Parenting Fail: Daughter Tells Dad She’s Ditching Hijab


Oh Em Gee. “Sweetheart”?!?! “Habibti”?!?! Who does this so-called “father” think he is?! How DARE he infantalize a strong independent person with patriarchal, cis-centric language like that? And did he just assume gender? What year is this?!


Joking aside, this is like crack for a lot of people. You couldn’t have engineered a scenario that would have titillated the liberal, social justice warrior more than this. Maybe if she also “came out.”

Isn’t it startling that a middle-aged father that is apparently living in Saudi is so ready to recite the ayat about “choice” and “shaytan of patriarchy” at the drop of a hat, like he has been practicing this “NO MAN” speech since she was born?

Anyway, if this is real, it is really cringe inducing and depressing but it’s being celebrated as exemplary parenting.

Nothing wrong with being supportive as a parent but do you also have to be a relativist? Does this father not have values (hopefully Islamic ones) he is trying to impart as a parent? You can impart values, be a moral authority, and, you know, be a parent without being an abusive tyrant, which is the subtext here: muslim men are raging control freaks who abuse the female members of their families and this dad is one of the good ones. Yuck.


Oh Em Gee. "Sweetheart"?!?! "Habibti"?!?! Who does this so-called "father" think he is?! How DARE he infantalize a…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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