Does Linda Sarsour Think Islam Accepts Homosexuality?

[Trigger Warning: Here is a real “trigger warning” for you. There are two photos below of a possible man dressed like a woman with `awra showing. I only share these photos because there is a need to show unambiguously and undeniably the kinds of things Linda Sarsour is willing to be associated with and promote. Please see note at end of the article.]

I have highlighted on numerous occasions Linda Sarsour’s unqualified promotion of LGBT.

Frankly, I couldn’t care less what Linda Sarsour says or does for the purposes of her political career. It really doesn’t matter to me.

The ONLY thing that makes her relevant to Muslims is the fact that she is constantly put on a pedestal at mosques and Islamic conventions and is held up as a role model for and representative of the Muslim community. That’s it.

There are plenty of degenerate people claiming to be Muslims who are constantly advocating for filth much worse than what Sarsour is calling for. But those people are not 1% as dangerous as Sarsour. Why?

Because those other people are not headlining Islamic events, whereas Sarsour is, almost every week. Those other people are not getting shout outs from prominent imams and taking selfies with them, whereas Sarsour is.


That’s the difference. Sarsour is threatening the faith of Western AND Eastern Muslims because of her attachment to these religious institutions and figures. Which leaves two options. Either those religious institutions and figures stop promoting her. Or we have to start blasting those institutions and figures (no matter how much they will cry about “bad adab”). Sorry, those are the only two options.

“Wait, Sister Linda Supports LGBT?!”

Yes! Unless you have been living under a rock or you don’t know who Sarsour is, you should be well aware of this by now. Hardly a day goes by that she is not pandering to her queer friends and political supporters.

What is noteworthy is that Sarsour has been an advocate for the LGBT community at least as far back as 2012, way before same sex marriage was legalized, way before LGBT was part of the Democratic national platform, way before some of these imams in the US became wishy-washy cowards on the issue.

According to Linda, we should all be jealous that Eid celebrations and gay pride events happen virtually in tandem in NYC.

Here is the latest example from her Facebook page:

Here’s the world I want to live in and sacrifice every day to make a reality:

A world free of anti-black racism, islamophobia, xenophobia, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, sexism, and misogyny. A world where we are treated with full dignity and respect. Where we are all safe, loved and embraced for everything that we are. Where we thrive, where joy is a constant and laughter is the norm.

Here’s what I will settle for right now:

A world where there is no selective outrage and that those who engage in harmful antisemitism or anti-Black racism or islamophobia or homophobia etc are met with the same swift response and expectations. Where all forms of racism are equally unacceptable. Where marginalized communities are truly centered. Where the pain of one group is not more valued or heard than the pain of another. Where no one in power is able to put forth policies that oppress Muslims, refugees, immigrants, Native Americans, Black people, LGBTQIA people, people with disabilities, women. Where the more hateful you are makes you less likely to win an election not more likely. Sigh.

I’ll take that for now.

She can’t write two sentences without mentioning homophobia and transphobia.

Catch Linda at the next convention for ISNA, ICNA, CAIR, MAS…

I really want to know, what does Sarsour think about the story of Qawm Lut? Does she even know what Allah says about Qawm Lut and what happened to them? Does she care? Or does she think it’s homophobic to talk about this? Does she think it is homophobic for Muslim schools and parents to teach their children that Allah annihilated an entire people because of their gay sexual practices?

I am being serious. This is not rhetorical. What does Linda Sarsour think about this? We deserve an answer. We must demand she give a public answer.

Or how about this hadith:

It was narrated from Ibn ‘Abbas that the Prophet (peace be upon him) cursed men who imitate women and women who imitate men, and he said: “Throw them out of your houses.” [Bukhari]

Seriously, what does Sarsour think about this hadith? Is it transphobic? Is it transphobic to teach this hadith or to implement it? The Muslim community deserves to know what her position is on this and other ahadith like it.

We must demand to know because so many of Sarsour’s statements indicate to the world that she believes there is nothing morally wrong with homosexual “lifestyles” and cross dressing. So many of her statements are explicit that opposing this lifestyle and these behaviors is tantamount to racism and bigotry. Such statements go against a major part of Islam. So Sarsour must clarify, otherwise how could any Islamic organization, masjid, or personality feel justified in promoting her? Don’t they realize what they’re doing?

