Making the Ummah Proud: UK Muslims Shut Down LGBT Indoctrination

I am often criticizing on this site certain Muslims for selling out deen, distorting Islam, and generally assisting the liberal secular cultural juggernaut in pummeling the Ummah.

But, we also need to take some time to celebrate the champions of the Ummah who are making a real difference by standing up to that menace and shutting it down.

Let’s show some love to the Muslims in Birmingham, UK.

The Guardian:

A primary school that taught pupils about homosexuality as part of a programme to challenge homophobia has stopped the lessons after hundreds of children were withdrawn by parents in protest.

Parkfield community school in Saltley, Birmingham, has been the scene of weekly protests over the lessons, which parents claim are promoting gay and transgender lifestyles.

First of all, notice the manipulation in language in this article. The program is for “challenging homophobia,” as if little elementary/primary school kids are brimming with gay-hate and schools have to intervene with a full-fledged LGBT curriculum before the rage of these children translates to hate crimes.

Don’t let the smiles fool you. These kids are itching to bash some homos.

Seriously, why do kids in elementary/primary school need to be taught about any sexuality, let alone homo-sexuality? How could a second grader have homophobia (even on the assumption that that’s a bad thing)? Elementary school kids are busy playing with legos and eating ice cream. How do they even know about hating queers? Where would they even come across a gay?

Personally, I didn’t meet someone who openly professed to being gay until I went to college, and I grew up in a relatively liberal environment. I’m just saying, kids don’t really even have the opportunity at that age to demonstrate hatred for homosexual acts, even if they were predisposed to do so (which, arguably, all human beings are). So there is no need to “challenge homophobia.”

In fact, the only way a kid that age knows about men copulating each others’ colons is if you tell them about it. And that is what these liberal secularists are hell-bent on doing: Teaching your kids about anal sex and how we should all celebrate the right of two or more adult men to engage in it.

Well, our bruvs in the UK ain’t having it.

On Friday about 600 Muslim children, aged between four and 11, were withdrawn from the school for the day, parents said. The school would not confirm the number.

Last month, the Guardian reported that the assistant headteacher of the school was forced to defend the lessons after 400 predominantly Muslim parents signed a petition calling for them to be dropped from the curriculum.

Parents have been protesting outside the Saltley school, which is rated as outstanding by Ofsted. At one protest they held signs that read “say no to promoting of homosexuality and LGBT ways of life to our children”, “stop exploiting children’s innocence”, and “education not indoctrination”.

MashaAllah, this is getting the job done.

Children from reception age through to year six were being taught five No Outsiders lessons a year, each one covering topics to meet requirements in the Equality Act. Books being read by the pupils include Mommy, Mama and Me, and King & King – stories about same-sex relationships and marriages.

However, after the inclusion of the programme in the curriculum, Moffat, who is in a civil partnership, faced protests and the removal of children from the school.

The school appealed to parents to stop the protests, saying they were “upsetting and disruptive” for the children.

Got that? Protesting their fahisha is “upsetting” and “disruptive.” The fahisha itself is perfectly fine for children, soothing even.

So, the school has a homosexual, Moffat, in charge of the curriculum. Here he is:

Homosexual school administrator, Andrew Moffat, teaching Muslim kindergartners about anal sex via picture book.

Of course, you have some Muslims in the UK, a fringe minority to be sure, who just don’t get it.

The issue was first raised by Fatima Shah, who pulled her 10-year-old daughter out of the school, saying children were too young to be learning about same-sex marriages and LGBT rights in the classroom.

We are not a bunch of homophobic mothers,” she said. “We just feel that some of these lessons are inappropriate. Some of the themes being discussed are very adult and complex and the children are getting confused.

Hmm, are we homophobic? I’ve been debating this question.

