Is Linda Sarsour in the Muslim Brotherhood? The False Choice of Dictators vs. Left-Wing Activists

Saudi propaganda has really hit its stride lately, publishing a steady stream of nonsense against Muslim figures like Tariq Ramadan, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Recep Erdogan, and now Linda Sarsour, accusing her of being a Muslim Brotherhood sleeper agent working towards a “great jihad in the removal and destruction of Western civilization.”

As we all know, Al Arabiya is a Saudi/UAE propaganda rag. The only way they could be less credible is if they tried, say, downplaying how a journalist was bone-sawed to death and his dismembered corpse dissolved in acid at the order of the Saudi crown prince.

Oh wait.

Now that media attention has died down and there’s less of a need to whitewash Khashoggi’s murder, Al Arabiya writers have turned their attention to less dramatic subjects like… “great jihad in the removal and destruction of Western civilization.”

They’re hilariously accusing Linda Sarsour and a bunch of other left-wing American Muslim political activists of being Muslim Brotherhood islamists, which is ridiculous on its face. Not that the Muslim Brotherhood is the evil terrorist network some of its critics make it out to be. It isn’t, no matter how many times the Zio-MBS alliance screams and shouts about it. It’s just that, maybe Al Arabiya wasn’t aware, but ikhwan aren’t really big on holding hands with transsexual activists on a stage and shouting about how women need more abortions.

There are at least two biological males in this picture.

Saudi and the UAE are threatened by left-wing American Muslim activists for various reasons related to their own authoritarian interests in maintaining power, stifling descent among their own populations, keeping strong relations with Trump, etc.

Predictably, some have taken this latest attack on Sarsour as an opportunity to call for the Muslim community to redouble our support of her. After all, if those tyrants are opposing Linda, that means we have no choice but to support her 110%, right?

This is what we call a classic example of false choice.

Why do we have to choose between Linda, et al., on the one hand, and the Saudi/UAE, on the other?

We don’t have to support either. We shouldn’t support either. There are plenty of reasons to oppose Saudi and the UAE, like their induced famine on Yemen. And there are plenty of reasons to oppose the left-wing social justice warriors, like their enthusiastic promotion of LGBT, liberal secularism, universalist religious pluralism, and their open opposition to traditional Islam and its scholars.

Now, you might say that no matter how many anti-Islamic views Sarsour and her cohorts express, they are still light years better than butchers like MBS and MBZ and therefore deserve the Muslim community’s support.

To that, I say: Uh, being better than bloodthirsty, genocidal Arab dictators is an incredibly low bar. You can get people to support anything if the only other alternative is Mohammad bin Salman.

Who could resist that smile?

Thankfully, besides bone-saw murderer and tranny marcher there is a third option. It’s called supporting neither. Maybe we could even oppose… both.

Also, it should be noted that, it’s not really clear whether these left-wing activists are really, in principle, opposed to US “foreign policy” in the Muslim world or they’re just opposed to the current President overseeing that policy. I don’t remember any¬†fiery speeches about impeaching Obama, any talks of “jihad” against Obama, any marches with genitalia-themed head gear against Obama back when he was destroying Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, droning Pakistan, Yemen, etc. Actually, if I recall correctly, it was a love fest between American Muslim activists and Dream Boat in Chief back in 2008-2016.

So to the activists: Spare us this tired act. You’re not going to generate sympathy and support by pointing to Saudi being mean to you. If you want sympathy, start representing the community by — here’s a thought — actually promoting the community’s beliefs and values instead of throwing those values under the bus whenever it wins you political points.

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