But Aren’t LGBT Oppressed?? Shouldn’t We Fight For Their Rights?!?!

This is such a sickening argument that no Muslim should ever make. Why? Because it directly implies that Islam is oppressive, Allah is oppressive, the Prophet, peace be upon him, is oppressive. We seek refuge from Allah from such kufr.

If some deviant reformist wants to argue that the Quran and Sunna are not clear on this issue, then realize that no scholar in any school of thought for 1400 years has ever said that same sex behavior could be anything other than a crime. All scholars not only held that it is a terrible sin, they also maintained that it was a criminal act, punishable by the governmental authorities.

And before some poor misled reader says, “But that only applies to Muslims, not non-Muslims!” No, you’re wrong. Same sex behavior was also criminalized for the non-Muslim population. There is not a single example of a scholar in all of Islamic history in any school of thought who said that non-Muslims are free to sodomize each other in Muslim lands. Not a single scholar. Go ahead and try to find one.

Do you know why you won’t find one? On many issues, you can usually find a diversity of views represented in the historical scholarship. But not on this issue. Why?

Answer: The scholars were actually Quranically literate and knew what happened to Qawm Lut and took that as fair warning by Allah that quietly tolerating male-on-male sex, whether done by Muslims or kuffar, risked inviting the wrath of Allah on one’s entire civilization.

Too bad some today can’t seem to follow that simple logic and don’t seem to really think it’s a big deal that gay sex is seeping into virtually every facet of Western societies, i.e., the societies in which millions of Muslims live such that if those societies are destroyed, the Muslims who live in them will be destroyed along with them.

And before some poor misled reader says, “But there is no Islamic government in the West, so none of this matters and we should support LGBT regardless!” Stop your inanity. The prophet Lut, peace be upon him, didn’t have the luxury of an Islamic government either. Did he support the homosexual lifestyle? Did he wax poetic about “equal rights” and homophobia? No, he said:

“Do you commit an abomination such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? You practice your lusts on men in preference to women! You are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds!”

That is what Lut said. This is what Linda says:

It’s not just Islam that oppresses members of the LGBTQ community and leads them to suicide, according to Linda’s “real talk.” Maybe at her next CAIR or ICNA session she can elaborate on all the ways Islam drives young people to suicide.
Sarsour often proudly boasts that her “best friends” are gay.

But What About the Gays and Trannies That Get Bullied and Killed?! Shouldn’t We Support Them?!?!

Again, this is a stupid emotional ploy straight from the book of LGBT propaganda. I have addressed this argument many times in depth, so rather than retype it, I will just paste a post from last year which criticized Linda Sarsour and Zahra Billoo of CAIR for spreading this filth at the 2018 ISNA Islamic convention held in Houston, Texas:


At this year’s ISNA convention, two activists, Linda Sarsour and Zahra Billoo, took the stage, defending their longtime support of “LGBT rights.” Sarsour even brazenly declared that some of her “dear” and “best friends” are LGBT.

They faced no real opposition at the convention, so let me take this opportunity to strongly denounce their message and their attempt to normalize LGBT within the mainstream Muslim community.

The primary claim that they made in support for their pro-LGBT activism was that LGBT individuals get bullied and killed. So, we have work to make LGBT people feel welcome and safe. This means setting up “gender neutral bathrooms,” supporting same-sex marriage, and generally supporting LGBT normalization.

What a bizarre and nonsensical argument. Think about it logically. The fact that someone is mistreated for X does not mean that X is something good that we should support. Consider crimes of passion where a husband discovers his wife in bed committing adultery with another man, so he kills them. Obviously, the killing was wrong. But that doesn’t mean we should support adultery and work to normalize it so that adulterers can feel “safe.”

Or what about incest, a sexual deviance that some now claim is a genetic disposition and should be treated like a sexual orientation? The taboo against incest means that those engaged in such behavior sometimes face violence from enraged family members. Should we therefore normalize incest and support it and go on stage at a national convention to talk about how our “best friends” enjoy consensual intimacy with their mothers and fathers?

