Want to Be Set for Life? Beat Yourself and Blame Your Husband

Another great example of why we should always #BelieveAllWomen.


A man has called on the federal government to deport his estranged wife after he claims she attempted to frame him for domestic violence.

Sydney man Faisal met Asmae through the Muslim dating website, Muslima.com.

He was smitten with her, and proposed soon after leaving western Sydney to meet Asmae at her parents’ home in Morocco.

This guy’s first mistake was using a “Muslim dating” website to find a wife. What kind of a wife do you expect to find through such means? You might as well go looking for a good, pious Muslim wife on hook-up apps like Tinder.

I don’t know about the details of this particular guy, but unfortunately there’s no shortage of Muslim men who want to date around, have zina, act like they don’t care about Islam, but then when it’s time to get married, they suddenly are interested in finding a pious wife online. It’s pathetic and stupid.

However, while Faisal says he was hoping to return to Australia with a life partner, he now believes Asmae did not share that dream.

“She’s a greedy person. She’s materialistic. All she cares about is herself,” Faisal told A Current Affair.

“And dangerous. Very dangerous.”

Faisal worked two jobs after the couple were married, and claimed he spent everything he earned on Asmae.

Big surprise there. What people don’t understand is that, because of Islamic values, traditional Muslim societies do a great job of helping Muslims and non-Muslims control their desires. If you take someone out of that environment and bring them to the cesspool of the modern West, then those inbuilt safety rails are no longer there to keep a person’s desires in check.

This is exactly why Islam warns of the dangers of the nafs, the dangers of unchecked hawa, the dangers of pursuing the dunya with reckless greed. We are taught qana`a (contentment) and the value of the akhira over the dunya for a reason. Look at what the dunya does to people. Look at what unchecked desires and greed for material does to the individual.

Western culture, consumerism, social structure, hypersexuality all feed into the voracious nafs and turn droves of people into nafsonic monsters, especially those who are new to it coming from traditional Muslim societies. Obviously, there are exceptions, but this is what I have anecdotally seen on dozens of occasions when uncommitted Muslims or marginally religious Muslims move to the West. It’s very sad.

But over several months, Faisal grew tired of Asmae’s demands.

He said they were constantly arguing, until one night in April when Faisal walked into an incredible sting when he came home from his night shift at Woolworths.

The unit looked as if had been ransacked, with furniture tipped over, belongings strewn across the floor, walls dented, and broken glass and spilt wine in the bedroom.

Maybe Asmae had heard a lecture from a white knight imam about how Muslim men are deadbeats and have to provide their wives with maids and cooks and a high standard of living otherwise they are violating your God-given rights. It’s not unlikely.

Inside the lift, she gave herself two uppercuts to her face.

She then went to the police and claimed Faisal had assaulted her.

He was held overnight while officers accompanied Asmae back to the unit to collect her things.

Faisal claimed the police unwittingly helped Asmae steal his belongings, including designer sunglasses, expensive watches and a laptop.

Of greater concern, however, were the four assault charges Faisal faced, which could have seen him jailed for up to seven years.

He spent $20,000 on a lawyer and trolled through hours of apartment CCTV vision until he finally found the footage that proved his innocence.

NSW Police immediately dropped the charges against Faisal, but never moved to charge Asmae with making a false accusation.

Just imagine if that CCTV footage didn’t exist, this guy could have been serving seven years in jail. His whole life destroyed because of one very simple, easy lie. That’s the injustice of the modern Western legal system. Women just have to make the accusation, cry a little bit in front of the police, and that’s it.

It boggles the mind that some feminist Muslims and their white knight allies refuse to understand how insidious this is. Haven’t they read Surat Yusuf? How can they make nonsensical statements like #BelieveAllWomen when the incentive for lying is so high?

How many other women have lied about being abused but were crafty enough not to punch themselves in front of security cameras? The man loses his house, his belongings, his children, his job, all because his wife got tired of him for whatever reason or wasn’t happy with her standard of living and her shopping allowance.

What kind of a legal system encourages and empowers such women? These witches give all the good Muslim wives and mothers a bad name. Alhamdulillah for Islam where we actually have due process and standards of proof for justifying crimes instead of giving witches a blank check to destroy their families and, by extension, the rest of society in the process.