Obviously I realize the term is just a tool to marginalize anyone who doesn’t celebrate sodomy as an irrational bigot. But on further reflection, I am afraid of these people and their supporters. I’m deathly afraid that the archangel Jibreel is going to come and literally annihilate my city and everyone in it. I’m deathly afraid Allah is going to send all manner of destruction onto my and my family’s heads for what these people are doing openly and defiantly.

So yeah, I am definitely, definitely homophobic.

What do the Muslim politicians in the UK have to say about all this?

Shabana Mahmood, the MP for Birmingham Ladywood, spoke out after parents in her constituency complained that primary schools were teaching their children about same-sex relationships.

She said parents did not oppose sex and relationship education, but felt their children were too young for some of the things being taught.

Speaking in a Commons debate, Mahmood said: “None of my constituents is seeking particular or differential opt-outs at secondary school level. It is all about the age appropriateness of conversations with young children in the context of religious backgrounds.”

Mahmood, who has backed gay rights legislation in the Commons including voting for same-sex marriage, said the government should ensure the rights of minorities were protected, but that included the rights of people with orthodox religious views, including some Jews and Christians as well as some Muslims.

So many lies from this lady. But what do you expect from politicians, even Muslim ones?

You can’t be the token brown person in Parliament (or Congress) and oppose same-sex shagging. That defeats the purpose of giving you a token seat at the table. The liberal democratic system needs to prove how inclusive it is by putting all these so-called “minorities” on a pedestal and saying, “Look! We love everyone!” But that brilliant plan is foiled if one of the brown people pipes up to declare, “Uh, not cool with the butt sex.”

But Ms Shabana doesn’t want to declare that. Unfortunately, her Muslim constituents do. So the only way she can claim to represent her constituents is to make up some bogus excuse like, “Muslims aren’t really against man-on-man coitus. In fact, they have no problem with it whatsoever! They just don’t think it might be the best idea for their 4-year-old kids to be learning about it, maybe.”

And What About Across the Pond?

The UK isn’t the only Western country indoctrinating kids with the gay. In the former British colonies, states like California, New Jersey, and New York have already mandated or are working hard to mandate LGBT inclusiveness in their curricula.

Do we have American Muslims here protesting, imams taking a stand, parents pulling out their kids from school en masse?


In California, the Healthy Youth Act was passed in the legislature in 2016 requiring this fahisha for all public and charter schools. Christian and Jewish parents protested. At the time, I called for opposition as well.

But what are the Muslim organizations and social justice imams busy with these days?

The Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is supposed to be an org for defending Muslim rights, celebrating a non-Muslim for winning an award for his film portrayal of a gay musician.

Sarsour learning deep lessons from Bob Bland. Bob and Linda are besties.
LGBT iftars galore. Read about it here
Tranny leading a supposedly “Muslim sex education” org, based out of Chicago. Read about it here
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Assalam Aleiykum
Love the article, however I want to address this quick point: “How could a second grader have homophobia (even on the assumption that that’s a bad thing)”. Humans have a natural aversion to homosexuality that is only broken via re-education, ie LGBT acceptance (read: “Straight men’s psychological stress response to homosexuality is the same as seeing a maggot infestation ). Even if a little kid is unaware of sexuality in general, he/she subconsciously knows homosexuality is wrong. In a biological sense, it makes sense, as a homosexual person is a genetic dead end in their lineage. Allah SWT has created us where the default state is heterosexuality, and it is reflected in our own psychology, subhanAllah.

The Muslim Theist

Great point.