But apparently logic and a basic commitment to fundamental Islamic norms elude Billoo and Sarsour. Among other things, they have the audacity to essentially accuse those who oppose LGBT normalization of being complicit in bullying and killing people. This makes as much sense as saying that unless you support zina and incest, you are complicit in the killing of adulterers and incestuous individuals in crimes of passion.

As I have said time and again, if we truly want to support LGBT individuals, we have to oppose their behaviors. If we truly care about those struggling with same sex desires, we help them manage those desires, we counsel them, we support them in their struggle. This is what real support is rather than facilitating their destructive behaviors by marching with a rainbow pin.

I wonder what Billoo and Sarsour have to say about the Prophet Lut peace be upon him. What did he do for his people? Did he support them by accepting their behavior, encouraging it, facilitating it? No. His approach was to call them to a better path.

And for those who say, “But we are not in a Muslim society!” Well, neither was Lut. Lut’s society was among the worst in human history yet that did not prevent him from enjoining good and denouncing evil.

And for those who say, “But we are a minority!” Well, there was no smaller minority than Lut and his family. They faced threats on their lives and severe backlash from the majority, but that did not stop them from opposing the fahisha of the majority. And Allah saved him and his family for that (except for his wife, who disobeyed Allah). In reality, our situation in the US is not even 1% as dire as that of Lut, as there are millions of people in the US, some of whom are quite powerful and wealthy, who openly oppose LGBT fahisha, but somehow some Muslims are too cowardly to raise a peep.

Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves: Are we going to be a community that follows the path of the prophets in order to save ourselves and others? Or are we going to follow the path of misguidance to destruction?

And a final note: Shame on any organization or Muslim figure that promotes and gives a platform to these two figures. You are complicit in the loss of faith and confusion of our youth.

<end quote>

But Linda Helps the Muslim Community!

Does she really? How?

I used to think this too. I used to think that Sarsour is doing good work and I have said so in the past. But then others asked me, “What good work?” and I had to stop and think about it.

I think as a community we are just programmed to believe that whoever goes on TV and says, “Islamophobia is bad!” has done an amazing service for our community. We desperately need to get out of this inferiority mindset. Is that how low the bar is for someone to be celebrated as a champion for our community? This is a disaster.

Let me explain why.

The only Muslims that Sarsour is implicitly and explicitly defending in her speeches and activism are those Muslims who are on board with her leftist agenda. Muslims who don’t want to support gay marriage, don’t want to set up tranny bathrooms at the masjid, don’t want to push abortion, don’t want to promote the feminist agenda, i.e., the majority of the Muslim community, shouldn’t expect any support from sister Linda. In fact, Sarsour attacks such Muslims.

For example, when Zionists and the Zionist media attacked a Virginia imam and accused him of promoting female genital mutilation, Sarsour was quick to join the campaign. She signed a petition denouncing the imam and her condemnation was broadcast in outlets like the Washington Post.

Sarsour has also attacked me on at least two occasions, once by contacting my employer at the time and complaining about me, and another time on my Facebook page after criticizing her for this tweet:

Sarsour is upset that the Supreme Court ruled that religious business owners don’t have to cater gay weddings if it is against their beliefs.

You can read the original post here.

Sarsour was not too happy with me, once again, calling her out for her nonsense.

She never answered my question. She never answered whether she thinks Islamic schools should be forced to hire openly, proudly LGBT teachers, etc.

This is not a theoretical issue. It is being pushed all over the Western world. Sarsour can’t answer this question because it will contradict her progressive agenda and lose her political allies. She would rather throw the Muslim community under the bus than jeopardize those connections, it seems.


Look, nothing would make me more happy to see Linda change her views on this and acknowledge her mistakes. This is what I am praying for. But until she does, we have to hold her and her supporters accountable.

