University Prof. Claims Israel Is Testing Weapons on Palestinian Children

Israel is at the forefront of weapons testing in the world. This is because they can avoid abiding by those pesky international regulations that the rest of the world upholds. Israel is the spoiled brat with the fat, overbearing mommy who won’t let anyone tell her sweet little boy what to do.

Being able to avoid international sanctions means Israel can weapons test on its innocent hostages, i.e., the entirety of the Palestinian people. In other countries, testing chemical and biological weapons on actual people risks international outcry, the involvement of the UN, perhaps economic sanctions, etc. But for Israel, none of these apply. This makes it an attractive supplier of weapons to buyers around the world, who know the weapons have been tested and are effective against the poor, the hungry, the destitute. For these reasons, Israel has become the preferred weapons retailer for dictators and genocidal maniacs (like the filthy Buddhist Burmans slaughtering the Muslim Rohingya).

Times of Israel:

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Sunday distanced itself from claims made by a professor in its employ that Israel is experimenting on Palestinian children with new weapons systems, in order to help boost its international weapons sales.

Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, a professor of social work and law at the university, has given a number of talks recently, citing accounts of East Jerusalem children reporting being used as guinea pigs for weapons.

The [distancing] came in the wake of a media report on a talk that Shalhoub-Kevorkian gave Tuesday at Columbia University in New York City.

In a recording from the event carried by Army Radio, she can be heard saying that “Palestinian spaces are laboratories for the Israeli security industry, [they] are using them as showcases.”

She argued that Israel kept the Palestinians under an oppressive regime in a bid to fuel the development and sale of security technologies.

“When the prime minister of Chad was in Israel, he was brought to Bab al-Amud [the Damascus Gate to the Old City of Jerusalem] to see how they’re really controlling the people and the area,” she said.

“They check what bombs to use,” Shalhoub-Kevorkian quoted a child named Mohammed saying, whether “gas bombs or stink bombs, whether to put on our heads in plastic bags or cloth bags, whether to hit us with their rifles or kick us with boots.”

She quoted another child, named Alaa, as saying “In the news, you can find a new camera that can film us at night, a new voice recorder or new rifle, and they [IDF soldiers] tried everything on us.”

Shalhoub-Kevorkian holds the Lawrence D. Biele Chair of Law at Hebrew University. She gave a talk in the Netherlands on the same subject last month and published a study on claims of Israeli abuses of Palestinian children in The Canadian Journal of Women and the Law late last year.

Plenty of others have reported on Israel using Palestinians as test subjects. For example:

Middle East Eye:

Israel may be a relatively small state, but it is the largest per-capita weapons exporter in the world. The Israeli arms companies have the advantage in marketing their products around the world, because they can claim that their products have been tested in actual combat.

Senior officers of the Israeli army often pursue a second career in the arms industry after retiring from service, and as soldiers they already have the opportunity to perform valuable services to their future employers, by testing weapon systems developed by the arms companies, by convincing the Israeli government and public of the necessity of such technologies for military victory, and by offering praise to the companies producing these weapons.

Trade fairs for military technology and for homeland security equipment are commonplace in Israel, especially after each round of bombardment and/or invasion of Gaza. The advertising line repeated by the companies in these trading fairs to promote their wares is that “the IDF already uses that technology.”

The Israeli arms industry operates in close cooperation with its bigger sister in the US. The military aid the US gives to Israel ensures this cooperation, and every conflict in the Middle East contributes more to the profits of US arms giants (such as Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon) than to the Israeli arms companies.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the parallel between what Israel is doing to Palestinians and what history books describe the Nazis doing in conducting cruel, inhumane, genocidal experiments on their captives.

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S. N.

In other news, cats have four legs.

Saifullah Andrabi

After seeing all the horrific crimes committed by this satanic entity on the Palestinian people I’m really not surprised. I think it is Islamically permissible to kill Netanyahu and his war dogs.

Michel Douglas

You should leave Hitler out of it. Itx’s been the Netanyahu types all along.