Toxic Feminist Nonsense: Victim-Blaming

“Did you hear about the senior citizen who lost his life savings because of an email scam?”

“Wow, that’s sad. He probably shouldn’t have been replying to shady emails.”

“Did you hear about the recent incident with the college student who got blackout drunk and his wallet was stolen?”

“Yeah, what do you expect when you’re drinking irresponsibly?”

“Did you hear about the kid who got murdered via drive-by shooting?”

“Oh, that was a sad story. He was mixing with gang members and a rival gang mistook him for someone else. We need to teach our youth the dangers of associating with gangs.”

“Did you hear about the small town in West Virginia that has filed for bankruptcy because their local economy collapsed and now thousands of people there have to abandon their homes?”

“Well, serves them right for voting for Trump!”

“Did you hear about the thousands who have died this year due to the opioid epidemic?”

“We have to educate people on the dangers of using these drugs so they can make better decisions.”

“Did you hear about the young woman who was sexually assaulted by a guy friend who’s apartment she went to alone? Probably was a bad idea to be alone with a guy, right?”




In all these other scenarios, it is a perfectly human, perfectly rational response to reflect on the causes of victimhood and note practical things victims could have done to minimize their chances of being taken advantage of and suffering their fate. Feminists don’t have any problems with this typical dialectic when it comes to any of these other instances of crime, victimization, and suffering. They only focus on one kind of victimization and impose ridiculous, irrational standards for how we should react to those cases. And they are completely oblivious to their inconsistency and double standards.

But if we reflect more deeply, we should ask: Why are feminists so keen to impose this double standard? Why do they want people to avoid discussing the causes of sexual assault in a *holistic* manner? In all other instances of crime, we recognize the importance of a holistic approach. A holistic approach addresses:

1. Practical steps to stop criminal behavior.
2. Practical steps people can take to avoid being victimized by criminals.

But feminists say, “No!”

Tell me: is there any other crime where the ONLY way to reduce it is to insist over and over again that people not commit the crime? Is there any other crime where suggesting practical steps to reduce people’s vulnerability to criminals is considered “promoting criminal culture,” etc.?

There is only one crime — sexual misconduct against women — where practicality and common sense go out the window. If you say anything about #2, feminists accuse you of being a “rape enabler” who is “perpetuating rape culture.” Why?

It is because they know that addressing #2 contradicts their cultural program. Since the 1960s, feminists have been telling women *and* men:

“Be open and explicit in expressing your sexuality!”

“Men and women should mix and flirt and have fun!”

“Casual sex is liberating!”

“There’s nothing wrong with being secluded with the opposite sex!”

“Throw away your inhibitions, get out of your comfort zone, indulge your desires, own your sexuality!”

“Experiment with sex!”

“Soliciting sex from strangers makes you empowered!”

“Dress like a slut because modesty is something the patriarchy invented to control you!”

The sheer suffering, misery, and destruction caused by this feminist cultural program is incalculable. One of the many results of it: more sexual assault, more rape, more harassment. But feminists don’t want to take responsibility. And they certainly don’t want to modify their vile, destructive ideology. So the only strategy is denialism. They just deny that it is their teaching and their messaging that are the true origins of rape culture.

What’s really sad are the Muslim feminists. Like lemmings over a cliff, they militantly agree with their atheist feminist counterparts that Islam can’t help women. In reality, Islam’s insistence on hijab, insistence on male guardianship, insistence on ghira, prohibition of zina, prohibition of khalwa, prohibition of ikhtilat, etc., etc., all significantly reduce incidences of rape and sexual misconduct.

But Muslim feminists are not buying it. They fanatically agree with their atheist feminist friends that none of these Islamic guidelines are relevant to rape or do anything to meaningfully reduce sexual assault. According to them, the ONLY thing that can reduce rape is to tell men not to be rapists over and over again. They’re too dense to recognize the theological implications of this. The implication is that Allah did not institute a comprehensive system of morality and human relations to minimize the suffering of women. The implication is that there is no deeper, Divine wisdom behind Allah’s guidance that, when followed, protects women from assault.

And the other more subtle but damning implication is that Islam doesn’t really offer anything unique or different from what feminism has to offer in preventing rape. Think about that. These Muslim feminists are essentially saying that the man-made ideology of feminism is on the same level as Allah’s guidance in stopping sexual assault. Instead of recognizing the unique Divine wisdom that permeates our Sharia, they simply take feminist platitudes and try to Islamicize them. And wherever Islam does contradict the feminist narrative, they minimize Islam or outright reject Islamic guidance. This is the depth of their delusion.

Thankfully, the Muslim community is waking up to how toxic, irrational, and vile these feminists truly are.

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Amazing, as always.