Oddities in the New Zealand Muslim Mass Shooting Case

The massacre of Muslims this past Friday in Christchurch, New Zealand left me in a daze of anger and grief. Muslims are being gunned down and bombed all over the world and little is being done about it.

For this post, I want to compile some of the oddities with the details of the shooting. Things are not what they seem.

The below is broken down into sections for ease of reading.

The Manifesto: No Jews?

Tarrant allegedly wrote a manifesto called The Great Replacement explaining his motivations for killing Muslims. The problem is, the 73-page document reads like it was written by someone who is trying very hard to pretend to be a White Nationalist.

What do I mean by this?

Well, whoever wrote the document claims that he was mainly influenced by the internet.

The influence of internet meme culture is apparent in the manifesto and even in Tarrant’s horrifying video. White nationalists online immediately recognized the use of memes. In the video, for example, he says, “Subscribe to PewDiePie,” which is a white nationalist meme referring to popular white Youtuber PewDiePie, which trolls on 4chan and elsewhere envision (ironically) as a fascist neo-Nazi leader.

But there is one glaring inconsistency.

If you ever visit places on the internet frequented  and owned by White Nationalists, such as 4chan, 8chan, Daily Stormer, or Gab, one immediate, indubitable fact hits you in the face:

These people hate Jews.

More than anyone else, White Nationalists hate Jews and are not afraid of expressing it with thousands of different memes. More than Blacks, more than Latinos, more than Muslims, Jews are at the top of the hate list. This is because White Nationalists believe that Jews are engaging in a genocidal project to destroy the White race. According to the White Nationalists, Jews are doing this primarily by pushing for immigration. As high birth-rate immigrants flood White nations and non-Whites and Whites intermix, eventually the White race will become a minority and will, within a few generations, cease to exist.

This, according to the White Nationalists on the internet, is a Jewish plot that Jews have engineered through their pushing of pro-immigration legislation, their control of media, etc.

What is bizarre about Tarrant’s alleged manifesto is that he says a great deal about this plot. He rails against immigration, fertility rates, and “White genocide.” But he doesn’t mention who the supposed plotters are. Why? Why is Tarrant following the White Nationalist script to the letter but doesn’t mention Jews once in the entire 73 pages?

Well, actually, he does mention Jews just once:

The statement is especially strange since, according to the dominant White Nationalist discourse, this is exactly what Jews are engaged in: harming white people, genociding them. In fact, White Nationalists often bemoan the fact that Jews have Israel as their Jewish ethno-state while allegedly preventing Whites from having their own White ethno-states.

Passages like this stand out:

White Nationalists reserve these kinds of statements for Jews, not Muslims. For White Nationalists, Muslims are just low IQ pawns used by Jews, but pose no serious threat on their own.

So why does an alleged White Nationalist who is so concerned about immigration and preserving the White race completely ignore the biggest, most prominent component of White Nationalist discourse?

This is like an alleged fan of the 90s Chicago Bulls writing a detailed 70-page tribute to the team’s amazing achievements in that decade without once mentioning Michael Jordan. If someone were to read such a tribute, the lack of mentioning Jordan would be more than a glaring omission. It would seem like the writer were deliberately trying to avoid him.

The same thing with this manifesto. Something doesn’t add up.

The Manifesto: American or Australian Spelling Conventions?

Another thing I noticed while reading the document is that the author switches between English spelling conventions haphazardly. At times, his spelling is consistent with the American convention and other times with Australian. Tarrant himself is Australian, so we would expect him to use Australian conventions, or at the very least, we would expect him to be consistent in using one convention or another. But oddly this is not the case.

For example, we read about Australian spelling:

“Unlike British English, which is split between -ise and -ize in words such as organise and realise, with -ize favoured by the Oxford English Dictionary and -ise listed as a variant, -ize is rare in Australian English and designated as a variant by the Macquarie Dictionary.

Yet the -ize variant, which is standard in American English, is dominant in the manifesto.

The words using this spelling are: Balkanize, energized, colonize, radicalized, globalized, industrialized, pulverized, commoditized, trivialized, strategize, realize, utilized, finalize, destabilize, deracialized, deculturalized, polarizing.

If you check these words in the official dictionary of Australian English, MacQuarie’s, you can see that the -ise spelling is standard throughout.

Another example of American spelling is the use of the word “practice.” In Australian spelling, when used as a noun, practice is spelled with -ice, but when it is used as a verb, such as in practised or practising, the -ise ending is used. Again, MacQuarie’s Dictionary can be consulted to see this distinction.

Yet, in the manifesto, this Australian convention is not followed. The -ice version of practice is used in the verbal form, such as when he writes on page 62:

“This is a tactic practiced not only on the French people, but on all the peoples of Europe, effectively destroying the nations identity at its core and smashing apart all bonds which a successful, unified nation is built upon.”

