Big Win for Beards: Gillette Goes White Knight

Someone sent me this amazing, beautiful, profound commercial from Gillette.

It is just so inspiring. I really benefited from it. I think that, as a man, I just didn’t realize how toxic my masculine attitudes have been and how much damage they cause to women and homosexuals.

How could I have been SO blind to the pain and suffering caused by sexual harassment, catcalling, bullying, and rape? All this time I was under the impression that Harvey Weinstein was a Hollywood player taking advantage of opportunistic women who willingly traded sex for their own career advancement. Now, thanks to Gillette, I finally see the #metoo truth.

And did the rest of you fellas realize that grabbing strange women by their privates is wrong? Because if not, just watch the commercial. Trust me, you are in for a wild ride my friend.


What was Gillette’s marketing department thinking? The outrage directed towards Gillette in the comments section of the video is a sight to behold.

Allahu Akbar!

Nowadays, all corporate decisions are being made by angry lesbians for angry lesbians.

Gillette is preventing so much rape.


I’m sure other companies will learn from Gillette and think twice before putting out this SJW pigswill. And maybe, inshaAllah, white knight Muslims will get the message too. The day is soon approaching where young Muslim men will not tolerate the feminist garbage some insist on spewing from the minbar.

For Those Who Still Don’t Get It

For those of you who don’t understand what makes this ad so offensive:

The problem is it portrays the average man as an insensitive, crude, rape-y, woman-hater who excuses bad behavior with “boys will be boys.” It portrays men as immoral idiots who have to be taught basic things like “don’t be like Harvey Weinstein” as if Weinstein is representative of what being a man is. It would be analogous if we made an advertisement for a woman’s product with Casey Anthony or Andrea Yates (two mothers who murdered their children) and showed women stopping other women from drowning their own babies and said, “Be the best woman you can be.” How would you feel about an advertisement like that? It would just be promoting good deeds, e.g., not killing your own children. So what would be wrong with it? You think women would appreciate such important moral lessons via product ads?

As others pointed out, it would be like an ad telling Muslims they can be more than terrorists, depicting good Muslims stopping bad Muslims from committing acts of terror and saying “Be the best Muslim you can be — don’t blow yourself up.”

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Gillette just dug their own grave. That was one stupid commercial!

Ahmed Ghori

Gillette’s sales are declining. It’s in trend to keep beards, so the company is ‘abusing’ men because we are not behaving as tame customers.

Abu Safwa

I would think that you would be a little bit more cynical and see through this painfully obvious corporate exercise to generate controversy and bask in the attention of the haters and adulators.

Jafar Musa

I use dollar shave.


Dollar shave club is into supporting homosexuals.


Even the leftier people I know couldn’t get behind Gillette. Epic fail.


It also shows a black man holding back a white man telling the white guy “not cool not cool”. The same ones that dislike white people and paint us poorly, are pushing feminism and the satanic agenda, preparing the world for the dajall.


Right? It’s some type of anti-white, pro-gay, pro-feminist, pro-degeneracy agenda signed and brought to you by the Dajjal’s underlings.