Assalumu Aleykum akhi I have to inform you that according to the teachers Twitter that guardian arrive is incorrect and lessons will resume after the Easter holidays.

a muslimah

brother Daniel
this is just the tip of iceberg
the amount of abuse thats been going on in the upper echelons is something a normal sane person cannot even comprehend. the sickness n the cesspool of filth that the so called elite are.
i have been reading n seeing stories of the pedophila thats been going on and its sickening. The satanic ritual abuse victims are speaking up. I dont know if u have heard the accounts of cathy o brien. its shocking. the franklin cover, pizzagate the blood sacrifices are an open secret now. The governements the movie industries the sports figures music artist are all part of this sickness. they literally sell their soul to the devil n i always thought it was a joke. no its not. its all real n its all coming out now. this madness has to stop.
The world is fast moving towards the final battle of haq and baatil. Allah it seems to me is finally separating the truthers from the liars and its not about muslims and non muslims anymore. its who is on the side of Allah swt n who chooses Iblees.
May Allah help the ummah and all those who have goodness in them.
prayers are the strongest n only weapon for ordinary people like us against the greatest evils.

Aw Sick Mr

We heard about these people in the Quran as well. Its not a new thing and it began at the time of Ibrahim AS in Babylon. Later generations worshipped nimrud and sacrificed children to him and they worshipped baal which is basically Iblis in a form of a bull.

a muslimah

linda sarsour is a sellout who has sold her soul at a very cheap price to be in the limelight. i pity her myopia. she has started looking like a trans to me. esp in the pic u have posted of her. The woman with her is her bestie? really..puke

a muslimah

guess what i read about Rami malek. Macaulay culkin the hone alone star tweeted rami malek eats babies. And i can tell u this much after doing my research..He is not joking. You need to go to the lowest extent of debasement to get an oscar. It aint all about best acting but the one who earns the most pleasure of Lucifer.

Melvin Tai

I am a Christian Priest, but I do want to thank those muslim who stood up against those bullies, and defending the traditional marriage. It is for our children and their future. Thank you.


Muslims (at least the ones who are honest to God and His teachings) also appreciate when Christian or Jewish communities stand up for our shared values. I wish it happened on all sides more often!

Kill yourself

Against indoctrination, yet we didn’t see Muslims protesting against faith schools, or schools teaching evolution. Because this is only about shitting on gay people.

There is a difference between teaching a child something and indoctrination. All they were doing is devoting a small portion of school time to teach kids that gays exist, other races exist, and that we’re all part of the same society and we’re all human.

That spells the end of Islam, because it is founded and fueled on inequality and hating others because they’re gay, or because they’re a kaffir.

Well you can whine all you want. These lessons are going to happen, all you’ve accomplished here is proving to the entire country the already blatant and obvious reality that most Muslims are fundamentalists who want don’t want to live under westenr culture, they want sharia law.

And the government needs to do something about that.


Islam is not founded on inequality. Islam is founded on recognizing the purpose of things. Men and women are different and they are limited in their natures. Islam does not hate people because they are nonMuslims. Cite me some cherry picked verses and idiotic extremists, I dare you.

From the looks of it, you can’t tell the difference between men and women, how then can anyone trust you yo tell the difference between eduation and indoctrination?

And your point about school teaching kids evolution, that doesn’t happen [at least when I went to school] until the children are in 7th or 8th grade. By that time they are beginning to form their own thoughts and think for themselves. The indefensible indoctrination of homosexuality that you are trying to defend so miserably doesn’t give children a chance to even grow until the point where they are beginning to think.

People like you are poisoning humanity, and you are going for the children. If that is not a devil I don’t know what is.

Homosexuality has always been a sin and it is a sin, and it will always be a sin. No matter who defends it, no matter how many people want it, no matter how many times any number of nations legalize it.

Shari’a law puts things in their right place. Men are men, women are women. Equality is spelled out in terms of economics, equal pay, equal opportunity not equal outcome. Nothing more. Nations are built on the backs of men, young men. You can pretend you are “badass women,” but you are dreaming. Your ego will land you flat on your ass as reality knocks your teeth out while pissing in the wind.


Brilliant reply.

a muslimah

a brainwashed retard is what u r..Go get some education about Islam from credible sources . Then come n bark on intellectual forums..


