Naughty Ilhan Learns a Valuable Lesson From Her Zionist Handlers

Well, that didn’t take long.

Ilhan Omar lays herself before the mercy of the Zionists. She bows her head humbly in meek deference to her Zionist masters, whom she had annoyed with her childish antics. Fun time is over.

What did Ilhan do to deserve this disciplining?

She committed the arch crime of pointing out the most obvious thing about American politics: That the Israeli Lobby dishes out a ton of cash. That’s it. That’s all she tweeted. And the Zionist backlash was swift and unforgiving.

Acknowledging simple facts is anti-Semitic, guys. Pointing out the most obvious, indisputable fact — namely, that Zionists control every level of US government — means you hate Jews as much as Hitler did. Never forget that. Ilhan Omar sure won’t.

She might as well have posted WWII Nazi caricatures of Jews.

Ilhan also blasphemed when she suggested that Zionist-backed congressmen were, in certain instances, prioritizing Israeli over American interests. But now Ilhan knows that this accusation amounts to nothing less than a Jew-hating lie, never to be repeated again. Even if the first bill to come out of the US Senate this term was a pro-Israel, anti-BDS bill, rather than, say, a bill addressing the countless problems the average American faces — still, one cannot spread this monstrous lie that politicians getting millions of dollars from Zionists every year are more loyal to Zionist interests than the interests of their poor, non-lobbying, non-million-dollar-contributing American constituents. Perish the thought!

Wow, even neo-Nazis would blush at this unbridled display of Jew hatred.

It turns out that reality itself is brimming with the most vile anti-Semitism imaginable.

Note, this is not the first time Ilhan is apologizing for her anti-Semitism. She also apologized profusely for a 2012 tweet that criticized Israel for slaughtering Palestinians.

Ilhan later apologized “for these unfortunate words.” Was the dua unfortunate?

Let me just say…

As an American Muslim, it warms the cockles of my heart knowing that Ilhan represents me.

One week, she is dancing and partying with cross dressers and demanding that trannies be allowed to compete against women in power lifting competitions. The next week, she is begging Zionists for mercy in a humiliating display of self-flagellation. Girl power!

Now some of you MuslimSkeptic readers might be under the impression that Zionism is one of the most evil forces on Earth, a force that has wrought destruction, suffering, and ethnic cleansing for decades. Some of you might think that this evil force is propped up by an insidious Israeli Lobby that funnels millions of dollars to corrupt American politicians who promote Zionist interests.

Well, guess what, dear readers? You are grossly mistaken, at least according to our sassy, Jesus-mocking, turban-wearing freshman congresswoman Ilhan. So get your mind right.

Haha! What a zinger at the expense of your own religion!
Ilhan can’t rush quickly enough to apologize to Zionists, but will she apologize to Muslims for spewing kufr statements while supposedly “representing” them?

You see, the real source of corruption and evil in the world, according to the newly-educated Ilhan, is not pro-Zionist influence. It’s women’s competitive power lifting officials preventing cross dressing men from competing with women. That’s where the real oppression is happening in the world today.

You see, what keeps Ilhan awake at night is not Palestinians being clusterbombed by IDF terrorists or Palestinian children starving to death due to the israeli sanctions that her fellow congressmen allow to continue in contravention of all standards of basic humanity. No. What keeps Ilhan awake late into the night, apparently, is the thought of Bob not being able to wear a skirt and deadlift 800 pounds in a women’s competition.

Wake up, American Muslim community! Stop being so obsessed with Palestine! Take a page from Ilhan’s book (or Wajahat Ali‘s or Rabia Chaudry‘s or Abdullah Antepli‘s). What really matters is poor Bob who feels sad he can’t pump iron competitively alongside the gender that’s trapped inside of his 300 pound, muscle-laden body.


You can see my analysis of the situation in the following video:

The sad reality is, voices in the Muslim community defending Ilhan are simply lowering their standards of what being “pro-Palestinian” means. These voices would rather hold on to this one figure and maintain her status as some kind of Muslim role model and “fighter” than admit the reality: she has made mistakes and, ultimately, is fully in the pocket of a Zionist democratic party. Rather than come to terms with that, they will just lower the bar and tell those who expect some backbone and some principle from our leaders that our standards are too high and we are being unreasonable, we don’t understand the nuances of political strategy, etc. We have seen these lines from Muslim voices before. This is how, step by step, our expectations are diluted to oblivion.

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The blasphemies (about Prophets like Jesus (AS) or even worse about Allah) are the biggest of big issues. I do agree also, the Palestine matter should not have been the main issue; after all, we already have dozens of Muslim nation-states built on the modern Zionist model (i.e. ethnic statelets with only passing consideration to the Deen, if any, many of them founded initially on socialist principles, just like Israel)

Yessin Mellahi