And also on page 69:

“In the United States, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, the cult of the individual has been practiced for the longest time and with the deepest devotion.”

Now someone might respond to this by saying, well, maybe Tarrant was educated in the US. Maybe he had American teachers when he was first learning how to read and write.

This might be a plausible explanation if it weren’t for the fact that the manifesto also uses Australian conventions for other words like: labour, rumours, colour, honours, endeavours. Also words like scepticism are in the manifesto, which in the American convention is spelled with a ‘k’.

Strangest of all is the case of “favor” and “favour” which are spelled in both the Australian and American versions in the document.

Why would we find these kinds of inconsistencies? Switching between spelling conventions is not something that happens out of sloppiness or haste. The manifesto has minimal spelling errors and the grammar is not too bad.

Perhaps one explanation is he just copy and pasted snippets from the internet and didn’t bother to standardize the spellings throughout. Perhaps. But the psychopaths who write these manifestos put a lot of time and care into their work. They are obsessed with carefully constructing what they hope will be read by millions who they want to inspire to follow their murderous footsteps. The author of this manifesto indicates having such an obsessive personality:

Would such a self-critical writer resort to copy pasting passages into his magnum opus and overlook numerous spelling irregularities?


Multiple Shooters

From the beginning of the news reporting, multiple shooters were reported by witnesses and, ultimately, multiple individuals were arrested and even appeared in court.

The Washington Post reports:

Police named Tarrant the primary suspect in what was the deadliest attack in New Zealand’s history — and one of the worst cases of right-wing terrorism in years — after the 28 year-old Australian allegedly stormed two mosques during mid-day prayers on Friday and mowed down dozens of huddling and fleeing worshipers while he streamed the killing live over the internet with a helmet-mounted camera.

Two others have been arrested in connection with the shootings: A second man, 18-year old Daniel John Burrough, was scheduled to appear in court later Saturday and face charges of inciting racial hostility or ill-will. A third accomplice remained unidentified.

They also reported that the court hearing for Tarrant was out of the ordinary:

During [Tarrant’s] hearing, which was closed to the public by Judge Paul Keller in the interest of safety — an unusual move for New Zealand courts — Tarrant did not enter a plea to the murder charge.

Yet the manifesto is written as if it were only written by one person acting alone. The self-asked questions are asked in reference to one person, e.g., “Do you carry out the attack for fame?” And the answers are also in the singular, e.g.,  “But the aftershock from my actions will ripple for years to come.”

Early police reports mentioned three active shooters.

Security analysts were also quoted on Friday saying that, based on the scope of the attack, multiple parties were involved:

From NZ’s 1 News Now

Later news reports mention two other “associates” being arrested along with Tarrant:

If all these reports weren’t enough, there is also video footage of what is claimed to be two shooters other than Tarrant:

Was Tarrant acting alone? Or were there other shooters involved?


If this mass killing of 49 Muslims wasn’t carried out by a White Nationalist acting alone, who was responsible? Who would benefit from this? No need to speculate too much for now, as details are still turning up. But some interesting facts about Christchurch are worth citing.

The Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, is known to have had espionage activities in the city.

Article from the Telegraph, from July 2011.

This post will be updated inshaAllah as relevant details emerge.

Please make dua for the Muslims who were martyred as well as their families and the entire Ummah. At almost the same time as this shooting took place, the terrorist state of Israel also bombed Gaza. It’s not clear how many were killed in that strike.

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I’d recommend you reading the following two articles on Mass Shootings. Sharing some excerpts:

The best framework for understanding rampage shootings at Newtown, Aurora, Columbine, Virginia Tech, and many others is not bullying, mental illness, or gun violence, but terrorism, only without (usually) a political agenda. In terrorism, the true target is society itself; the people who are killed are, grotesquely, a means to this end. Likewise for mass shootings, as forensic psychiatrist Paul E. Mullen wrote in a 2004 article, “Vengeance usually directed against society at large is part of the motivation.”


“Trying to make ordinary sense out of these extraordinary crimes is fruitless. It leads reporters to broadcast the shooters’ manifestos and scribblings, to search for any scraps of frustration or injustice they suffered that might somehow explain their actions.

But this devoted attention is just what allows the shooters to control not only their actions but the meaning of them. Putting a stop to mass shootings begins by agreeing that, once a person has resorted to the mass slaughter of indiscriminate victims, speculating on his motives means spreading half-truths that might encourage others to follow in his footsteps.”

From 2013 article:



Among the more pervasive myths about massacre killers is that they simply snap. In fact, Dr. Mullen and others have found that rampage shooters usually plan their actions meticulously, even ritualistically, for months in advance. Like serial killers, massacre killers usually don’t have impulsive personalities; they tend to be obsessive and highly organized. Survivors typically report that the shooters appear to be not enraged but cold and calculating.

