Hijabi Tinder: Looking for Respect in All the Wrong Places

It’s the same story every time. Well ladies and gentleman, my story is JUST a tad different. I am here to tell you what it’s like to be a hijabi on Tinder; and it is NOT fun.

A hijabi on Tinder? Sadly not the strangest thing in this day and age. So what’s exactly a “tad different” about it? Well, to her utter shock and frustration, all the non-Muslim men looking for a quick hookup with her weren’t appreciating the religious significance of her hijab with the proper intention and respect that she felt it deserved.

I matched with a guy whose opening line was, “can you keep that on during sex”. I dropped my phone and clutched my pearls. “Excuse me?” I responded. He boldly stated, “like ****, she wears it in her porn videos. That is such a turn on.”

What?! A non-Muslim man on a casual sex app sexualized her hijab? Who could’ve seen this coming?

My favorite part is when the light bulb goes off in their peanut brains and they suddenly realize I am not playing a part on social media. I struggle to find the words to express my amusement with how many, “oh wait, you’re actually Muslim” messages I have received. Yes, dingbat, I am.

Ok, considering that hijab is worn for modesty and piety, and that Tinder is the opposite of modesty and piety, can we really blame this non-Muslim guy? Did we really expect him to say: “Hey girl, I really appreciate your choice in wearing something that is supposed to be a form of protection from extramarital relationships. Would you in turn like to develop an extramarital relationship with me?”

Seriously though, silly me for actually taking to it to find a quality man being a quality woman who deserves more than a half a** swipe.

Look, I know it’s not easy wearing hijab in this day and age. And I know some Muslim girls might wear hijab while struggling with other big sins. But we have reached a level of counter-intuitivity that shouldn’t even be possible. I’m not even talking about a hijabi using Tinder. I’m talking about a hijabi using Tinder while expecting non-Muslim men who pursue her on Tinder to appreciate and respect the religious wisdom behind her hijab.

Yet the ultimate irony worth focusing on after all this is this hijabi tinder user’s later article titled “The Reason I Removed My Hijab”, where she is the one criticizing hijab and portraying it in a negative light.

The reason behind covering myself up never settled with me. Why should I have to cover myself up as to not “tempt” the believing man, or any man? God forbid said man chose to treat me with respect regardless of how I look, dress, or act. Should I shrink myself to make him feel more comfortable?

When a non-Muslim disrespects hijab, it’s called bigotry, right? Well, what is it called when a Muslim does it? We seem to be putting non-Muslims in a bizarre situation with our demands. We want them to wholeheartedly accept us for our Islamic practices (even on Tinder). Yet we pick and choose when to practice what. Almost like we don’t respect our own religion despite expecting that kind of respect from non-Muslims all the time.

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Brother Daniel, this shaitaanah has well crossed the border of ‘almost’ into the the territory of patent kufr. Making light of established practices of deen nullifies a person’s imaan.


This woman is clearly an idiot to go on an app which is all about zina and expecting to be respected. The feminist “MissMuslim” website this called tinder-hijabi writes for is itself an anti-Islamic website run by atheists pretending to be Muslims. I think similar websites with the aim to corrupt Muslim women and demonize Islam should be aggressively taken to task.