We Will NOT Stand for This! (Lessons in Proper Adab)

Some Speaker: “We will fight back against this death cult of racist Zionism with all we got! We will never stop denouncing this evil ideology of oppression and occupation. As Muslims, it is our duty to identify all the ways Zionism has infiltrated our governments, our public policies, and our discourse so we can call it out and oppose it in the strongest terms. Among the most deadly philosophies oppressing our dear brothers and sisters is this cancer of Zionism! …”

Me: “…and secularism as well, which is another ideology that is a key part of this system of oppression and indoctrination infecting our discourse, distorting our iman, corrupting our souls…”

SS: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. What is up with your aggression, bro? Just calm down. You’re alienating people when you use harsh language. Where is the kindness? Don’t you know anything about adab?”


Another Speaker: “Muslim men need to step up! I am tired of all these deadbeat Muslim men and this culture of patriarchy in our mosques. Did you know that the khatib last week mentioned Ibrahim but didn’t even bother mentioning Hajar or any other woman? Why are women being erased?! THIS is why I’m un-mosqued! No Muslim man can tell me anything about MY religion.”

Me: “…not even the Prophet ﷺ? Not even centuries of Muslim scholars who were all men? See, this is exactly why feminism is toxic and extremely dangerous to the Muslim mind because it undermines the Islamic tradition as well as Islamic gender roles, rendering the religion as an immoral oppression of women just because it doesn’t conform with modern feminist standards…”

AS: “OMG look at this misogynist! Look at this woman hater, ranting and raving against women! Who hurt him? Who rejected him? He just doesn’t have any adab. Where is the wisdom? Where is the sensitivity? He is driving people out of Islam with his constant attacks on women. He must have some internalized hate.”

Yet Another Speaker: “We will not rest until this FAKE president is impeached! That fat orange fascist will hear our voice: No More! Trump is the worst thing to happen to humanity since Hitler. Look at all the hate he is spreading. We are on the brink of GENOCIDE because of him. We need to march and protest to send a message, even if it means getting arrested, we cannot tolerate any more injustice! We are UNAPOLOGETIC!”

Me: “…as bad as Trump and the right wing is, we should also denounce the influence of philosophical liberalism on Muslims and the world, how it is destroying families, destroying important social values, corrupting religious traditions. We need to strongly address this issue at the root because the faith of this and future generations is at stake…”

YAS: “Where’s the adab, bro? How about you show some moderation. There’s no need to use loaded language like that. You’re driving people away with your aggression. This kind of tone is not helpful.”


Ever wonder why there are certain subjects where strong, uncompromising, forthright language is not only accepted, but encouraged, but other subjects where anything beyond a muted, wishy-washy whisper is considered aggressive, tone deaf, bad adab?

Ever wonder why there are some people who can shout and mock and deride with impunity, even when much of what they say and how they say it is clear-cut contrary to Islam, but the adab police look the other way? Hmm…

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The sheikas of our time, indeed.