A Muslim Response to White Nationalism and White Replacement

In the aftermath of the New Zealand shooting, many have tried to decipher the motives of the alleged shooter, Brenton Tarrant, as expressed in his alleged manifesto, entitled “The Great Replacement.”

The 73-page document explains how Whites are being displaced in their “own” nations by two main factors:

  1. Immigration of non-Whites
  2. Higher birth rates of non-Whites vs. Whites

As I explained in a previous article, virtually all White Nationalists online point to a deliberate cultural engineering program used against Whites to systematically wipe out their race. Who is behind this program, according to them? Jews. And how are Jews pursuing this “White genocide”? By using their positions of power in government, academia, and media to further policies and ideologies that reduce White birth rates and “flood” North America and Europe with Brown people.

Two main ideologies are usually mentioned as being uniquely anti-White: Feminism and “Globo-Homo.” Feminism, according to the White Nationalists, reduces birth rates in numerous ways, e.g., because it encourages women to pursue career fulfillment instead of becoming mothers, promotes birth control and abortion, institutes no-fault divorce, etc. Globo-Homo, i.e., the promotion of the “gay lifestyle” and the dissolution of gender via trans ideology, also reduces birth rates because it promotes a non-reproductive sexual outlet, among other things.

In other words, if White women weren’t busy having careers and getting abortions and White men weren’t busy having sex with each other, more White babies would come into this world.

In this way, according to White Nationalists like David Duke, Jews use these ideologies plus immigration policy like a cudgel against Whites. How are Jews able to do this? What Duke and other White Nationalists like Andrew Anglin say is that Jews are, as a matter of fact, over represented in positions of power in government, academia, and media. Jews tend to be leftists, as well, and push feminism, Marxism, sexual liberation, etc. The White Nationalist obsession with Jews tends to downplay the fact that plenty of Whites are in positions of power pushing these same policies and ideologies. In fact, these same policies and ideologies have been deliberately used by Whites over the centuries to attack the Muslim world as well as other races, such as Blacks, Native Americans, Aboriginals, Indians, the Chinese, etc. A very recent example came when President Trump’s administration announced they were using a pro-LGBT agenda to create justification for attacking Iran.

But, these White Nationalists quickly deflect and claim that these “cucked” Whites have been brainwashed by the Jews, or the Jews wield so much power that they are able to manipulate all White politicians and academics everywhere for the benefit of the Jewish agenda.

And why would Jews want to attack Whites in this way? White Nationalists have theorized this in depth in (banned) books like The Culture of Critique. The story is that Jews are themselves a race intent on preserving themselves and their interests, and they view the White race as a threat to those interests and their overall dominance. This story is much more involved and in depth, but we can leave it at that for now.

The bottom line, however, for White Nationalism is that when a White person like Brenton Tarrant goes on a rampage murdering 50 non-White people, that is not an act of aggression. That is merely an act of self-defense. Indeed, this is what the manifesto explicitly says (conspicuously leaving out all mention of Jews).

It’s Racist. It’s Sexist. It’s Homophobic. But Is It True?

So much of the contemporary discourse fails to address substance and, instead, traffics in name calling. This is what we have seen with the, thus far, shallow analysis coming from mainstream media analysts on “The Great Replacement.” The operative mindset seems to be that evaluating offensive ideas, even critically, is itself an offensive act. Analyzing racist ideas in any depth is itself racist. Anything less than bleating denunciations of “RACISM!” is itself racism.

I, of course, find this shrill and unjustified. There is plenty to critique about the idea of “White genocide” and “The Great Replacement” that doesn’t stop at the obvious observation that it is racist.

Yes, White Nationalism is racist. But White Nationalism and White Supremacy have been the overarching ideologies of the West for centuries. This fact is not presented in mainstream media discussions. The narrative that is being aggressively pushed is that White Nationalism is a fringe movement playing on the margins of Western culture and history. This deceit is necessary in order to supply Americans and Europeans a non-racist past to identify with.

