Obama’s Brutal Deportation Regime

This is why I shake my head when I see Muslims ranting about Trump on policies that are essentially no different than Obama’s.

If we as Muslims want to talk about a “Muslim immigration ban” or “Muslim internment” or “Muslim deportation,” all these kinds of policies were created and expanded by the Obama admin, except they haven’t targeted Muslims by and large. It’s been Latin Americans being detained and interned at kennel-like “family detention centers” for years, detention centers that Obama’s DHS built. Just read about what our fellow man has had to endure.

Where do we get the moral authority to rail against the tyrant-elect when we’ve been perfectly cozy and complacent with the current tyrant, singing his praises, having iftars at his palace, fawning over his Orwellian rhetoric?

You know those Van Jones clips that are so popular on Muslim social media these days because he praises American Muslims as the model community. That’s not an endorsement in my book. That’s an indictment. The American Muslim community is above average or well above average in terms of education, income, net worth, and a slew of other socioeconomic indicators. Our kids by and large grow up in the lap of luxury. But we feel justified in our bouts of Trump hysteria when we as a well-to-do community didn’t raise a peep about the suffering of weaker communities preyed upon by our knight in shining bs, Obama.

And this wasn’t just a case of ignorance on the Muslim community’s part, which would be bad enough. Many politically connected Muslims consciously made the choice to look away from Obama’s crimes and atrocities, to minimize them or even whitewash them. And in private conversations, they would tell you, look, we have to be pragmatic, sure, these things aren’t the best, but what are ya gonna do, right? But now with Trump coming, some of those same Muslims have become outspoken purists! They suddenly, overnight believe in all these important values and principles they apparently discovered as soon as their interests were threatened.

Anyway, this is exhausting. The article says it best.


“That’s the whole thing,” Donohoe said. “For the past year everybody has been saying, ‘Oh, God, what would Trump do to immigrants? What would Trump do?’ It’s like, if you care about what Trump would do to immigrants, Obama is paving the way.”


This is why I shake my head when I see Muslims ranting about Trump on policies that are essentially no different than…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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