The Incoherent Ramblings of Zionist Shill Rabia Chaudry

A few observations on this piece of propaganda.

Chaudry equates Muslim opposition to Zionist orgs with Jewish/Zionist opposition to Muslim orgs. Message being: “Look Muslims and Jews have haters on both sides!”

She doesn’t note, of course, that Muslim opposition to Zionist orgs is due to a commitment to BDS which itself is based on fighting against Israeli apartheid, occupation, and genocide. Whereas Jewish/Zionist opposition to and suspicion of Muslim orgs is due to their racism and buying into the bogus, McCarthyist attack on these Muslim orgs from the US government. The fact that she thinks these two things are even comparable speaks volumes.

Furthermore, she has the audacity to portray herself as a victim of Muslim animus for her association with MLI, comparable, apparently, to the what Muslims and their orgs endured due to what even she recognizes as McCarthyist US government profiling, prosecution, and deportation of Muslims post 9/11.

Also note the tired attempt to persuade American Muslims that their concern for Palestine is nothing more than mere “political beliefs about international affairs” that they should consider, at most, secondary to the “safety of our immediate community.” She claims that all this is Islamic, since most important is securing those nearest you before helping those who are more distant.

This is all rubbish, of course.

If American Muslims and Palestinians were facing the same kind of existential threat, facing the same kind of occupation, facing the same kind of apartheid, facing the same kind of murder day in and day out, then I would understand. But there is no comparison whatsoever.

Additionally, the anti-Muslim hate that American Muslims face in the US is a DIRECT result of Zionist activity, campaigning, financing, and hasbara from the very same groups we are being told to ally with by this shill!

Go to AJC’s site right now and check out articles like this on their homepage: here

Isn’t this exactly the kind of Fox News discourse that breeds anti-Muslim suspicion and hate? Isn’t this the kind of “Good Muslim/Bad Muslim” tactic that tries to ratchet up fear and anxiety about those scary “jihadists” that could live next door?

That article is just one example, but anyone who does not recognize the well-established connection between American Zionism and the organized anti-Muslim hate industry that profits from mass Islamophobia should not be taken seriously by Muslims or anyone else.


A few observations on this piece of propaganda.Chaudry equates Muslim opposition to Zionist orgs with Jewish/Zionist…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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