Women File for Divorce More Than Men

There is only one purported explanation considered in the article: women are more sensitive than men and react to difficulties in marriage by wanting out more than men do on average. But that explanation is quickly dismissed as implausible on the basis that for unmarried couples, men and women initiate breakups at the same rates. The article does not recognize what an illogical comparison that is: obviously marriage and dating are apples and oranges and studies show that when it comes to dating, usually it is women who are looking for more of a commitment than men. The fact that despite this women are still initiating breakups at the same rate as men even in the dating world actually strengthens, not weakens the original explanation. But the article prefers to settle on “Gee, what a mystery!” instead of countenancing a plausible hypothesis and risk acknowledging the possibility that men and women are indeed different.

Is it so offensive to claim that women may be more sensitive than men? Sensitivity is a characteristic that has numerous positive applications as well as some negative. The same could be said about characteristically masculine traits. The modernist, feminist claim that men and women do not have essences and cannot be generalized in any way is as silly as it is out of touch with reality.


Why do Women File for Divorce More Than Men?There is only one purported explanation considered in the article: women…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Friday, August 28, 2015

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