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Sajjad Mir

That’s an excellent point. We need to make the clear distinction between fundamental, core principles and issues that sprout forth from those principles. Keep up the great work!


Great clip and very well articulated.
Could you also touch upon Riba and the current monetary system. I understand that this may not be your area of expertise.


Beautiful explication! This was an eye opener. Can you speak about tasawuf and what it means to practically practice tasawuf in the United States. جزاكَ اللهُ خيرًا


I appreciate how clear you have made this. My question is, while believing that Islam is complete and whole, why can’t we also focus on where the branches overlap with other ideologies in order to help others see the beauty of Islam? Why do we have to reject other ideologies whole-sale? Why can’t we accept that the usool is different and only focus on the areas where they overlap with Islam? Surely there is a lot of benefit in this? I feel like you are rejecting them completely because of some extreme examples of where they have gone (e.g. women leading prayer etc.). Must we reject the entire concept of feminism because of the extreme path some of taken with it? Similarly- social justice activism etc. Sorry for the long comment.