This is a solid read from Ustadh Usaama al-Azami. One thing he could have also emphasized is how inconsistent someone like Ali Gomaa is from the perspective of his OWN logic. Yes, we can point out that from our perspective, it is inconsistent to oppose ISIS yet support brutal Arab dictators that massacre their own Muslim citizens. But it is even more telling to show how, from even their own perspective, these “neo-traditionalists” have hypocritical views.

In his support of Sisi and his claim that Muslims must submit to his rule without protest, Ali Gomaa, for example, has marshaled all kinds of religious reasoning. For example:

“When I look at Egypt I see it has a leader called the president of the republic who all of us are rallying behind. If the president does me wrong or doesn’t pay attention to misdeeds against me or whatever… I will obey the leader and continue to support him,” said the former Grand Mufti.

“When his guest said that some might question this logic, Gomaa responded: “The Prophet said ‘shut up’. Why are you going to disobey the Prophet? Because you’re a revolutionary. If you say you’re a Muslim then obey, your Prophet says ‘shut up’ so shut up.”

Ok, if that is the reasoning, then in many parts of Iraq and Syria, ISIS is the ruling power, so people should just “shut up” about them, right? How does that make any sense?


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