Those who claim that Islam is a barbaric religion have maintained a deliberate ignorance of the life of Muhammad ﷺ. If they had even a shred of intellectual honesty, they would read through this essay and commit all 70 moments to memory. Of course, many refuse to learn more about this man because they are deathly afraid that they will find the truth with him ﷺ. I suspect most of them feel it in their bones, though they staunchly deny it. Well, deny no more. The only thing Islam has to offer you is Truth.

“Without an external reference point managing these values (i.e., divine revelation), the world has disagreed on the boundaries of mercy and justice. Some gravitate to an impractical and utopian extreme, where no forcefulness whatsoever is justified, refusing the reality that some people will never be as “ethically conscious” as them, and will continue usurping as much as you allow them to. Some gravitate to another extreme, accepting brutality and striking terror in the hearts of their enemies as the golden key to their “righteous” ends. The majority orbits in an ambiguous middle, each presenting a claim about where a virtue like mercy ends, and where another like justice begins. Just as a rusted coin will not be polished by a timid scrub, some severely impure souls require a degree of “harshness” to remedy them. And just as surgical amputation is generally avoided, but could be a necessary last resort to save one’s life, sometimes mercy is embodied in sacrificing lives to save many more. Hence, sometimes excessively focusing on the recipient of this “harshness” blinds one from noticing.”


Daniel Haqiqatjou

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