Western Academics: Telling Women Not to Drink During Pregnancy ‘Sexist’

Have you ever wondered how far the feminist logic can go? Have you ever thought to yourself, how far will these depraved feminists take the notion of “freedom of choice” and “my body, my choice”?

We already know they don’t care too much for unborn babies and are fine with hundreds of thousands of developed babies in the second and third trimester being scissored out of the womb every year. This wanton murder of innocent life is said to be justified because, as feminists argue, the mother shouldn’t be saddled with the responsibilities of nourishing an unborn child if she wakes up one day and decides, “Meh, babies ain’t it,” (in the youth’s parlance).

As difficult as it is carrying a baby for nine months, what is even more taxing for women and, hence, unacceptable to feminists is being judged.

Daily Mail:

Pregnant women are smoking and drinking in private because they are ‘irritated’ by people’s reactions to the habits which are known to harm unborn babies.

Judgement from midwives has led women to feel ‘alienated’ and have ‘awkward’ relationships, research has found.

Victim-blaming needs to end, researchers claimed, and a stigma is more often based on moral judgement of the mother, instead of the level of risk to an unborn child.

If the above paragraph is confusing, let me clarify. According to the researchers, the smoking, drinking slob of a mother is the victim, not the baby.

Smoking and drinking during pregnancy is known to raise the risk of miscarriage or premature birth and can lead to disability in children.

This has to be stated explicitly in the article, otherwise a percentage of Western pregnant women will read the article and think it’s encouraging them to drink and smoke.

There is growing pressure on the Government to take action, as latest figures show 10.5 per cent of English women are known to be smokers when they give birth.

Over ten percent of these English women are blazing while pregnant. Given the social stigma, that number is probably a huge underestimate of the real figures.

‘I think some of them (midwives) can be a bit bossy can’t they? Don’t do this, don’t do that. Oh please, just shush,’ one participant said.

Look at this brave woman, speaking her truth, reclaiming her narrative, fighting back against these judgmental midwives. Just shush, indeed.

Some women said they were also judged negatively by their partners who did not smoke, finding comments ‘upsetting and annoying’.

One participant said: ‘He was like: “You do know that’s my child in there!” and I went: “It’s my body, so it’s just tough.”

Imagine how entitled a man has to be to think he can tell the woman carrying his child not to liquor up. This is why we need feminism. Patriarchal oppression is at its peak when men think they can tell women what to do with their inebriated bodies.

Researchers came to the conclusion that smoking is a stigmatised activity, and said: ‘This stigma is not always related to the level of risk to the foetus, and instead can be seen as a moral judgement about women.

‘We urgently need to move from individualised neo-liberal discourses about the failure of individual smokers, to a more socio-ecological view which avoids victim blaming.’

Victim blaming is being taken to its logical conclusion here. In the recent past, victim blaming only referred to the act of telling women it’s probably not a good idea to get blackout drunk and then invite a complete stranger into your apartment at 2AM. Merely suggesting that women could reduce their chances of being raped by taking common sense precautions (for example, not acting like a depraved prostitute) has been deemed tantamount to rape-apology and, ultimately, victim blaming.

Now, any criticism of women is victim blaming, even criticizing women for doing the most immoral things, like harming an unborn baby. How does this make any sense? The original version of victim blaming was incoherent enough. Now this new version is sheer insanity.

Please, researchers, explain to me how criticizing women for their immoral actions is victim blaming.

Our study shows that these looks and comments – including by members of the public – irritate and alienate pregnant women, making them less likely to seek help. No one wants to be judged and shamed.’

Oh, I see. Women are victims here because they feel judged. Making a woman feel judged is victimization. Basically, it’s tantamount to rape. By criticizing women, one is essentially raping them or in some other way causing such severe harm that those women thereby become victims.

At risk of explaining the obvious…


But it’s really what the whole “Don’t judge me,” mentality brings. This is what some Muslims who rail against judgment reason: Judging me hurts therefore it is wrong. The unstated assumption is that whatever hurts is wrong and shouldn’t be done, but this is invalid. Many things hurt that are not wrong to do. For example, getting vaccinated can be painful, but that doesn’t mean the doctor has done something wrong in administering the vaccination.

Similarly, judgment and shame are important. They hurt for a reason: So that people will be motivated to change their wrong behavior. Judgment is critical to any moral society, which is why judgment is emphasized so heavily in Islam: Commanding good and forbidding evil. As Allah says:

You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah. [Quran 3:110]

A nation does not fall when every individual within it becomes depraved and immoral. A nation falls when a proportion of its people are depraved and the rest of the people say nothing to correct them. This is the satanic kernel at the core of the “Don’t judge me,” mentality being peddled by some confused Muslims.


Before someone says these Western researchers cited above are an anomaly, consider that just last year, another outlet broadcasted the same message on pregnant women feeling judged.

The Telegraph:

Advising women not to drink when pregnant is “sexist” and causes “needless anxiety”, senior academics have said.

Pregnancy charities and researchers have called for a change to the “alarmist” official Government guidelines, which warn expectant mothers to avoid alcohol completely.

They say the policy has no basis in evidence and ends up “stigmatising” women and excluding them from society.

What is more important? Women not feeling stigmatized? Or children not being born with crippling physical and cognitive disabilities, like fetal alcohol syndrome?

Studies have shown that consistent heavy drinking during pregnancy can result in foetal alcohol syndrome, which can cause physical developmental and learning difficulties.

However, there is not robust evidence that light to moderate drinking, or even one-off episodes of binge drinking, causes any long-term damage.

Great news! Pregnant women going on wild, liquor-fueled benders every now and then is doctor approved! Rejoice drunkards of the world! Nothing unhealthy about drinking yourself to oblivion, even when you’re drinking for two.

Dr Ellie Lee, Director of the Centre of Parenting Culture Studies at the University of Kent, said the “exclusion of women from an ordinary activity on the basis of a precaution” was “sexist”. Public discourse has become very hostile and there is now an assumption that a pregnant woman holding a glass of wine is doing something absolutely wrong,” she said.

Isn’t the West so superior, guys? I mean, in many of our backwards Muslim countries, alcohol is not even legal. Our poor, oppressed Muslim women have to endure nine months of pregnancy without a single sip of booze. How barbaric! Where’s the freedom of choice? Where’s the enlightenment?

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Nice article


Sometimes I feel that these crazies should go sterile already.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

If this were a parody of anything, it would be in bad taste. Since this is real life, I don’t know what to call it.