The reality, however, is that virtually all the major White thinkers of the West prior to the early 20th century were White supremacists. The idea that non-Whites were savages in need of conquest and reformation was a truism in the writings of individuals as disparate as Thomas Jefferson, Immanuel Kant, Voltaire, John Stuart Mill, even Abraham Lincoln. As for the latter, the “Great Emancipator” delivered a speech in 1858, which included:

I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the black and white races — that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, not of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any of her man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.

The main justification for European colonialism and the enslavement of non-Whites throughout the world post-Enlightenment has been the “White man’s burden.” White nations have a duty to civilize the world and bring the world to a state of enlightenment and, ultimately, utopian felicity. This is because Whites are superior in intellect, industriousness, strategic thinking, and other qualities supposedly unique to European bloodlines and European physiology. Why would they have this arrogant self-perception? Well, the proof is in the pudding, they claim. Whites invented (or, at least, significantly advanced) science and technology. Did other races develop the steam engine? The automobile? The telephone? etc. No, the White race did. This, to them, proves that Whites are superior in the only way that matters for advancing the human race to new heights of progress: materialism and dunyawi utopianism.

The Muslim critique of White Nationalism can begin precisely here. Even if it were conceded that White people post-Enlightenment invented more and did more science than other races, we will insist on the essential worthlessness of dunya, i.e., the lesser world of material existence in which we all live for some decades before passing away to the greater abode of the akhira, i.e., the Hereafter, Heaven and Hell. The Prophet ﷺ is reported to have said:

“If the world to Allah were equal to a mosquito’s wing, then He would not allow the disbeliever to have a sip of water from it.” [Tirmidhi]

Science, technology, and civilization is not everything, but White Nationalists have an autistic-like fixation on these notions as if they were pillars of a religion. And White Nationalism is a religion insofar as it maintains a teleological belief in progress, namely that the human race is meant to progress and improve over time through materialistic development. Without this metaphysical conception of progress (that they inherited from Christian eschatology while excising the theological aspects of it), there is no reason to place such high and definitive value in science and technology. And without that value in science and technology, there is no reason to look at White (i.e., Western) civilization as inherently superior to non-White civilization. Without the metaphysics of materialistic progress, White Nationalism has no leg to stand on.

An important nuance here is that White Nationalists today will claim that they are not like the White Supremacists of old. White Nationalists say that they are not looking for domination of the entire globe. Rather, they simply want a nation for White people. Chinese people have China. Mongolian people have Mongolia. Indian people have India. Arab people have numerous Arab nations. And, of course, Jews have Israel. Why can’t Whites have their own nation?

Furthermore, countries like Israel implement strict immigration policies and regulations against intermarriage in order to preserve their racial majority. Why can’t Whites do the same in their “own” countries? Other countries acknowledge the importance of demographics in preserving power. Why are Whites the only race that is not allowed to engage in these kinds of power plays?

By pointing to examples like China and Israel, White Nationalists point to a double standard that undeniably does exist. Ethno-nationalism or at least ethno-racial tribalism exists all over the world and has existed throughout human history. This is an anthropological and historical fact. For example, it is hard to see how Zionists, who have displaced, occupied, and genocided Palestinians for decades in the interest of the Jewish race, can then turn around to White Nationalists and call foul.

So what can be said?

A critique of White Nationalism must be a critique of ethno-nationalism and ethnic identity more broadly. This is where leftist social justice warriors and cultural Marxists are handicapped. The identitarian left, in its so-called celebration of diversity, reduces all identities to gender, racial, cultural, and sexual identities. Each gender, race, culture, and sexual predilection has its own associated identity group whose collective interests those groups are entitled to pursue. In fact, those collective interests have to be furthered by “social justice” policies that counteract “systematic” injustice. But what about White men? Well, White men don’t get to pursue their collective interests because they are the primary source of the systematic injustice that is oppressing every other group. Or so it is claimed.

