Pimping Out Your Wife: A New Christmas Tradition

Should you give your wife the green light to cheat on you this Christmas?

These are the important questions Western bourgeoisie men are supposed to be asking themselves, apparently.

The Telegraph

“Many experts now believe monogamy is a tighter fit for women than for men. This Christmas give your wife something she really wants. Something truly exciting. A hall pass.”

For those of you keeping track, “hall pass” is the newest, cutesy term denoting debased zina. I wonder if little Timmy thinks it’s fun and cute when Mommy uses her “hall pass” with the next door neighbor on Christmas Eve. Hopefully little Timmy won’t mind helping Mommy take her medication after her use of the “hall pass” ends up with her contracting HIV from the milkman. What a Christmas miracle!

Wednesday Martin, whose latest book Untrue explores “why nearly everything we believe about women and lust and infidelity” is wrong: “We now know long-term relationships are harder on female desire than they are on male desire,” she says.

This is a significant point. We have been told over and over again by feminists that the average man is a lustful beast constantly looking for any opportunity to mate with anything that crosses his path. That’s why we have “rape culture.” That’s why we have domestic abuse. It’s all because of toxic male lust that, in its worst manifestation, becomes violent rape and abuse. This portrayal is, of course, extremely damaging to men and all human relationships because it encourages suspicion and distrust. Women can’t trust their husbands. Daughters can’t trust their fathers, etc.

But turns out, women aren’t too innocent themselves:

To this end, her chapter “Bonobos in Paradise” begins with a look at the work of primatologists regarding the sexual behaviour of female simians.

We learn that “our primate sisters are sexual adventuresses, driven by the thrill of the unknown and unfamiliar. And not a few of them like to get busy with other females.”

A few pages later, Martin has segued into reportage from the front line of female sexual exploration: women-only sex parties, known as Skirt Club, and attended by women who identify as largely heterosexual, many of whom are married to men.

What she witnessed there didn’t only show female sexual fluidity in action in humans; it also busted another myth, she says – that women cheat for emotional connection.

“These women are going there to have one-off, more or less anonymous encounters with other women,” she says.

“There could be no more vivid illustration of the data about female sexuality than Skirt Club.”

“Skirt Club.” Add yet another entry to the long list of Western degeneracy. By the way, these are undoubtedly the freedoms the Muslim world jealously hates the superior West for: Wives cuckolding their husbands with other women.

“What’s so exciting is there’s relatively new science and social science that flies in the face of the holy triumvirate of beliefs about male versus female sexuality: the first being that the male libido is stronger than the female libido; the second being that women are more naturally monogamous; and the third being that women are the enforcers of monogamy and are more cosy and domestic than men,” she says.

Finally! Western science has finally caught up to Islam in recognizing the fitna of women. The Prophet ﷺ said, “After me I have not left any fitna more harmful to men than women.” [Bukhari] He also said: “This world is fresh and sweet, and Allah will make you successive generations therein, so look at what you do and beware of this world and beware of women.” [Ibn Maja] Who is left that will heed the words of our beloved Messenger ﷺ?

In the feminist mindset, men are predators and women are innocent victims who are preyed upon. But Islam recognizes that it takes two to tango. For every man who cheats, there is a woman who chooses to cheat with him. And, if this latest scientific research cited by Dr. Wednesday Martin is to be accepted, there are more women than men looking to cheat because women have more desire for escaping monogamy than men.

This also helps us understand why, statistically, women more often initiate divorce than men. Nearly 70% of all divorces happen because the woman wants out. This is especially true in the West due to the constant barrage of media messaging telling women that their husbands are losers, their husbands don’t deserve them, their husbands are worthless leeches who just take, take, take. In Western TV and film, there is the trope of the stupid, hapless father figure who is an incompetent schlub who would be nothing if he weren’t married to his talented, brilliant, beautiful wife.

Western women are fed a constant stream of this brainwashing, so it’s no surprise they’re perpetually dissatisfied with their marriages and want to get divorced ASAP so they can go find the handsome millionaire Prince Charming they’re convinced they deserve.

And white knight imams aren’t helping the situation when every other khutba on the minbar is about how much Muslim men are trash, how Muslim men need to “man up” and “serve their Muslim queens,” and all the other pandering cliches we hear every Friday. These imams are directly contributing to the divorce rate, breaking up families just so the feminist hijabis can nod their heads and say, “MashaAllah, I love this imam. He gets it.” Hope it’s worth it.

“Ukhti, if only your husband were a handsome millionaire who would sweep you off your feet everyday like in this wonderful book.”

The Sharia, of course, already addresses this problem: By giving men the exclusive right to issue talaq. Look at the wisdom here. As science has now affirmed what was always obvious: Men are the maintainers of monogamy, not women. Women are more inclined to leave committed relationships to pursue others, as all the scientific research shows. That is their nature. So doesn’t it make sense not to give them the nuclear launch codes?

Insofar as we are committed to a prosperous, flourishing society and insofar as such a society depends on strong, committed marriages and strong, stable families, then the last thing we should do is give women equal ability to issue talaq. Only men should have that right, as the Sharia recognizes and as Allah has commanded.

