Muslims Can’t Consistently Support the First Amendment

If you oppose the secularization of the Muslim world, do you also oppose lawsuits like this from the ACLU?

ACLU suing Indiana town over cross display as part of Christmas decorations

Or do you consider yourself a proud American Muslim that stands by the Constitution and the First Amendment’s outlawing of state establishment of religion?

If you do stand by the principles of the Constitution, then by extension you would have to oppose much of the state established religious structures and institutions in the Muslim world. If the cross on a Christmas tree is a problem in the US then, for example, the closing of government offices during Ramadan or the projection of the adhan in all public places 5 times a day in numerous Muslim countries would equally be problematic.

As I keep insisting on my FB page: non-secular Muslims in the West can’t keep having their cake and eating it too. We can’t invoke the Constitution, freedom of religion, and other liberal values when it is convenient for us in the West but then be naive about the implications of those principles for Muslim countries in the East. What we should be doing, rather, is arguing for our place at the societal table on the basis of our contribution and service to people and a shared commitment to important values, like the value of devotion to God, the value of life, the value of maintaining family ties, the value of marriage, and so forth.

Note: The ACLU does great work and I am not directing criticism at them. My criticism is directed at the underlying liberal secular philosophy they operate on the basis of in some cases.

Note 2: By the way, isn’t it strange that a city putting up a Christmas tree is ok but don’t you dare put a cross on top of it?


If you oppose the secularization of the Muslim world, do you also oppose lawsuits like this from the ACLU?Or do you…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Friday, December 16, 2016

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