Undoubtedly, marriage is not a solution for all Muslims who are attracted to the same sex. But, it has been a solution for some. The LGBT activist agenda has branded the suggestion of opposite sex marriage as an option for same sex attracted individuals as bigotry and homophobia. But this is a powerful and eloquent response to that coming from the Christian community:

“Dale Larsen, now father of four and grandfather of nine, recognized his [same sex] attractions at an early age. After nine years of marriage, and during a period of stress, his attractions “skyrocketed.” A gay relative “convinced me that I needed to be who I was—that that’s who I am and I needed to live my life that way.” She arranged for him to go on a date with another man, and Dale recalls:

I looked over and I saw a couple, his brother and sister-in-law, and their little kids and they had the same aged kids I had and the same two boys and a girl. And all of a sudden in my mind, I saw my own family sitting there and the words that came into my mind were, ‘If you continue down this path, and you can, you will lose them.’ I made a decision that that was it—I was coming back home. I wanted a family so bad. I wanted my wife.

I loved my wife.

Blaine Hickman: “my feelings don’t . . . define me. I’m not what I feel; I’m what I do.”

Bill Seger: “We can choose our destiny. We can choose the direction we want. It’s not easy . . . but the blessings are enormous.”


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