Pornography as Israel’s Weapon of Choice

As the US Senate contemplates an anti-BDS (Boycott Divest Sanction) bill as well as billions in “aid” to the Zionist terror state, let’s recall some forgotten history. Did you know that Israel has weaponized pornography? This was reported back in 2002 by a number of outlets. This is what an article from’s archives reported:

When Palestinian residents of the besieged West Bank town of Ramallah turned on their TVs over the weekend, what they encountered was neither news nor any of the usual Palestinian Authority programming; they encountered pornographic movie clips.

Three of the four TV stations in Ramallah, headquarters of Yasser Arafat, had been occupied by Israeli troops. The town’s remaining TV station was meanwhile running a crawl at the bottom of the screen explaining that the porn clips were the work of the occupying forces. “We urge parents to take precautions,” it read.

Israel is not below exposing families and children to pornography against their will. I mean, what did we expect? They’re not below murdering children outright, so exposing them to graphic sexual images is a step up as far as Zionist morality is concerned.

Replacing Palestinian news and other programming with such material also increases the stress and frustration of the populace. Remember, Ramallah’s residents were unable to leave their homes, even to buy groceries. Their need for information was intense. Israeli forces had the option of taking the TV stations off the air entirely. Instead, they left them operating, but broadcasting “replacement” imagery. The pornography may well have been even more demoralizing than no programming at all.

This is their sick logic. They occupy a Muslim city, force the residents into their homes, and then make sure their TV’s are only broadcasting filth.

The damaging psychological effects of pornography are well known to medical professionals, and Islamically, we understand the negative spiritual effects. Like the indulgence in any base desire (shahwa), consuming pornography warps and defiles a person. It becomes addictive, and when a person becomes addicted to something, he can be easily controlled. This is how the promotion of base desires can be used as a weapon. It is a weapon that Shaytan has used from the beginning of our creation. And it is a weapon that the agents of Shaytan are using in full force today.

Zionists seem to be the first to have used this kind of weapon against Muslims in an actual war scenario, but the general pornification of culture can have the same damaging effect over extended periods of time. The promotion of zina and same-sex behaviors are also in line with this defilement strategy. Slowly get more and more people to engage in this behavior or deem it normal. Is it a coincidence that the biggest promoters of LGBT in the West and East are also major Zionists and some of the largest producers of pornography in the world are Zionists?

This is among the many reasons why BDS is so important. Societies around the world must have the right to economically pressure the Zionist state for its war against humanity.

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    • I’m not a muslim brother, but believe me when I say I loathe the Jews with all my heart. I wish our young men and yours could work together against this evil that affects our societies.

      • Hey man, just wanted to say thanks to you and other non-Muslims on this site who display good manners and basic decency. As we saw in the article above (and the comment section below), basic decency isn’t something all people share.

  1. Shaytan is etymologically descended from Satan.
    Satan is a Judeo concept representing a force that obstructs the people of Israel.
    Israelis cannot be agents of Shaytan/Satan.

    • When I first immigrated to Canada, the first thing I was taught in Math class was that of the Holocaust. In English class it was Propanol and the Holocaust survivors. In law class, freedom of speech vs hate speech of Israel. The Jewish people like they rule the world. But they do that by tyranny. They are not the true Israelites.

  2. I am no Muslim, but an Orthodox Christian, and I am nonetheless disgusted by Israel’s oppression of the Muslims and Christians of Palestine.

  3. You can’t be a “muslim” and a “skeptic” simultaneously, much less using terminology like “Zionist Terrorist State”. lmao

    Since when have Islamic states had any ethics when dealing with their enemies? Fvck off

    • You can’t be an “intellectual” and have such a stupid reply
      You can’t talk about ethics, and try to downplay the abuse of basic human rights commited by these Zionists
      And you can’t say that Islamic states didn’t have any ethics while dealing with their enemies, and at the same time appear that you know basic sh!t of history. ‘Cause it’s obvious you don’t

      F*** off Boots, and go find Dora

  4. Im so disgusted with Israel.
    And trump of the us .
    So sick of this war and shit these poor souls are been taken away
    All these evil shits will be exposed .

  5. In Toronto, female Jewish teachers take off their clothes and show their genitals to elementary school students, but if the parent complains, the Toronto Police threaten the parents with bogus charges.

  6. I was living near Ramallah when this happened back in 2002. I was 11 years old and remember turning on the television and like the article mentioned more than one TV Station was broadcasting pornography when the IDF took control of them. One of the stations was called Wattan TV. I even remember a pornographic scene from it until this day and that one station that was running the crawl on the bottom of the screen briefly explaining and warning of what was going on. What happened was later reported on Al-Jazeera as well.

    • My God i felt sorry about that. mine was different. so i got my first laptop since i was a kid (specifically when i am in puberty). u know what the geeks do when they using their pc. i just simply explore the file for my curiosity and accidentally found softcore n00ds in my pc. i swore to myself i never downloaded that at that time. the moment my mom found that pic she asked me wth is this, so i just right off deleted that pic and mom praised me for that instead.

      Everything can be weaponized bruh, even pencil.

  7. Good thinking. What are your thoughts on expansion on a global scale? There are times when things like this begin to have global expansion and frustration. Ill check back to see what you have to say.

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