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Sajjad Mir

Br. Daniel, thanks for the video. We need to do better job of engaging with ideas and with people. We should be afraid of ruffling people’s feathers.

Sajjad Mir

Sorry! I wanted to type “we shouldn’t be afraid”. Keep up the good work!


Assalam alaikum, Daniel. I can’t help but think about the broader picture when listening to your video. By any measure, it is informative and I am wiser for having watched it. May Allah reward you. But consider the amount of valuable time spent on chasing such frivolous claims, while the ‘machine’ is busy conjuring up the next trend/buzzword that Muslim intellectuals, such as yourself, will be required to refute. Meanwhile, countless Muslims succumb to the pressures of evil and opportunities are lost. Can you speak to the method established by Islam to promulgate the truth in one of your sessions? I think it would be beneficial to have a road map in these turbulent times.

Adeel Ahmed

I can’t take Jordan B Peterson seriously when he supports Ayaan Hirsi Ali.


That’s unfortunate, and highly suspect, but doesn’t invalidate the points he makes solid and sound arguments for.


While Peterson is undoubtedly deep in his psychology-based activism, in addition to being ‘honest’ in his endeavour to break down difficult existential content, I would be very cautious to take his approach as legitimate, let alone embrace it. He has Jung mixed with unwarranted extrapolations of evolutionary psychology to arrive at some liberal (yet conservative?) political framework. I think much of the buzz has less to do with his intellectual stances and more with his figure as a clinical psychologist who shows up in all places to preach but also listen to an ever-growing audience. Also, his views on religion are way unorthodox to say the least (has a series on biblical ‘mythology’). I do think he’s anti-Islam (for the devout liberal he is) but not necessarily an Islamophobe. Afterall, he speaks out of in-group favoritism which I think has every right to worry about this ‘foreign’ import called Islam – just as Middle Eastern scholars were rightfully suspicious of American and British missionaries showing up in their neighborhood.