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It’s not using a man to want material goods from him. He should have set the terms of what he could afford and what eh could not afford early on, but he duped Asmae into letting her think he could afford all of these material items. But then when reality hit him and he realized he can’t continue scamming his wife into thinking he is rich, he wants to bail. Typical abusive behavior of men who put on a false image of wealth in order to get laid with a beautiful woman. He is the user scumbag here. He got what he wanted from the woman, and couldn’t handle the financial responsibility so he just wants to bail after having her body. She probably was a virgin too. Scumbag.

Also, the fact that he was able to afford 200k for wedding/jewelry expenses from two jobs and he , himself, had luxury items, indicates he wasn’t some poor schmuck to begin with.

And a woman doesn’t have to cook nor clean. There were classical scholars who said all men should get a servant for their wife while others said it depends on other socio-economic factors. But the bottom line is that she is under no obligation took nor clean nor clean, so I don’t know why you are acting like imams saying that women deserve cooks and maids is something wrong.


Bint said: woman doesn’t have to cook nor clean. There were classical scholars who said all men should get a servant for their wife

Who will get a servant for the servant?

Man goes out to work, woman shares the burden if life by keeping a home. Or should stay single and live in a filthy home


I am a man, I am single and I don’t like in a filthy home.
I clean and I am happy. my mother visited my house and she thought I had a wife because my house is super clean.


Some women are delusional. There needs to be some incentive for men to marry a woman. Traditionally and most commonly a woman cooks and cleans for the man. That is the incentive. There can be other incentives but this is the most common.Otherwise men should go for slaves women not free women.
I will state the actual Islamic position:
Men have more financial responsibilities than women if considering all spheres.
Women’s charity has to be given from the women’s wealth not husband’s wealth. In the tradition of the assassination of livestock on the second Eid, if the livestock is bought by the man’s money it is counted as the man’s sacrifice,not his wife’s sacrifice.
As far as household is concerned-if woman wants to help that is fine,if man seeks a woman for her wealth(inherited or otherwise) then that is also OK.
But not obligatory. There should be an understanding b/w the spouses.
Always remember:


Also daughters should spend on parents if parents have financial issues. It is not the son’s responsibility only. Allah has made the heirs accordingly


Did you not read the article? THE WOMAN LIED AND CCTV FOOTAGE PROVED IT! And you’re still blaming the guy? Idiot! Women like you are gold diggers.


Wow, so it’s true that some girls will blame men even when the woman is guilty.


it happens more than you think.
I have seen it with my own eye and it happens cross all cultures and social standings.


Bint. Your assertions are possible but I think it’s most likely both were playing each other. He was playing the rich man. She was exploiting it. It’s clear she was willing to go to greater lengths to exploit her husband.
Also you assume virginity is something that has a price and it’s an asset that is traded. I’m sorry but it’s not a tradable asset because if it is then you’re a prostitute. A women doesn’t own a man because she was a virgin before marriage. It come as part of a parcel with other qualities that a man looks for. I’m sure it’s not the deciding factor.


Btw that lady is not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination. It’s deluded women who think they are god’s gift to the world who sit on the shelf until it’s too late then rush out and get married to any man because the clock is ticking. The world is full of beautiful women. They often get married early and don’t wait around for prince charming


You wrote: Muslim societies do a great job of helping Muslims and non-Muslims control their desires. If you take someone out of that environment and bring them to the cesspool of the modern West, then those inbuilt safety rails

People look for what they want. East, West, Underground, Mars, etc. has no relation to behavior. She must have been evil from the beginning, but him living in Australia didn’t know who she really is


true, she was a gold digger from the start and she thought he was her meal ticket to the end…let it be a lesson to him and other men.


You are not a man

You are a dayooth

So you being eo entitled to being treated like a man is laughable

Stop acting like a woman who couldn’t be born a woman and maybe women will listen. Women listen to men who are responsible

You have no idea how common it is for men in this culture to hurt women, and you will call these poor women -daughters being molested snd raped by father’s, forced marriage, cutting of female genitals that betrays the love bond Allah made, and you’ll deny all of it and remember in the quran it says oppression is worse than murder, you are deluding yourself by calling others liars.

There are abusive women.

But God gave men extra strength and responsibility so man would not act like he is there to whine and be a parasite.

You don’t have the honour, gheerah, mercy, in your speech about women to be a man, which is the extra degree of responsibility given to men.

You are harming people with your speech, despite your knowledge.

But wait, is it harm when it’s you?

Did you even have a mother?

Your constant poojtns about how rape is not the worst worries me


Wheres you being a man and standing for justice instead of whining like a woman and denying harm?


i thought he was talking about harm through the whole post