This is from 2 years ago but still relevant in light of the recent revelations of the US spending half a billion on producing fake “jihadist” propaganda.

Without these kinds of “official” news reports, it’s always hard to convince people that their governmental agencies are frequently involved in the outright fabrication of material to distort public perception. People have a hard time accepting that powerful authorities would lie, cheat, and deceive. They don’t have trouble understanding how other governments can act so immorally. That’s because the Chinese or Iranian governments, for example, are “obviously evil.” But not the US or UK! American and British agencies are ma’sum as far as we’re concerned.

What underlies this delusional attitude is an uneasiness — people want to believe that the world is the rosy, predictable, what-you-see-is-what-you-get place that they have been led to believe it is. That’s what is most comfortable, whereas the alternative is terrifying so best not to think about it or even consider it as a possibility.

What is most shocking is how even after indisputable evidence is presented to the public, people still don’t want to believe what they condescendingly call “conspiracy theories.” The biggest example of this was how far the Bush regime went to fabricate pretenses for invading Iraq.

So next time, when faced with the possibility of governmental deception, don’t ask, “Why would they do that?” Instead ask, “Why wouldn’t they?”


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