Reason #252 to Boycott the Women’s March: Suicide

Hype is ramping up for the Women’s March, which is supposed to take place later this month. Of course, the usual Muslim activists are heavily promoting this travesty to the Muslim community. InshaAllah, I have multiple upcoming posts dissecting the politics of the March and why it is an abomination.

But for now, let’s take note of how many tragic deaths the Women’s March is responsible for.

The Pluralist:

A teenage boy killed himself last week after his female friend accused him of sexual abuse, and then retracted the claim.

Hmm, seems like an overreaction.

​According to the Argentinian news site Infobae, it started in December, when Agustin Munoz, 18, marched with other young people through the center of his native Bariloche to protest violence against women. The demonstrators chanted: “Never again, never silent.”

At one point in the march, names of alleged sexual abusers were read off in a public shaming. Munoz’s name was announced to the crowd because his friend, a fellow feminist who was identified only as A., had reported him.

Wow, I guess there are grisly consequences to #BelieveAllWomen. I always thought that no woman would ever lie about something as horrific as rape. But I guess I was naive. Nonetheless, I’m sure most women don’t lie, so if a few falsely-accused teenage boys kill themselves every now and then, that’s an acceptable price to pay for protecting women. I mean, what other choice do we have? It’s not like things like due process, evidence, innocent until proven guilty, etc., would make a difference.

Deceased Munoz was falsely accused of rape and then endured vicious shaming from feminists.

Sarcasm aside, the hypocrisy of feminist outrage needs to be constantly pointed out. Feminists want to claim that “toxic masculinity” causes women to feel unsafe. The whole world has to bend and contort just to make sure these raving, emotionally unstable feminists don’t get their feelings hurt. But let’s see how much accountability these same feminists take when their ideology of man-hate and shaming get people killed.

Also, for those weak Muslim men who think of themselves as feminists or “allies,” wake up. You see what happened to this guy? He was just like you. Did that stop the feminist horde from eating him alive? If you think you will be spared from feminist rage just because you’re “woke,” think again. The only men feminists can tolerate are LGBT men, and even then, it’s not a sure thing.


  1. It’s to transform the west. People in the west are not having children due to feminism. So the feminist wants to destroy most men in America but have men start having children. The men that do have children will be subject to American Family law in terms of divorce, child support, alimony. Most western men have informally gone MGTOW .


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