Incest & Widow Burning… And My Princess Boy

Is your son or daughter reading “My Princess Boy” in school? It very well may be that your child’s grade school teacher is teaching this book. The LGBTQIAW curriculum is already established in parts of Australia, throughout the UK, and is slowly being accepted all across the US. What do Muslims think about that?

When Muslims tell me that when it comes to same-sex marriage and LGBT activism, the Muslim community should be neutral and apolitical, I like to bring up “My Princess Boy.” If you want to be apolitical, then you should have no problem with this book and this curriculum being taught to your kids at school, right? If you protest it, that’s certainly getting into politics. If you take your kids out of school, that’s also protesting, which is a political act.

And what happens when the law mandates that even Islamic schools need to be teaching “My Princess Boy” or otherwise lose their accreditation or face other harsh penalties? We had better not raise a peep, right? Because that would be political and, in many ways, it would be imposing our religious beliefs, and that, we have been told, is categorically wrong.

So, when your son or daughter comes home from kindergarten with a copy of “My Princess Boy” and asks you to read it, just find a comfy spot on the couch, snuggle with your child, and crack open that flamboyant pink tome, no matter how uncomfortable that may make you feel.

You can always comfort yourself in the thought that the Muslim Mughal government since the 13th century apparently never banned sati (Hindu widow burning) and other Muslim polities supposedly never banned Zoroastrian incest marriage.


Is your son or daughter reading "My Princess Boy" in school? It very well may be that your child's grade school teacher…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Thursday, October 20, 2016

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Sikandar Israr

gender roles, politics

Ibrahim Ihsan

Daniel, if you are comparing this to dhimmi self rule, then that is a big understatement. I don’t know whether the narrative of dhimmis ruling at least themselves in accordance to their own laws in wholly a fact. If it is, this is the complete opposite of it in terms of autonomy given how these people will shout: “Homophobic!”, “Islam is evil!” whenever we make it clear to them that we don’t accept homosexuality or other kinds of illicit activities which they promote. And no, Muslims should not compare needless tolerance to that kind of rule because if such is happening to you in a country, you should either leave the country or fight in the way of Allah.