Mass shooters aim to tell a story through their actions. They create a narrative about how the world has forced them to act, and then must persuade themselves to believe it. The final step is crafting the story for others and telling it through spoken warnings beforehand, taunting words to victims or manifestos created for public airing.

What these findings suggest is that mass shootings are a kind of theater. Their purpose is essentially terrorism—minus, in most cases, a political agenda. The public spectacle, the mass slaughter of mostly random victims, is meant to be seen as an attack against society itself. The typical consummation of the act in suicide denies the course of justice, giving the shooter ultimate and final control.

We call mass shootings senseless not only because of the gross disregard for life but because they defy the ordinary motives for violence—robbery, envy, personal grievance—reasons we can condemn but at least wrap our minds around. But mass killings seem like a plague dispatched from some inhuman realm. They don’t just ignore our most basic ideas of justice but assault them directly.

The perverse truth is that this senselessness is just the point of mass shootings: It is the means by which the perpetrator seeks to make us feel his hatred. Like terrorists, mass shooters can be seen, in a limited sense, as rational actors, who know that if they follow the right steps they will produce the desired effect in the public consciousness.


Many other perpetrators pay obsessive attention to previous massacres. There is evidence for a direct line of influence running through some of the most notorious shooters—from Columbine in 1999 to Virginia Tech in 2007 to Newtown in 2012—including their explicit references to previous massacres and calls to inspire future anti-heroes.

Another from 2013, worth a read:

PS: I shared this on Telegram Group as well of which you are a part.


Also, while he was obsessed with low birthrate, he didn’t mention feminism once and stated that he had no problems with gays.

The hatred of Jews (or women or gays) by White nationalists on 4chan is barely anything more than meme (perhaps supported by JIDF), which they call “shitposting” without any serious intention. However, their hatred for Muslims, Blacks, or Indians (from India) is as real as anything (it’s not even limited to white nationalists only).

I’m a regular visitor to 4chan and a regular reader of Daily Stormer. I know these people rather well. During Pittsburgh synagogue, there was a fear and disbelief among them. Apparently, they all knew that their make-belief antisemitism was “just for lulz”. Daily Stormer unequivocally condemned it.

However, Charleston church shooting and Christchurch mosque attacks were clearly hailed as expected victories over masses of brown people. It says a lot about these “neo-Nazis.”


It sounds like the ones who really are into this white supremacist stuff are a different breed of haters than 4chan “shitposters.”

Among the top three white supamacist terrorists, Anders Breivik, Dylan Roof, and the New Zealand shooter, there’s a visible pattern: nearly complete lack of antisemitism. Brevik openly supported Israel, Dylan Roof called Jews white, and in case of the latter shooter, his support for Isreal was rather subtle. From “Support Your Brother Nations” section of his manifesto:

“Support [your brother nations] politically, voice support of their leaders, their ideals and
their people. Lobby those in power to show your support, protest outside
embassies of those nations that do not support the nation, and if need be
attack them. Only elect leaders that show support to your brother nation.”

It couldn’t be any other nation other than Israel.

I can’t help but reckon most of these textbooks, like The Culture of Critique, and most memes are supported by JIDF in a desperate attempt to portray Jews as victims in the West, which is far from the truth.


Where can I access and read his manifesto document?


Ignore. Found it.

Shadow Walker

Regarding the first point, I argue that there is a very high chance he hates Jews. He likewise said that he “doesn’t hate” any ‘race’ which decides to live on its own in an ethnostate and that he wishes them success if they do so, which sounds like a neo-Nazi PR talking point from Richard Spencer (who described himself as a “White Zionist”).
The Jews he said he doesn’t hate are those who live in an ethnostate (i.e. Israel) without harming his white race. Not all white supremicist hate or oppose Israel, and there is a spectrum of opinions on Israel among them. He also didn’t deny that there are Jews who he deeply hates. I’ve heard a neo-Nazi youtuber calmly explaining that his problem is not against “Jews” but against “international Jewery”. So his position is not farfetched for a white supremacist.

Otherwise he made multiple references to neo-Nazi conspiracy theories about globalists (with Jews often being seen as the main culprits) destroying the white race through immigration. He even used the term “cultural Marxism” in reference to the relevant conspiracy theory about Marxist Jews conspiring to infiltrate and destroy ‘Western Civilization’. In the same time, he believes that the time is ticking and that immigrants need to be killed or kicked out ASAP, and that there is time to deal with the globalists later.

Here are a couple of quotes from his manifesto:

[[[* Why do you blame immigrants and not the capitalists?
** I blame both, and plan to deal with both.
* Why attack immigrants when “x” are the issue?
** Because the “x” groups can be dealt with in time, but the high fertility
immigrants will destroy us now, soon it is a matter of survival we destroy
them first.]]]

