Kiss Your Kids Goodbye: Jail Time for Parents Who Spank

The police state is ready to round up your children.

Yahoo News:

A Democratic assemblyman in California was arrested Monday on suspicion of child cruelty after allegedly spanking his daughter.

Oh no. The horror.

Lawmaker Joaquin Arambula spoke about an incident at home Sunday night that led him to spank his 7-year-old. The following day, when she went to school, she allegedly told her teacher what had happened and expressed how she was upset about it, sparking an investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS).

As the news reports on this incident keep on emphasizing, it is legal in all fifty states in the US to spank or physically discipline your child. The only stipulation is that the physical discipline cannot be “cruel” or “abusive.” What is or is not “cruel” or “abusive”? Well, who knows? Those terms can have broad meaning. What is cruel to some might be perfectly appropriate to someone else. What is abusive in one person’s eyes may be reasonable in another’s.

The point here is not relativism. Clearly, children can be abused in an objective sense. The point is that the legal lines set by state forces between illegal and legal are somewhat ambiguous and, to some degree, subjective. And this is significant because the state can arbitrarily moves those lines in order to crack down on parents as it sees fit.

To put it simply, abuse is one of those words, like “extremism” and “terrorism,” that can be manipulated by governmental power in order to serve the interests of the state at the expense of people. And this is exactly what we are seeing in the West as governments expand the definition of what constitutes “abuse.”

The Fresno Bee additionally reports, “Arambula thanked his daughter’s teacher, Fresno police and Child Protective Services for ‘doing their jobs’ and ‘following the process.’” Family psychologist Barbara Greenberg tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the incident was “handled beautifully.”

Who is this Barbara Greenberg? What kind of police-state stooge thinks that it’s “beautiful” for a dad to get locked up, children stripped from their parents, a family broken up and traumatized?

“Anything that hurts a child physically and emotionally, in my opinion, is abuse and should be reported,” Greenberg says. “Too often kids go to school looking for help and they’re not taken seriously. The school took this very seriously, as they should, and they did what they were supposed to do.” As for the assemblyman’s actions, however, Greenberg says, “Nothing good comes from [spanking].”

This evil Greenberg witch is really out to collect kids for the state. Report everyone and everything! First of all, kids get emotionally hurt all the time. If a toddler doesn’t get that lollipop he’s been eyeballing on the counter, he is going to cry and wail with all the emotional trauma he can muster. Should his parents be reported? What about 8 year-old Johnny who doesn’t get that bike he’s been pining for so he goes to school depressed and maybe even cries like a little _______. Johnny is clearly emotionally traumatized. Should his parents get thrown in the slammer?

Joaquin Arambula faces 6 months in prison.

The ugly truth is psychologists and social workers like Greenberg have a vested interest in expanding definitions of abuse because it gives them more work. The more people that get reported, the more services are needed to rehabilitate and counsel “victims.” This is a lucrative industry they’ve created out of thin air.

But let’s not lose sight of how sinister this really is. The modern nation-state is constantly pushing to monopolize all disciplining power. In the good ol’ days, fathers were actual authorities who were responsible for making sure their children didn’t grow up to be human shayatin. Now, fathers have no such authority because at any moment they could be reported for “abuse” and sent to prison, while their children are institutionalized. I have written about this topic before in this short article: The Death of the Muhtasib.

If you’re a parent and this doesn’t scare you, wake up. Do you feel comfortable knowing that the state has liberal secular satanists (like this Greenberg creature) deciding what is or is not abuse? Tomorrow they may very well decide that teaching your children how to pray is abuse, teaching them about heaven and hell is emotional abuse, telling your daughters they ought to wear hijab is shaming them and is therefore abusive, telling them homosexual fahisha is bad is trauma, etc., etc. This is already happening.

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The Muslim Theist

Daniel – you were unclear, did the dad end up going to jail or not?


Read the article again.

Ahmed Waris

The article isn’t about the dad going to jail…it’s about state intervention in matters of family discipline.


And the crappiest thing about all this has got to be that, when a child is ACTUALLY being abused, they thing the kid is lying or that nothing is really going on, but when a kid gets disciplined by their parents, they’re ready to pull up with the feds. Child services in full of crackheads.


think* is*