Israeli Political Party So Racist, So Evil Even Zionists Like AIPAC Denounce It

It is hard to imagine Israel becoming even more racist than it already is. It has long been an apartheid state, treating its Arab population literally like second-class citizens and treating Palestinians worse than animals after stealing their land and genociding entire generations.

Zionist organizations like AIPAC and the AJC (American Jewish Committee) have zero problems with this state of affairs and, in fact, are working night and day, spending millions in media and lobbying dollars to make sure this constant oppression of Muslims continues unabated.

So, it was quite a surprise when this past week, these filthy Zionists issued a condemnation of what they call an “extremist” political party called Otzma Yehudit, or Jewish Power.

Times of Israel:

In a rare comment on internal Israeli politics, AIPAC and the AJC, two mainstream US Jewish organizations, condemned the recent merger deal between the Jewish Home party with the extremist Otzma Yehudit party, a move that was midwifed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The deal could see the entrance of at least one lawmaker from the party of Meir Kahane’s disciples into the 21st Knesset after the April elections.

In a statement late Thursday the American Jewish Committee said the “views of Otzma Yehudit are reprehensible. They do not reflect the core values that are the very foundation of the State of Israel.”

It did not mention the Jewish Home party by name or Netanyahu, who was instrumental in pushing the two parties to unite.

Israel’s “core values” are genocide and occupation, so you can imagine how bad a group has to be for the supporters of apartheid and genocide to say, “Whoa, let’s tone it down guys.”

Also noteworthy how they don’t have anything negative to say about the prime enabler of these “far right” parties, Netanyahu.

The head of the Anti-Defamation League also criticized the merger on Wednesday. “There should be no room for racism & no accommodation for intolerance in Israel or any democracy. ADL previously has spoken out on hate-filled rhetoric of leaders of the Otzma Yehudit Party. It is troubling that they are being legitimized by this union,” tweeted its leader Jonathan Greenblatt.


Ok, so what makes the Jewish Power party so offensive to AIPAC and AJC?

Established in 2012 as Otzma Leyisrael by Ben Ari and Ayreh Eldad, many of the views espoused by the party are akin to those backed by some of the Knesset’s most hardline MKs — annexation of the entire West Bank and unrestricted settlement construction; opposition to a Palestinian state and punitive military operations in response to terror attacks; further emphasis on Israel’s Jewish character in the education, social, and judicial systems.

However, the ultra-nationalist party adds to those positions a host of more overtly racist ones. It supports encouraging emigration of non-Jews from Israel, and expelling Palestinians and Israeli Arabs who refuse to declare loyalty and accept sub-equal status in an expanded Jewish state whose sovereignty extends throughout the West Bank — the biblical Judea and Samaria. It also calls for a termination of the fragile status quo on the Temple Mount, which Israel has maintained since capturing an annexing the area in the 1967 war, under which Muslims can pray at the disputed holy site and Jews cannot.

So basically, the Jewish Power party is bad not because of any substantive policy difference with other mainstream Israeli political parties. Just like the mainstream, Jewish Power wants to wipe out Palestinians but they just want to be more in your face about it. They want to bomb Palestinians in the name of Judaism instead of in the name of “counter terrorism” or some other secular justification.

That’s pretty much it. That’s why AIPAC and AJC are gasping in fake outrage. They have no problem with the land stealing, the apartheid, the carpet bombing. The problem is they don’t want anyone revealing the real reason for why these crimes are done: Jewish Supremacy for the Jewish state. That’s a no-no. That’s letting the cat out of the bag and we can’t allow that, can we?

This Jewish Power party gives these American Zionist groups a convenient opportunity to seem centrist, at worst, left of center, at best, to American Jews, who are increasingly finding it difficult to reconcile their leftism with the apartheid policies of the Jewish state.

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Sarah bashir

Salam br Daniel,
I only came across your content a few days ago when another daee recommended it, and it really does takle very important issues that unfortunately some of the muslim community shies away from.
Is possible if i could contact you directly as i have some specific questions on topics such as feminism and liberalism.
Jazak Allah khair