Navigating Faith, Science, and Evolution in Islam


This is a lecture and Q&A given by Daniel Haqiqatjou at MIT on October 12, 2017.

Topics discussed:

– Can Islam and science ever conflict?
– Do Islam and evolutionary theory conflict?
– How can we understand “science” in light of the Quran?
– Is the Quran a “book of science”?
– How can we reconcile Islam and evolutionary thought?
– Did any Muslim scholar historically view the Adamic narrative in the Quran and Sunna as metaphorical?
– Can Muslims critique evolutionary thought?
– Are there scientific critiques of Darwinism?
– Are there philosophical critiques of Darwinism?
– What are the implication of rejecting Darwinism?


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Interesting how quickly you posted this. It’s almost like you’re trying to shift the attention away from that horrendous, misogynistic article you just wrote, hoping that people would forget about it and not call you out anymore. Hmm.


So what’s your stance on Quran 86:7?

It states that people are created from sperm that is emitted from the backbone of a man, and the ribs of a woman.

The Tafsir and Hadith all agree that the verse refers to the literal ribs of a woman and backbone of a man producing sperm.

This view on human creation (sperm being concentrated in the spine of a man before being ejaculated), was common during Muhammad’s time, from Europe all the way to China.

So it seems that the Quran is repeating ancient beliefs about human anatomy, that have long since been disproved (sperm does not come from ribs or the backbone).


Spinal cord mechanism for Ejaculation Identified – MedScape

Still think its ancient beliefs?