll never know…


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