This is what happened to an autistic young woman who felt like she was a man trapped in a woman’s body. She was rushed into sex change surgery and hormone therapy and now is suffering some medical and psychological problems.

The point I want to make here is just to be amazed at how quickly transgenderism has become the newest liberation movement. It’s like people are desperately looking for the next category of people who are “oppressed” and need activism to be saved, so much so that they will create a category just for that purpose.

It’s clear that, whatever you make of transgenderism, some percentage of “trans” people are simply suffering from any number of psychological or mental disorders. But even pointing that out has now become taboo. Which will mean a lot of mentally disabled individuals will be sacrificed for the sake of this movement. The same has been the case for gay liberation. Even if you are a proponent of gay rights or whatever, surely you don’t deny that there are some people who are not “truly gay” and are just confused or suffering from psychological problems. But since pointing that out and helping those people in that way has become so taboo that it is bordering on illegality, those people won’t get the help they need. Isn’t that a bad result, even from the perspective of a gay liberation agenda?


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