[[[* Democracy is the only solution, why are you committing to force?
** Democracy is mob rule and the mob itself is ruled by our enemies.The global and corporate ran press controls them, the education system(long since fallen to the long march through the institutions
committed by the marxists)controls them, the state(long since heavily lost
to its corporate backers)controls them and the anti-white media machine
controls them.]]]


I think it was over 100 people killed in the Gaza bombings…

laura stuart

In the UK and Europe the collective known as the Far Right admire Israel for their racism against blacks and Muslims. White supremacists in America hate Jews and blame them for always calling for immigration, as was the case with the Pittsburg synagogue shooter. In European racist demonstrations/marches (especially in the UK) it is common to see the Israeli flag. Stephen Yaxley Lennon has been to Israel, Geert Wilders also has spent time in Israel. The N.Z. shooter spent time in Europe and that appears to be where he got his ideas. Israel armed the Serbs who were killing Bosnians, facts which the Israelis are still choosing to suppress, by not releasing the papers. If the shooter was groomed by Israelis whilst he was in the Balkans, it seems doubtful that the media would want to mention this. The ‘double tap’ shot to the head of the injured people in the masjid, is typical of special forces training.


Laura, What are you talking about, ” far right admire” Israel? The far right admires Hitler for trying to free from the jews, and dislikes jews for promoting degeneracy. I have white nationalist friends in Europe, they see eye to us with american white nationalist. It honestly sounds like you are misleading. Go ask Europeans on stormfront if they admire israel, most want america to withdraw help.

Jews have infiltrated white nationalist groups before, but if they are found, they are kicked out.

sandra bebe

All I can say to this “[[[* Why do you blame immigrants and not the capitalists?
** I blame both, and plan to deal with both.
* Why attack immigrants when “x” are the issue?
** Because the “x” groups can be dealt with in time, but the high fertility
immigrants will destroy us now, soon it is a matter of survival we destroy
them first.]]]
When it comes to the demographics of a certain state….

a muslimah

Deep inside everyone knows WhO IS responsible for all the mass murders that take place on this level in every corner of the world . They are ruthless ,perverted, belligerent unemphatic and cruel to the core. What do u expect from the progeny and followers of Lucifer.
Also brother Daniel i believe the secret service agencies of all these countries were complicit. How is it possible for this man to get away with so much in an orwellian world we are living in. I have heard cases where people have been called for questioning by police coz they used a specific word many times in their emails n the law enforcement suspected some kind of a code world. The ultra efficient police foils umpteen terror plots if so called paid CiA FUNDED muslims are involved. Every live telecasts on social media activates the agencies world over. How could he get away with all this so easily. i am sure There are many involved in the higher echelons of what u call deep state in concocting this plot.
Muslim blood is the cheapest in this dunya and there isnt much we muslims can do except pray for the destruction of all demonic forces in this world. We do rely on Allah to take revenge for it was HIS beloved guests in HIS house who were martyred so ruthlessly. Whoever did this challenged Allah n i m dead sure THEY will pay for incurring the wrath of Allah. Enough is enough.

William Francis McDonagh

No different than 911.false flag all the way.different methods,different actors but always the same results.once again zionists are celebrating a successful operation. when any attack like this happens,this should be questioned first not last.


“At almost the same time as this shooting took place, the terrorist state of Israel also bombed Gaza. It’s not clear how many were killed in that strike.”

Probably the most significant detail about the timing of this event. Gaza was thrown into the memory hole instantly. Infact, the only thing I remember trending on Reddit that day was a few rockets were shot into Tel-Aviv presumably as a response to Zionist terrorism.

The fact we do have are the prophesies we were left with. The world will turn on the Jews. And the Romans will turn against us.


I must say Daniel, I admire your thoughtful articles…..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

Thomas Godfrey

From Hollywood to Blessed Palestine…… from Weimar Germany to the halls of power in Washington DC ……..the jew remains the same…. THE SWORN ENEMY OF MANKIND!!!! https://archive.org/details/DEREWIGEJUDE1940TheEternalJewENGSUBS


You made some excellent points. I consider myself a white national and have spent years on stormfront. I don’t know why any white nationalist would have targeted Muslims in prayer, as most of the white nationalist see you guys as jewish pawns. If this guy was really a WN he would be anti Zionist Jew, it makes no sense.

Something is wrong with the story or he is diffrent from every WN that I know.


Brother Daniel,

Please have a read of the following analysis by one of most senior and pious scholars alive today:



His views are same as Jared Taylor’s – founder of amren.org – he just got violent. Taylor is probably the most prominent individual white advocate today and has been on his advocacy for 30 years, but he is not anti-Jew. I believe he is married to one actually.

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Rosio Sween

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