Give Props to Ilhan, But Don’t You Dare #StandWithHer

Let’s give Ilhan Omar some credit. She is driving the Zionists crazy with her highly controversial, highly contested claim that … Israel has lobbying groups.

What solidified Omar’s status as a bonafide anti-Semite was her follow up claim that … some American politicians are very pro-Israel.

Ok, so let’s acknowledge that these simple factual statements are causing a firestorm and that firestorm is a good thing, revealing the iron-grip of terror Zionists have at every level of US media and politics.

Outside the Zionist shills, the average American must be very confused by this controversy. They’re scratching their heads: “Is pointing out facts really anti-Semitic hate?”

Good point, Glenn. Ben’s group does seem to wield privileges and powers other groups don’t have.

The hypocrisy of these conniving Zionists in media and politics has been put on full display, and people are recognizing that it’s ugly.

Just go to any of these Democratic politicians’ Twitter feeds demanding Omar apologize:

Virtually all the replies are anti-Israel. Even the Zionist bots from the Jewish Internet Defense Force can’t keep up with the tsunami of indignation.

So, we should appreciate that Ilhan is causing this (bi idhnillah) and hope that she doesn’t backtrack or apologize like she did last time. As I noted before, apologizing only emboldens the bullies and makes them increase the pressure, and that is exactly what happened.

And now, the Democrats, led by Zionist hag Nancy Pelosi are going to issue yet another House resolution denouncing anti-Semitism. This is like the third resolution against anti-Semitism just this year. At this point, I think that’s the bulk of what the US legislature is for: drafting and approving resolution after resolution against anti-Semitism.

What a joke America’s political system really is. But don’t forget to #GetOutTheVote, guys!

So, We Should #StandWithIlhan, Right?

Hold on there.

Giving credit where credit is due is one thing. Standing with Ilhan is something completely different.

Ilhan has proven that on many issues, she advocates positions that are diametrically opposed to Islam. She mocks prophets, makes light of religion generally, is on a crusade for cross dressers, promotes LGBT every chance she gets, is pro-abortion, and on and on.

Just because she has demonstrated one correct stance, principled as it is, doesn’t mean we give her carte blanche support.

This is where we can see how some imams, Muslim community figures, and orgs (like CAIR) manipulate these situations for their own benefit at the expense of the wider community.

Just like we saw with #IStandWithLinda and #IMarchWithLinda, some imams are trotting out #IStandWithIlhan. They opportunistically attach themselves to Omar.

But where were these imams when Omar was loudly demanding cross dressers have the ability to fly drones and bomb Muslims? Where were these imams when Omar was pushing for tranny inclusion in weight lifting competitions? Where were these imams when Omar was mocking `Isa, the Messiah, peace be upon him?

Nothing but silence.

But now, they want to #StandWithIlhan? How convenient.

As I have argued many times before, imams don’t have the luxury of cheer leading progressive figures when those figures promote good stances and then staying silent when those figures promote wrong stances. This is manipulation of the community. This is distorting the community’s sense of right and wrong. This is distortion of Islam.

Ilhan dancing in a popular music video.

Let me just spell it out for those who still don’t get it.

The unsuspecting Muslim sees Shaykh So-and-So gushing over Omar today and thinks, “Wow, Sister Ilhan must really be a good Muslim, otherwise why would this pious, God-fearing Shaykh praise her in such an unqualified way?” Then the next day, Omar is at a burlesque show dancing with trannies. This Muslim then thinks, “Well, I guess there is nothing wrong with tranny strip shows. Sister Ilhan supports them and Shaykh So-and-So support Sister Ilhan, so it must be halal for Muslims to support LGBT, etc.”

This is exactly what is happening with the younger Muslim generations. They see these religious scholars and figures endorse activists and politicians and never see them criticizing these activists and politicians. The message that is sent is very clear.

Look, I have no problem with people giving props to Ilhan or these activists when they deserve it. Obviously, that’s what I’m doing in this post. But if you’re going to make a big deal about showing support, you had better also make a big deal about pointing out their mistakes. Otherwise, you are an opportunistic sell-out and deserve to be blasted for it.

And this is the example we have from ulama of the past, who paid dearly for not coming out and praising corrupt sultans. Many of these ulama would go out and publicly denounce the sultan when he committed an injustice or violated the Sharia. This group faced the most severe consequences.