STOP using the term “fundamentalist” for Muslims. It makes no sense. The West is always trying shove their terms on everyone else even when the context doesn’t allow for it. Fundamentalist Christians and Jews could be a concept, sure, but it doesn’t work for Islam or the Qur’an. In that case 90% of Muslims are so-called “fundamentalists” and we’re not ashamed to broadcast the truth


homoresponse blogspot com
I’d like to see if you could defend your position after seeing this website, which utterly dismantles every non-religious argument against homosexuality.
Excerpts relevant to this article:

“Some heterosexists fear that homosexuals are trying to “recruit” children:

– If this were possible then the LGB population would greatly increase in line with increasing acceptance of homosexuality. Demographic surveys indicate no major changes in the total population of homosexuals.
– A frequent false premise is that homosexuality is portrayed in a positive light in anti-heterosexism presentations, when in fact it is actually portrayed as being no better, nor worse, than heterosexuality.
– There is extensive evidence of conservative groups such as EXODUS and NARTH attempting to change people’s sexual orientation but none of homosexuals trying to “recruit”.
– Religious heterosexists often make this argument despite the fact that they indoctrinate their children in to religion, beginning far earlier than any exposure that they may have to the concept of homosexuality.
– This indoctrination even extends to schools, where historically and even within many contemporary societies, children have been made to sing hymns and say prayers, regardless of what religion they follow.

LGBT anti-bullying programs are aimed at reducing bullying, not “recruiting” and are needed:

Lampinen et al. 2008, American Journal of Public Health, 98(6), 1028-1035:
“Our study findings indicate a high risk for physical assault among adolescent and young adult MSM”. “Given that we and others have observed sexual orientation–related violence to occur at very young ages, school-based programs to generate tolerance of and support for sexual minority youths are warranted.”

Heck et al. 2011, School Psychology Quarterly, 26(2), 161-174:
“The results indicate that youth who attended a high school with a GSA report significantly more favorable outcomes related to school experiences, alcohol use, and psychological distress.” ”

“Some people express concern about educating children regarding topics that are traditionally left to the family:

– The family extremely rarely has a comprehensive knowledge of contemporary sex education, unlike teaching establishments and those specifically trained to provide sex education.
– School sex education allows children/adolescents to get the information from two sources instead of one.
– Parents always assume that their children are not homosexual and so almost always fail to educate them on homosexuality. Heterosexual parents are perhaps also particularly likely to lack knowledge of this topic.
– The premise that “Maintaining tradition is always good” is not justified and we would still be living in caves, were we always maintaining tradition. All progression and improvement requires change.

Some parents are displeased that they cannot opt their children out of curriculums that they have a personal dislike of, usually it seems, due to some sense that their child will be negatively affected:

– Knowledge is not innately harmful. It is how knowledge is used that is or is not harmful.
– Why should parents be able to deny their children knowledge just because of their own prejudices?
– Censorship is a form of manipulation and purely denies people the option of an informed opinion.
– The concepts of hell and war are not especially censored from children despite them featuring far more adversarial and antagonistic themes than the repugnant evils of loving or sexual relationships.
– STI prevalence among homosexuals is a common homophobic complaint, making it hypocritical to actively prevent their education on how to avoid them.

A study of 1605 parents of school-age children in Minnesota concerning support for different sex education topics (Eisenberg et al. 2008, Journal of Adolescent Health, 42(4), 352–359) found that:
“Less controversial content received almost universal support… although the more controversial topics of sexual orientation (66.6%) and abortion (63.4%) still received majority support”.

Goldfarb & Constantine, 2011, Encyclopedia of Adolescence, 322–331:
“There is a particularly strong need for sexuality education among traditionally underserved youth, including sexual minorities, youth with disabilities, and those in foster care”.

Blake et al. 2001, American Journal of Public Health, 91(6), 940-946:
“In schools where gay-sensitive HIV instruction was provided, GLB youths reported lower sexual risk behaviors”. “

@kill yourself lets also teach children that people who wanna engage in incest and beastiality exist pedophiles exist and that we are all human