Edit: In response to this article, some have claimed that Bob Bland is in fact a biological woman. Unfortunately it is not clear whether this is true or not. This is the confused situation that the trans ideology has created where there is no way to be sure the biological sex of an individual, especially one who is constantly advocating for trans rights and takes a masculine name despite dressing, acting, and speaking like a female. Is Bob actually a woman? Is Bob offended if he/she is referred to as a man? If so, he/she can contact Muslim Skeptic to clarify. But this is exactly the nightmare that trans ideology creates, an ideology heavily promoted by Linda Sarsour and te Women’s March.

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excellent article.

“And remember Lot (Lūt) when he said to his people: “Do you commit the worst sin such as none before you have committed among creation? Indeed, you practise your lusts on men instead of women. Nay, but you are a people transgressing beyond bounds.” (Quran 7:80-81)

Some people (who engage in, or justify same-sex relationships) have tried to claim that the prohibition (in the verse above) refers to non-consensual sex between homosexuals. Others assert it refers to homosexual relationships outside of marriage. Both of these views clearly contradict this verse because Allah stated: “Indeed, you practise your lusts on men instead of women.” If the verse was referring to homosexual rape (or non-consensual sex), then that is equally forbidden against women. However, Allah (in this verse) allowed sex between heterosexuals (within marriage). Also, if the verse was only forbidding homosexuality outside of marriage, then sex between a man and woman before marriage is forbidden so why would Allah say: “instead of women”? Therefore, the only conclusion that can be drawn from this verse is that sexual relationships between people of the same sex are prohibited.

This is clearly supported in the following verse;

“You come to the men of creation and you leave those wives whom Allah has created for you? Nay! You are a transgressing people.” (Qur’an 26: 165-166)


Spot on comment.
It appears that Linda Sarsour has not read the ayaat of Al Araf or maybe she is in denial about them.
Someone should share these on twitter with her so she is made aware on the subject. Maybe Daniel can contact the organisations that she works with and share the ayaat with them. Same needs to be done with Ilhan Omar.

Ahmad Tahmid

This is what Abu Bakr Ra said to Umar Ra
“And the scales of those whose scales will be light on the Day of Resurrection will only be light because they followed falsehood in this life and it was a light matter to them. And scales in which falsehood will be placed tomorrow truly deserve to be light.”
Daniel please ask her this the next time wether she’s doing this for duniyah or akhirah.


Sarsour complained to your employer? That really crosses the line. That is absolutely indecent. So wrong and unfair. Unfortunately, it’s also typical of Big Gay to use these tactics that are way out of the boundaries of fair play. Anyone who does such things should be utterly ignored when they talk about “justice”. They pretend to be advocates for justice when they’re really offenders against it.

I’m a socially conservative Christian, by the way, and I’m glad to see you say what I’ve long suspected, that some imams in the USA have become wishy-washy cowards. It’s not for me to say that, so I’m glad you did! We have a lot of wishy-washy cowards in Christian leadership as well. I call them “fake churches”.

Hamza Asad

Glad to hear it. Our communities have more in common than things that divide us. There is a particularly dangerous strand of liberalism that claims to champion free thought and individualism but if you divert from them or don’t conform to their ideologies they will do everything in their power to destroy you. For instance muslim conferences are repeatedly sued for barring lgbtq speakers. But why should we shouldnt we have the right to do that? We’re muslim we dont support homosexuality. Have you’re own LGBTQ conference with LGBTQ speakers for all we care, but don’t you dare try to infringe on our rights/religion.


To be fair, whatever faith, it is between the individual and God. God is the ultimate judge and arbiter, all this vitriol directed against someone that you don’t approve of is unacceptable. Let God take care of it, you should take care of your own actions and spirit. There are many more issues that need to be addressed, fellow Muslims dying and starving in Muslim countries. Give practical help, when it comes to sins, reserve judgement unless you are without sin of course. What they do in private is not your business, how arrogant it is to judge others without walking in their shoes.


