No Means No. Erdogan Slaps Down Women’s March

The President of Turkey is not having any of this feminist, adhan-hating nonsense.


Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday accused a women’s march in central Istanbul on Friday of disrespecting Islam by booing the Islamic call to prayer.

Several thousand women had gathered in central Istanbul on Friday evening for a march to celebrate International Women’s Day but police fired tear gas to disperse them.

In an election rally broadcast on television on Sunday, Erdogan showed a video taken during the protest, showing women chanting while a nearby mosque was reciting the call to prayer.

“They disrepected the Azan (call to prayer) by slogans, booing and whistling,” Erdogan told the crowd.

Erdogan knows that the feminist virus is a threat to the well being of the Turkish people, the future of his country, and also his political party. His biggest and loudest critics are leftist feminist types in Turkey and around the world.

Of concern to Muslims outside Turkey is the Diyanet’s role in promoting and funding certain scholars and organizations around the world and in the US (the Diyanet is Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs).

The Diyanet Center of America

A pertinent question is: Is the Diyanet funding white knight, feminist, faux-traditionalist imams, orgs, and their activist friends in the US?

This would be irony of ironies. Some of these faux-traditionalists are heavily promoting the Women’s March in the US and its organizers, such as this transgender-loving, LGBT-promoting lady.

And then, the Women’s March in the US, with its abortion-loving self-described “slut walkers,” inspire clone women marches around the world, such as in Turkey. And those self-described slut walkers shout down the adhan and engage in other kinds of degeneracy, bringing down the moral and religious character of Turkish society.

And then, once Turkish society has been thoroughly liberalized with this faux-traditional sneak attack, who is going to vote to keep the AKP in power?

Probably not the biggest fans of Ertugrul.

Perhaps Erdogan realizes that these feminists and liberals are never going to accept him or the AKP generally. Even a relative moderate like Erdogan is “too” religious for these secular nuts. So rather than try to appease them by giving them concessions or promoting “feminism lite,” he should just go all out: No more tolerating feminist nonsense. No more promoting feminists and white knights dressed up in kufis, turbans, and hijabs. No more spending money on people who are, in one way or another, supporting the destruction of patriarchy, traditional marriage, and gender roles.

President Erdogan, your country’s future is at stake. Don’t let feminism do any more damage than it has already done. Shouting down the adhan is just the beginning.

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Zaffar Khan

Urdighan will never be downed by the satanic thinking of the west GW


We know they have been push by hiding forces , because they could not stand a muslim leader who succeded on his work by making turey one of the most powerful economique country in the world with big detemination to start building there own army wapones by 2023 snd break the lousan treaty.


sad part is there is no way to reverse this – just look at orthodox conservative Christians in the western world. ever since the demise of traditionalism they’ve been pushed back to the extent that they will never be relevant again. sad times. evil is winning and winning hard, we are going back to pagan ways until time ends it seems.


Erdogan will destroy them


Even though I am a non Muslim,I greatly appreciate the way you fellows stand up for traditional values,and against the sickening perversion of “modern society”… God bless you all


Very well written article

Wonderful books & articles on the link below .
These are the Ulama of Haq.


Booing, insulting the Adhan?? Subhanallah. I wound order the military tanks to run-over these cockroaches.
I bleed guilty of being to harsh


I agree that what Erdogan did in this situation is the right thing. However, I do not like how he is portrayed as this savior when he himself is jailing thousands of innocent Muslims and calling them terrorists. To me this is insane, considering his horrendous crimes he has committed towards many, many innocent Muslims. I always appreciate your work Brother Daniel, but it seems hypocritical to me that you call out people who are having negative affects on the Muslim community while praising a “man” who is better at hiding his monstrosity than some leaders in Muslim countries, but very skillfully oppresses many Muslims in his own country. Do you really think it is OK to make him seem like a hero for the Ummah when he is actually the opposite? Or rather, do you even see him as a leader who will help unite the Ummah or help spread the truth? Shouldn’t you be calling him out alongside criticizing others who are doing damage to the Ummah? Is it because criticizing a leader in Muslim majority countries is something we need to be more wary of? I am just having trouble understanding how someone like you who always seeks the truth can support such an oppressive monster.

I would appreciate any comments on this issue,

Mehmed Bey

Can you inform us who are those Muslims who are inprisoned by Erdoğan?
Just name a few and tell us something about them?


Selamu Aleykum Mr Daniel. I am not really suprised of seeing you advocating AKP and Erdoğan since you are maybe lacking some insight of what really is happening in my countrt Turkey. I got to express first that most of the muslims are totally ignorant of the bitter and disturbing reality just because from the outer look he seems against liberal and secularism which is harmful to the society’s values and heritage. Yet he also is against law and righteousness. His party is still preventing the investigation of the so called coup attempt which resulted in thousand of people getting fired, jailed, tortured including many muslimas with their 700 babies in jail. The imamhatip schools(islamic high schools) in Turkey now are full of indecency and zina and many disgusting things which I hesitate to mention since they are too vulgar. The persecution of members of Gulen Movement which may seem liberal to some even though they contribute more to Islam by education and cultivation of the youth in terms of faith. I have thousands of other things to say. Just know that these are and experienced by many of my friends. The solution of Islam is no top-up. It is bottom-up. It has to start from the self. I can assure you. Jazakallahu hayran.


Brother Daniel, please be aware of these people who is with the munafiq Gulen movement. Their leader, Fettullah Gulen, is based on Pennsylvania. They falsely depict Erdogan as a dictator. They supported him for many years until Erdogan realized they are munafiq. The Gulen movement has done any kind of unislamic thing to push their agenda to start a “protestant” movement in Islam. The compassionate imams ın the US are innocent babies compared to them. This includes all kinds of lying, not wearing hijab intentionally to infiltrate into govertment positions, putting kafirs to jannah, bombing Muslims, making a coup attempt etc. Their leader openly said he wouldn’t turn back from his “dawah” even if Rasullullah (SAV) come and tell him to stop. The Gulen movement did all of that for the sake of Allah, so they speak. Millions have witnessed their evil acts including myself, who spent 3 years in their places. I can provide you very strong evidence about this issue, if you wish. I think you should also address these people in an article. They are very strong in US and a big threat to traditional Islam. Erdogan is not the best, but he is alhamdulillah not a munafiq. May Allah correct his and AKP’s mistakes.