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Hanna Patel

I am going to post an interesting comment I saw on Facebook here because I have the same question “You have already astutely discussed at length in previous writings the issues with feminism. What about socially conservative, self defined Muslim feminists demanding more mosque space when there is no need for it, shifting the center of our deen from the Quran and Rasulullah to female scholars of the past which by the way truth be told were not as many as they like to think. I always find myself severely isolated in these disagreements I have with them because I am still studying while these women are aalimat and effortlessly quote the Quran to serve their self interests. What would they say if they read the works earlier ahnaf jurists and Imam al Ghazali. I can only imagine how much it would assault their sensibilities. Also I have observed how they like to assert their superiority over domestic women because they may have more knowledge of Islam. They see household chores as a drudgery which they are not. I have personally seen Even the most conservative muslim feminists simply wanting to assert their superiority over other women because they have post graduate degrees and are aalimat the credit for which of course goes to their fathers and husbands who financially enable this.” Please make a video discussing the above mentioned. Jazakallahukhayr.