I certainly think there is truth to this. How convenient for Whites to have engaged in centuries of colonialism, genocide, conquest through mass death around the world only to now conclude that they want to be left alone in their own nations — nations which, by the way, sit on land they forcefully acquired from indigenous populations.

On the other hand, why should young White men today have to pay for the sins of their fathers? Is there a collective guilt they are uniquely burdened with by virtue of their blood? This kind of racial realism cuts both ways. If race is purely a social construction, which cultural Marxists and Critical Race Theorists claim whenever it suits them, then why should Millenial Whites — many of whom are cultural Marxists themselves in one form or another — be held responsible for the crimes of their biological forefathers? Why can’t these White men claim that they are not “White” in the same sense as those racist, evil Whites of history, and, as such, are entitled to pursue their collective interests in the same way Latinos, Blacks, Chinese, and Jewish people are allowed to pursue theirs? These White Millenials can claim that, in a way, they have been oppressed by White men too.

The problem with this reasoning, however, is that Whites collectively continue to enjoy the fruits of their forefathers’ domination. And furthermore, that domination has yet to cease! Whites continue to sit at the helm of a massive hegemonic empire which has the world in its death grip. Muslims know this better than anyone.

Yet, is it only the White race that enjoys this kind of position of power? Not at all. There is a certain other race that is also over represented in the halls of world power, a race whose name, in a moment of absentmindedness just right now, I have forgotten.

What About the Muslim Hordes?

The manifesto mentions that Muslims have a strong culture, high birth rates, high in-group preference. These qualities are lacking in the White race, it claims. This means that Muslims are ascending in the West while Whites are declining and this is seen as a bad thing.

I am afraid that the manifesto has too high of an estimation of Muslims in the West. Unfortunately, Muslims are following the same path as Whites and every other group. Marriage rates are declining for Muslims as are birth rates. The Muslims that immigrate to the West sadly often do not have a strong religious identity and, instead, are very eager to assimilate to the dominant White culture. Some even go so far as to argue that Muslims “fetishize Whiteness.” So much for the horde.

The idea of in-group preference is also fading away in the minds of many Muslims. In Islam, there is the important concept of al-wala wal-bara, loosely translated as “loyalty and disavowal.” This concept comes from the Quran and Sunna in many places.

You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah. If only the People of the Scripture had believed, it would have been better for them. Among them are believers, but most of them are defiantly disobedient. [Quran 3:110]

In this aya of the Quran, Allah defines the Ummah and what makes the Ummah of Muslims superior to others. It is not due to race or bloodline or heritage. It is due to ethics and belief. Muslims stand for what is right and fight against what is wrong. And what is right and wrong ultimately goes back to what the Creator commands, the Creator in which we believe and worship. One who does not believe in God and His Messenger ﷺ cannot be a Muslim even if his entire family for generations has been Muslim. This importance of faith over blood is expressed when Allah says:

You will not find any people who believe in Allah and the Last Day, loving those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even though they were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred (people). [Quran 58:22]

Allah also says:

Let not the believers take the disbelievers as Awliya (Spiritual leaders, role models, etc.) instead of the believers, and whoever does that will never be helped by Allah in any way, except that you fear a danger from them. And Allah warns you against Himself (His Punishment), and to Allah is the final return. [Quran 3:28]

And the Prophet, peace be upon him, is reported to have said:

The strongest bonds of faith are loyalty for the sake of Allah, enmity for the sake of Allah, love for the sake of Allah and hate for the sake of Allah. [classed as Sahih]

Islam does not deny that people can have preference for other people who share a culture, a heritage, or even a race. Preference for one’s race is considered racism in contemporary social justice discourse. But this is not Islam’s conception. This is related to us in one hadith:

