What is MuslimSkeptic?

We are a leading Muslim news, research, and opinion outlet focusing on five main areas:

1. Interfaith Critique

Zionist, Christian, Hindutva, and Atheist orgs are spending hundreds of millions of dollars annually to pump out anti-Islam material online. They pore through Quran and hadith to find anything to make Islam look backwards and evil. What are Muslim institutions producing in response with their massive budgets? Yet another article on “Islam means peace and mercy”? In contrast, MuslimSkeptic turns the tables. We pore through the texts of other religions and see if they can stand up to the same scrutiny they aim towards Islam. Already we have published over a dozen articles on Hinduism, Qadiyanism, Nation of Islam, Atheism, and Christianity. Much more to come inshaAllah.

2. Modernist Doubts

Modernism and its sister ideologies of Liberalism, Feminism, Secularism, etc., are creating major doubts for some Muslims and major deviance for others. Our articles tackle these -isms with a non-apologetic approach. We have already published several in depth essays on contentious issues (e.g., gender separation) that cite dozens of ayat, ahadith, and classical texts to clarify confusions caused by modernist distortions of Islam.

3. Current Events

We cover the most relevant events affecting Muslims around the world but without the non-Muslim bias nor the deviant leftist politics found in mainstream media sources.

4. Family

How do we develop strong Muslim families upon the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah? We provide informative articles on children’s education, Muslim marriage, Muslim family minus the toxic feminism that plagues much of the content found online.

5. Accountability Reports

Reformers are working hard to change Islam “from within.” They dress like shaykhs, they recite the Quran, but they are deformers underneath the facade. Left unchecked, these individuals and groups have done a great deal of damage. Accountability is a must, but virtually no organized institutional efforts exist today to systematically hold them to account. Our reports stick to Islamic guidelines of critique in order to shed light on the bad actions of those who prey on the wider Muslim community.

In all five areas, MuslimSkeptic fills major gaps in institutional online Islamic content. We are unique in what we cover.

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Who We Are

Our writing, editorial, and research team includes:

Mufti Abdullah Moolla: Author and instructor at Darul Uloom Azaadville, focusing on interfaith critique

Dr. Tumadir: PhD researcher, focusing on colonial oppression of Muslims around the globe

Bheria: Researcher and writer focusing on comparative religion and philosophy

Hud Lespirit: Da`ee and hafiz of the Quran, focusing on atheism and secularism

Aydin Yilmaz: Student of knowledge, focusing on cultural critique via alternative media (memes)

Umm Khalid: Hafiza of the Quran and Muslim homeschooler, focusing on children’s education, Muslim marriage, family, and feminism

Essam Nemer: Arabic Language Director

Sh Abu Hamza: Researcher with PhD from one of the top Islamic universities in the Muslim world, focusing on textual research

CryptoCranium: Technology and futurism specialist

Ramzan Shahab: Writer focusing on current events involving Muslims around the world

Abu Lut al-Muhammadi: Researcher with specialty in Islamic Finance

Ms. Verses: Writer focused on architecture, spirituality, and modernity.

Operations Team

Mahmud Qasim: Video Production Director

Shahnawaz: Social Media Manager

Syed Hussin: Video Editor

Himdad Shwani: Content Writer

Anis: Web Master

Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Daniel Haqiqatjou (pronounced: Ha-qee-qat-joo) was born in Houston, Texas and comes from a liberal secular Muslim background. He studied physics as an undergraduate at Harvard University and completed graduate studies in philosophy. He is a student of knowledge studying traditionally with respected scholars. He is founder of Alasna Institute and writes and lectures on contemporary issues surrounding Muslims and Modernity over the past ten years and has spoken at universities and mosques around the world. He has lectured at traditional madrasas and Muslim institutes around the world.


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