In-Depth Essays

Liberalism & Secularism

Black Mass, Liberalism, and the Orthodox Paradox

Bernie Sanders and the Mirage of Religious Freedom

The Muslim Response to Islamophobia Is Destroying Us from Within

What Bill Maher and ISIS Have in Common


The Rationality of Islamic Sexual Ethics: Zina

The Sexual Misery of the Western World

Ashley Madison and the Problem of Liberal Sexual Ethics


Debating Homosexuality

An Open Letter to the Muslim Community in Light of the Orlando Shooting

Tough Conversations: Explaining Islam’s Stance on Homosexuality


Hijab and Sex: Does Islam Respect Free Choice?

Islam as Burden in a World of Short Shorts |The Muslim Skeptic

The Hypocrisy of Feminist Outrage


What is “Islamic”? A Muslim Response to ISIS and The Atlantic

Why Trump Is Surprisingly Good for Muslims

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Congress Doesn’t Applaud Muslim Tolerance – Are We Surprised?

Trump Wants ID Badges for Muslims But He’s Behind the Times

Science & Evolution

Misconceptions: Scientific Miracles in the Quran

The Sparsity of 99%: Evaluating Human-Chimp Genetic Similarity

Is Evolution Compatible with Islam?

Is Muslim Embrace of Darwinism Inevitable?

Comparing Islamic Intellectual Discourse to Empirical Science

Comments on Science, Tafsir, and Evolution

Reconciling Faith and Evolutionary Science: Understanding Ensoulment

Otherworldly Origins: Adam and Jesus in the Quran

Other Essays

Confessions of a Muslim Skeptic

Radical Atheism and the Threat of Freethinking Terror

Why Buying “Experiences” Won’t Make You Happy | The Muslim Skeptic

Ramadan vs. Ramzan: How to Do Things with Words

15 Signs Your MSA is Just a Social/Cultural Club

The Problem with Progressivism

What’s Wrong with Atheism: Leap of Faith

What’s Wrong with Atheism: A Quantum of Time

What’s Wrong with Atheism: Piece of Mind


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