A man asked the Prophet ﷺ: ‘O Messenger of Allah, is it tribalism (`asabiyyah) if a man loves his people (i.e., qawm)?’ He said: ‘No, rather [from the characteristics of] tribalism is when a man helps his people to do dhulm (i.e., oppression, injustice).’ [ibn Majah]

Loving one’s people or tribe is a part of human nature. This is an undeniable part of human biology, even. But look at the unmatched wisdom of the Prophet, peace be upon him. This preference for one’s own tribe has it limits. If one’s love for one’s people leads one to commit injustice in favor of his own group at the expense of other groups, then this is clearly what is blameworthy. Importantly, we understand injustice by referring back to the Quran and Sunna, i.e., revelation, which clarifies and elaborates on the nature of injustice in all its forms.

Despite all these conceptions of Ummah, al-wala wal-bara, and `asabiyya, there is a deliberate effort to destroy what I describe as an “Ummah First Mentality,” or the precise in-group mentality that the killer’s manifesto ascribes to Muslims. Part of this effort is a campaign to emphasize “humanity above religiosity.” Telling Muslims not to have more concern for fellow believers than non-believers is a tried and tested colonial tactic that is used to this day to weaken the Ummah. We need to rebut these efforts and reemphasize the importance and necessity of al-wala wal-bara and denounce those agents who teach against this value in preference for humanism, nationalism (wataniyya), social justice, or any other weaponized foreign ideology.

So What Makes Us Different From White Nationalists?

Plenty, as explained above. But some might say that al-wala wal-bara, loyalty and disavowal, an Ummah First Mentality are akin to White in-group preference.

Not at all.

As the ayat and ahadith cited above make clear, the Ummah is defined according to belief and ethics, standards of justice. What is White Nationalism based on?

If being White is defined as having a certain bloodline, then this is a relatively weak basis for identity, as I have argued before. If we want to be racial realists and accept the idea that races exist, then why should a person define himself according to that one particular biological characteristic? Why not define people according to the nation where they were born (as is the current convention around the world, i.e., national citizenship)?

The White Nationalist might claim that unlike place of birth, race and bloodline affect things like intelligence, sociability, and other positive traits. But does bloodline really affect how a person behaves and acts? Does it affect a person’s commitment to values like justice and goodness and faithfulness? Perhaps. For the sake of argument, we can concede that to a certain extent. But there are other factors other than blood that are far more powerful in affecting how one exists in this world and interacts with others.

In fact, this is an important message in the Bible and the Quran. Cain and Abel, for example, were blood brothers, yet they took completely different courses of action. The children of Jacob (Ya`qub) were all related by blood, but, through their personal and moral decisions, they ended up in very different places. Same for the son of Noah. How can two people who share the same father and mother, let alone the same race, pursue such diametrically opposed paths?

This is an inescapable reality. The White Nationalist argument that Whites have an interest in avoiding mixing with other races because other races can negatively impact the moral character of their nations is completely undermined by this simple fact. Race by itself cannot account for moral character because other things, like religious devotion, are so much more determinative of how people collectively behave.

This is proven by the history of Europe itself. If race were so critical, why has Europe experienced such a sharp moral decline in the past few decades (something which White Nationalist themselves bemoan)? To blame this on racial immigration is merely to beg the question. But White Nationalists are wont to recognize the circularity of their reasoning, namely:

  1. Whites, by virtue of their race, are inherently more civilized and moral whereas non-Whites are not.
  2. This is evidenced by the fact that White nations are more civilized and have higher standards of morality.
  3.  Yet, the fact that White nations are currently in decline in terms of civilization and morality is because of an influx of non-Whites.
  4. An influx of non-Whites causes decline in civilization and morality because non-Whites are not as civilized and moral as Whites. <– This was the initial premise that needed justification, hence the circle.