(And, yes, women can be abused and mistreated in marriage and need to have a way out in those cases, which is why the Sharia provides khul`. But these are exceptions to the rule. Muslim feminist deformers want to destroy the rule because of the exceptions, which is as smart as abolishing traffic laws because, every now and then, someone wrongfully gets a speeding ticket by a jerk police officer.)

“If we have a pleasure revolution and start to put female pleasure at the centre of our sexual universe, there’s a case to be made that that could change relationships outside the bedroom as well,” says Martin. I hope so. We’ll have to see.”

Yes, let’s pretend like female pleasure isn’t already at the center of the degenerate West’s universe. If we start pimping out our wives on Christmas, that will definitely bring about racial equality, world peace, and all the other amazing things the uptight, prudish patriarchy has imposed on everyone.

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As usual misinterpreting Quran and Hadiths to fit your agenda. Yes, women are a temptation to men due to their beauty, but men are more likely to be predators and pursuers. This is why we have hijab and niqab….so women don’t get molested. Allah acknowledges that men molest women and women need protection from them. This is why women are also told not to leave their homes without necessity, and why they can’t travel far without a mahram.

If women’s libido was higher than men’s , than how come men are allowed 4 wives and unlimited concubines but women are stuck with one husband? Uh, duh uh huh.

Women divorce their husbands more because most men don’t provide any benefit to women. In the US, only about 20% of men are sole providers and about 40% of women are primary breadwinners. Women do 2x more housework/childcare than men on top of working for money. And there are quite a number of men who verbally and emotionally abuse their wives, so there is no benefit for women to stay married. If a man doesn’t pay his wife’s bills, doesn’t do a lot of housework or childcare, doesn’t provide emotional support, and let’s not forget that now men want women to do more of the work even in the bedroom,why would a woman stay just to be burdened? It makes no sense.


Nice hyperbole saying …women are dumping their husbands because they think they deserve a millionaire… in order to deflect from the fact that the majority of men compel their wives to pay half the bills. Most men can’t even fulfill the basic minimum of manhood, but you aren’t complaining about this.


But western women claim that they want equal financial responsibility. BTW a wife who helps with household finances is not necessarily a bad thing. But you need to understand that the western woman claims to want two contradictory things. In the real world you cannot get your cake and eat it too. Accountability is mega important.
If the western woman does indeed divorce her husband for the reason that you are mentioning,then they deserve to get a reality check.
I neither support the degenerate ways of the average Western man or woman but I have to say that western men do provide value to the lives of the women. Men do the tough jobs that get civilisation going.(e.g:construction,firefighters,plumbing,etc..)
Men also support their pregnant wives by working longer hours. Hence the gender wage gap.

Nasir-e-ummat Al-Hanafi

It seems that being skeptical about liberal whims and gender studies BS isn’t that bad when it comes to hating women..


Nasir and Osama:

The research indicates that women cheat and have more sex partners when they are working and making money. Testosterone increases in her body when she does this. This was even the case pre-Islamic Arabia-women working and not being provided for by men and a culture of promiscuity among women. There is a wisdom of why Allah said the best place for a woman is at home and she is not responsible to ever provide for herself or others.

Biology and the environment work in tandem. If men did their jobs of providing, many women wouldn’t cheat.


@Bint: there is no research which supports what you are claiming. I am not encouraging women to go out but I do not discourage them either
No where does Allah say that the home is the best place for the woman. Quote your evidence if you are truthful concerning Allah. And I really hope that you won’t quote 33:32-33:33 b/c those address wives of the Prophet not all women. Islam does not have a problem with women working to earn money and economically enrich themselves.
In Pre Islamic Arabia men were the main providers.

I luv kittens

Nope Osama, I’ve never asked for equal financial responsibility. My money is my money, and I owe the household none of it.
Of course, when my husband’s financial household responsibilities exceed his paycheck I will contribute. But it’s 100% extra of me to do so, and I would be pretty irritated if he took that for granted. Plenty of cake comes my way, and I get to eat it too because I have a stellar, and exemplary husband who values my happiness.

I’ve worked through one pregnancy, and was pregnant my entire last year of nursing school. Plenty tough work there, and there’s not a man alive who deserves to make more money than me doing the same level of work. It’s not my problem who he is supporting. So no, there is no “hence the gender wage gap” justification.


Well you are one woman and your viewpoint is valued but I know of women who don’t mind contributing financially.
My comments was based on general observations and research.
As for gender wage gap..
I will give an example: women choose to earn degrees that generally pay less as compared to men.
In the US look up the stats for the females that earn Computer Science and Engineering degrees compared to males
Also I have seen that the woman may want her child to attend a particular school so she pays a portion of the child’s fees


I can’t help but notice that almost every one of these kinds of articles is written by a Jewish person (in this case Rosa Silverman).

The author of the book itself is married to a Jewish man.

How can we convincingly say to a kafir “The media lies about Islam” without explaining why: the media is largely owned and staffed by Jews and others who are loyal to Israel?