I don’t think that not agreeing with her or objecting to what she is doing is judging her. personally, the main reason that I’m not supporting her is that what she is doing is very dangerous for the young Muslim generation. she creates confusion in their beliefs and can misguide them. and this is not a joke


I expect you Zarina to take your advice when you see racism. Who are you with sin to judge racists? You should leave the matter to the individual and God. God is the ultimate judge and arbiter. All this vitriol directed at the propagators of racism is unacceptable. Let God take care of it and you mind your own actions and spirit. There are more issues that need to be addressed, like fellow Muslims dying and starving in Muslim countries. Give practical help, when it comes to sins, reserve judgment unless you are without sin of course. What people do is none of your business, how arrogant it is to judge others without walking in their shoes.

a muslimah

You are a joke
Go get ur facts straight, learn Islam n then give ur highly ignorant opinions.
The deen of our kids is at stake n u think the good people should shut up n mind their own business.
Man u gotta be kidding urseld
please GET A LIFE

Adel Hamad

Wow people really ? Let’s forget about everything Linda Sarsour stands for and does for your community (a lot far more than anyone than I know has ) and focus on her supporting the LGBT community and let’s make her an enemy is us ? Don’t fall for this BS article and let’s not fall for dividing us again . You who ever decided to write this article should be ashamed of yourself to call your self a Muslim in the first place . You have no dignity for someone who is far more a stronger leader than you are . We are all customs here and Linda Sarsour has stood up for you and your community and continuous to fight for our rights and yes there are political games that you have to play which you know nothing about because you are an idiot . Anyways to whoever reads this do not let this get to you , looks like another Zionist move to try to break the Muslims from the right leaderships .


That doesn’t exempt her when she engages in attempts at destroying the Islamic taboo of homosexuality. That’s not a Muslim leader at all. You’re either nuts or a non-Muslim using terribly constructed pseudo-logic liberal memes to silence opposition.

a muslimah

A brainwashed arab…tsk who neither comprehend deen nor dunya yet have the audacity to give their opinions.
Linda sarsour is a boot licker and wants to get on the upper echelons of political arena which fyi is a cesspool of filth. but what do sheeple know…who think only a** licking of kuffar can get them to have religious freedom . And for that matter think there is no harm in changing or relaxing islam to appease the perverts. even if that means to accommodate and accept the enemies of Allah n Islam.
shame on u..


When you dig, you will find out who is promoting this “hijabi Muslim”, the fog will disappear


When I criticized Linda Sarsour for funding raising for a pro-“israel” Jewish group, she blocked me instantaneously


The traitor has no problem sharing a platform with a ultra Zionist, Jewish SUPREMACIST, pro “israel” Chabadist, Rabbi Schmuley Boteach but she blocks Palestinians like myself


Rabbi Schmuley Boteach is a SUPREMACIST CHABAD rabbi whose ideology according to their Rebbe Menachem Schneerson is based upon the infinite difference between Jews and non-Jews.

Schneerson says:

”Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.”


“The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: ‘Let us differentiate.’ Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we have a case of ‘let us differentiate’ between totally different species. This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world … A non-Jew’s entire reality is only vanity. It is written, ‘And the strangers shall guard and feed your flocks’ (Isaiah 61:5). The entire creation [of a non-Jew] exists only for the sake of the Jews”

a muslimah

I BELIEVE U SISTER. Infact the cabal that runs this world is far more sinister than one can imagine. jewish is just a label they use. They are actually lucifarians and a bunch of gay trans pedophiles who revel in blood and gore and have no emathy whatsoever.
linda couldnt have gotten so far n so much publicity if she was the real deal. She is a puppet who has sold her soul to the devil. such a cheap bargain. i just hope she knows what n who she is dealing with. If she doesnt realize soon enough, she is heading towards her own destruction. ‘They’ dont mind terminating the pawns if they dont serve their agenda. Who knows what they might ask her to advocate after this LGBQT filth.

Qudsia Mall

Im so glad that people like you are taking a stand, not being quiet and bullied into submissiveness by the loudest obnoxious mob, or even the tiniest powerful ones. We need more people unafraid of being unpopular in the stance to uphold the sanctity of our deen. Jazakallah khair

Gehad Gafar

May Allah increase you in courage to speak up against left wing Muslims and uncover their nonsensical views. Your doing a great job ma shaa Allah.


Daniel, you can not expect women to answer questions that hold them accountable for their actions. You really should be nicer.


Just an FYI, “Bob” was actually born a female and her birth name is Mari Lynn Foulger. She is not a trans male and Bob is simply her nickname.