Americanism: The State Religion

David Brooks with another one of his trademark steaming piles.

This time the senile old coot bloviates about standing for the pledge of allegiance and how not doing so is to blaspheme the American religion. That’s exactly how he puts it, which is notable because usually these people don’t spell it out for you in black and white.

“Over the years, America’s civic religion was nurtured the way all religions are nurtured: by sharing moments of reverence. Americans performed the same rituals on Thanksgiving and July 4; they sang the national anthem and said the Pledge in unison; they listened to the same speeches on national occasions and argued out the great controversies of our history.”

Muslims of all people should be repulsed by this. People of tawhid should be repulsed by this. Those who stress the importance of “American Islam” and the necessity for Muslims in America to be “fully American,” have they taken stock of the ramifications? Have they understood “being American” in the way David Brooks and others have understood this? How do they distinguish between culture and religion?

Whether people acknowledge it or not, there is an American religion and it is the state religion, which is why there is no separation of church and state in the US or any other so called secular state, nor could there ever be. And in France they have the French religion and in the UK, the British religion, and so on, each one stupider and more vapid than the next.

But they criticize Muslims for wanting Islamic governance. They are content with their state religions and desire other societies to adopt those religions. That is what “secularization” really is. Drop Islam as the religion of the people and adopt the state religion of the colonizers. India was converted to the British religion, North African societies were converted to the French religion, etc., and this was called progress.

And to this day, those reformers who want Muslims to modernize and secularize are essentially pushing Muslims to convert. You can be ethnically Muslim, of course, but your beliefs, values, and aspirations have to be aligned with the American, British, or French religions.

Or else.


David Brooks with another one of his trademark steaming piles.This time the senile old coot bloviates about standing…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Sunday, September 18, 2016

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