Reasons to Never Go to the Masjid

The masajid, imams, Islamic scholars, khatibs, etc., are not there to affirm a social justice narrative. Neither is the masjid there to make sure everyone has “a voice.”

Don’t misunderstand. Yes, social justice is an important part of Islam. No doubt. And those leaders and community members who have locked into these important services, making BIG sacrifices to help those in need, there is no questioning their dedication, passion, and love for Allah and for doing khidma to His creation. May Allah bless them and allow us to be like them.

My only concern is that some younger, less experienced millennials seem to have mistaken a part for the whole. In other words, just because the Friday khutbah is not about current politics, helping the disenfranchised, or in any other way “relevant,” that does not mean that that khutbah is not needed or, indeed, vital. It is a shame to see youngsters tune out the khutbah if it is not about Trump or some other current affair. This is a problem.

Serving the poor, helping orphans, fighting injustice — these are all means to get closer to Allah and worship Him. They are elevated and exalted means. But they are not the only means. And they are not ends in themselves. Without that understanding and that ikhlas, going astray is all but guaranteed.

Young Muslims in high school and college are vulnerable here. May Allah protect us and our youth.


This could easily be "5 Reasons Millennials Should Never Go to the Masjid."The masajid, imams, Islamic scholars,…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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