Another group of ulama would just remain silent but they would also not praise the sultan either. This group sometimes would face consequences for their lack of praise but nothing as punitive as the first group.

And then a third group, much smaller, would praise the sultan and simultaneously overlook his injustices and remain silent on them. This group were the sell-outs and, throughout history, other ulama as well as Muslims generally called them out as such.

Today, this third group is tweeting #IStandWithIlhan while remaining silent on her manifold injustices.

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Salaam aleyikum brother
Thanks for the article. In my opinion, I believe Omar is simply an exotic liberal, made to make intersectionalist SJW types feel good about themselves. The only thing I find positive about her is her exposing the Zionist entity’s involvement in the US GOV and the double standards surrounding it. A lot more Americans across the political spectrum who otherwise were clueless or didn’t care about US-Israel relationship are suddenly questioning it all, and I think that is a positive change.


Muhammad(PBUH) was one of the biggest SJWs of history, giving women and other groups rights where they had few before. Have you ever read the charter of Medina?

You’re using BS western right wing/fascist terms like “SJW” which have no place in Muslim thought, which is saying something given how much Muslim thought can be pretty limiting in of itself.

The Muslim Theist

There was actually a 4th group, much worse than the third. These ulema would not only praise the sultan for his good, they would praise him for his evil and lie to make it seem like he was doing good. They would forge narratives and twist and turn at every corner to scew right and wrong to confuse and mislead the Muslim masses.

Already we have Muslim “scholars” who will dress arguments in Islamic terminology who are apologists for postmodernism or certain governments in the Gulf. These are the modern equivalents of the 4th group of old. Those who actively promote evil, whether in public or in secret, are the most dangerous of all.




Sooner or later fashy Salafis are going to have to learn that the same sort of people standing up for trans people are the ones standing up for them.

Pretty absurd to act like any sort of moral judge while using transphobic slurs, knowing well that there are large sections of the Ummah that feel trans people have at least some level of validity.

PS. None of y’all understand what “Postmodernism” means, stop reading Jordan Peterson and pretending like any of your concerns are “Muslim” and not just colonial imprints over the last couple hundred years.


How about LGBT promotion? Is that more in line with your criterion for moral judgment? Based upon what people ‘feel’? I think your reasoning sums up postmodernism quite well. No need to go to Peterson.

Shahla Wahid

#STANDWITHILHAN Because we are not hiring her as the imam of the local masjid. She is one of the only two women elected to congress. All we are doing is standing with her on her principled stand. She is speaking the truth and I am supporting her here, not because she is a Muslim, or a good Muslim, because a member of Congress dared to speak the truth and was censored for doing that. Now, if she had been a fake Christian, my response would have been the same. We are not giving Ilhan a blank check. We are supporting her on one issue. Moreover, irrespective of her level of practice, she is being related to terrorists, just because of her faith. We need to stand with her on that issue too, so that they stop doing that for all of us. That little girl is more man than a keyboard warrior like you who has done nil for Islam and Muslims in my opinion. So go back into the hole you crawled out of and do some usual bottom eating.


Alhamdullilah for all of the khair that you have done for the Muslims Daniel. So many have benefitted from your dismantelling of philosophical liberalist ‘values’ that have warped the minds of so many in the ummah today. Don’t stop calling out those who are at the forefront of distorting our deen even if the blamers hate it. Keep up the good work brother, We support you!

Abel Aronson


a muslimah

IStandWithWhoeverFollowsTheCommandsOfAllah without any ifs and buts, without being apologectic, and without needing any affirmation from the enemies of Islam.
Ilhan is a puppet serving the masters for worldly gain. An african version of Linda Sarsour.


It is really awkward seeing comments from muslims who are unable to comprehend brother Daniel’s well written exposé.
Is it really this bad?
Muslims are now pandering to their innate desires and thoughts that they can no longer separate facts from fiction.
Ilhan Omar may be doing are best exposing the ills of the Zionist ideology but her excesses shouldn’t be seen as a kind of free-pass for whatever misdemeanors she shows.



Mukhtar Hamzat

Bother I can’t agree more. We will continue to support and encourage her and call her out when she does the wrong thing. Else, we the upcoming youth will end up growing up to think some of these absurd acts like lesbianism and being transgenders are allowed in Islam.

Keep up the good work DH.


honestly theres no point in even giving props to someone liek ilhan.