My Sister

Violence against women is a problem. I don’t deny this fact. I don’t turn a blind eye to it.

In fact, I am deeply aware of the problem because my family has experienced and been devastated by it. Nine years ago, my little sister Donna went missing. She is still missing. The last she was seen, she was in the home of a convicted sex offender. This disgusting excuse for a human being told us, told the police that Donna had overdosed on drugs he had given her and died, and as a response, he “got rid of her body.”

But her body was never found. But can you believe that after pleading guilty to killing and getting rid of a body, he was only sentenced to 5 years for that crime? And he ended up only serving 2 years before being back out on the streets? That’s the way the “justice” system in this country works.

And since his release, this scumbag has been back to his old ways, trying to lure unsuspecting women to his home. Just read this:

To this day, we don’t know what really happened. We don’t know where Donna is.

If anyone has any doubt about how I feel about those men who do violence to women, all I can say is: Don’t leave me in a room alone with one.

I wanted to share this personal aspect of my life because I don’t want anyone to misunderstand where I am coming from. I know I write things that come across as controversial and even shocking to some. That’s because I am trying to wake us up to problems that we’re not used to hearing about and we may not be aware of. Problems that have, in fact, deeply affected my life and the lives of those I love: The lives of my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. I am struggling to do something to address those problems and I hope you will give me a chance.


Violence against women is a problem. I don't deny this fact. I don't turn a blind eye to it.In fact, I am deeply aware…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Saturday, October 29, 2016

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I’m so sorry you had to go through this. May Allah bring you ease. This society’s “compassion” towards criminals and criminality is the work of the shaytan.

Malikka Abdullahwali

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajeun. May Allh azza wa Jalla comfort you and your family with His sweet patience and mercy . Allahumma ameen.

Arsalan Tahir

إِنَّا لِلَّٰهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ‎,
Brother Daniel I am so sorry that you guys had to go through this.. May Allah bless you with steadfastness on your mission. I recently started watching you (from Pakistan) and my support and prayers are with you.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
May Allah Azzawajal make it easy for you Akhi and grant your sister Jannat Al Firdous. I would advise you though to remove this picture and you would understand why Islamically speaking in sha Allah