The Misdirection of Fear in the Age of Trump

Has Trump emboldened racists? Certainly. But was he the only one? Is he the primary culprit?

Have you heard of the FBI’s Entrapment program? If not, read the comments for a description. Entrapment can be understood as manufacturing terrorism, basically creating terror suspects and then loudly and publicly arresting and trying them. The FBI, Obama’s Justice Department, and the liberal mainstream media worked hand in hand over the past 8 years to perfect this system of manufacturing terrorism and manufacturing fear in the public. Fear for Muslims.

So was it Trump that created an atmosphere of fear and suspicion and hatred against Muslims? Or did Trump simply resonate with a public that had already been stoked by 8 years of Obama policy? What share of the blame does Obama get for emboldening racists?


Let’s think about this logically, step by step.

Step 1: The biggest driver of anti-Muslim bigotry has always been this idea of “Islamic terrorism” (an idea created by Zionists well before 9/11). Whatever feeds into this idea of “Islamic terror” directly contributes to anti-Muslim animus and emboldens racists.

Step 2: ISIS obviously has done more in the last few years to contribute to these fears. What created ISIS? What drives ISIS terror?

Step 3: Even the FBI acknowledges in their own reporting that what motivates Muslim terrorists is US military atrocities inflicted upon Muslim countries.

Step 4: Therefore, doesn’t it logically follow that US military atrocities in the Muslim world feed terrorist backlash which in turn feeds anti-Muslim bigotry and hate?

So who has been gleefully responsible for these atrocities for the past 8 years? Who has overseen the destruction of countries like Libya and Yemen? Who has terrorized Afghanistan, Somalia, and Pakistan with incessant drone murder? Who has armed Israel with the largest ever gift of $38 billion in “aid” that will be used to further slaughter Palestinians and occupy their land? And on and on.

Was it Trump who did all this? What share of the blame does Obama get for emboldening racists?


Shifting gears now, we know that economic distress heightens racial tensions, as the white majority takes out their frustrations on minorities. Who was responsible for dramatically increasing the wealth gap between the richest and poorest Americans over the past 8 years? Who was responsible for allowing Wall Street to face ZERO consequences for its central role in causing the economic crisis that brought this nation to its knees? Who was responsible for enacting an ineffectual response to the Health Care crisis that continues to economically cripple (formerly) middle class families?

Was it Trump? What share of the blame does Obama get for emboldening racists?


The modern police state is certainly a prime driver of “racial tension,” is it not? Who created this police state? Who militarized the modern American police department with tanks, automatic weapons, body armor, and military training? It wasn’t Bush. It wasn’t Trump who authorized the transfer of millions of dollars of military equipment to police departments around the country, despite the strong evidence that such militarization feeds the police brutality that is responsible for the violence and murder being inflicted on the black community and other people of color.

What share of the blame does Obama get for emboldening racists?


So is Trump the cause of emboldened racism? Or is he simply the symptom of it?

What happens when you mistake a symptom of an illness for its cause?

Unfortunately, partisan politics is what misdirects us from the causes. This is counterproductive and it is dangerous. Where were the emergency meetings and support groups when all these things were taking place throughout Obama’s tenure?

If you may recall, many were encouraging the Muslim community to trust the President, to accept his “countering violence” programs, to not raise questions about the very policies that directly and indirectly fed the anti-Muslim animus that is now being pinned on Trump’s election, for which emergency meetings and community activism are legion.

Does the cruel irony not sting?


The Misdirection of FearHas Trump emboldened racists? Certainly. But was he the only one? Is he the primary…

Posted by Daniel Haqiqatjou on Friday, November 11, 2016

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