European nations are in decline not because of an influx of immigrants. In fact, an influx of strong, devoted Muslims actually helps the moral character of European society, as recently evidenced by Muslims shutting down the LGBT programming in UK schools. What actually has caused European decline is the loss of traditional values and the spread of degeneracy and corruption. This is the same thing that has destroyed many civilizations of the past, as non-Muslim thinkers like Alexander Tyler, Edward Gibbon, Roberto de Mattei, and Camille Paglia have recognized and as Allah describes very clearly in the Quran. Ad, Thamud, the people of Nuh, the people of Lut, Pharaoh’s empire, Bani Israel. All these nations rejected God’s revelation and His messengers and this led to their catastrophic doom. All nations, including Muslim nations today, should take heed of this inescapable reality, which is the Sunna of Allah.

What About Heritage?

Another White Nationalist line of argument is the appeal to heritage. Whites have a shared heritage that they want to preserve, they argue. This argument strikes me as bizarre and unfounded as well. If heritage is tied to race, then the argument above is sufficient to dismantle this reasoning. If heritage has no connection to race, then people who are not White could claim to share in that heritage.

What, after all, is a heritage? Is it a set of values and beliefs? If so, then anyone can adopt those values and beliefs regardless of race or bloodline. And ultimately, the question arises: What makes European values and beliefs, whatever they are, superior to other systems? This is certainly not self-evident, and appeal to historical dominance of White nations is not going to work either. If might makes right, then what of the fact that, according to White Nationalists themselves, Whites are a dying breed? Doesn’t this mean White are being defeated, and wouldn’t this mean that the values and beliefs of the non-Whites are superior?

These are the kinds of thoughts that White Nationalists don’t really pursue with logical consistency.

To add to this, cultural heritage tends to be fictional more often than not. As a Persian American myself, I roll my eyes whenever fellow Persians blather on about the “great Persian kings” of the past and the “illustrious Persian dynasties.” I roll my eyes even harder when Americans talk about the “American dream” and the “wonder of American hope,” etc. These paeans to nationalism are all self-evident myths, constructions. Go far enough back in time and borders and bloodlines mix and intersect. I don’t think one has to be an absolute social constructionist to accept this. Even if racial identity is an objective reality, tying one’s race to historical events or personages in the past is wishful thinking at best. How much blood do Persians today share with the Persian king Darius who lived thousands of years ago? How much blood do Whites today share with, say, Thomas Jefferson? Due to Thomas Jefferson’s philandering with black slave girls, probably not much more than any number of non-Whites.

Overall, we can see why the Islamic conception of Ummah is so much more superior to race-based or nation-based identities. The notion of Ummah is inherently normative. It is inherently tied to values and beliefs. And values and beliefs are what are determinative of a people’s collective character and, ultimately, the destiny of a civilization. The idea of Ummah is inexorably tied to the transcendent Unseen and to the Creator of all existence. This is a transcendent source of value that drives Muslims to do good and even sacrifice their lives for good. An ethnic or even cultural identity can never be plausibly transcendent in this way. The only way for ethnic and cultural identities to reach this level is by inventing gods, inventing myths (i.e., the “chosen people”), inventing teleologies (e.g., progress), inventing false religions. This is what White Nationalism has produced. They have abandoned Christianity (and why wouldn’t they?) and have created a culture of memes and irrational nationalism in its place, a debased altar of ancestor worship characteristic of all the paganistic religions of history.

As Allah says:

And when it is said to them, “Follow what Allah has revealed,” they say, “Rather, we will follow that which we found our fathers doing.” Even though their fathers understood nothing, nor were they guided? [Quran 2:170]

A final point, White Nationalists understand that liberal secularism is a mirage. They claim that all the liberal secularism in the world cannot bring salvation because, ultimately, race determines the world’s fate. But we have already seen the gaping holes in this line of thought. But sadly, some Muslims want to pin their hopes on liberal secular discourse. Some Muslims insist on promoting the social justice warrior ideology, the feminist ideology, the liberal secular ideology, the Marxist ideology, all ideologies that even people as irrational and blind as White Nationalists have roundly rejected. Are these Muslims stupider than White Nationalists?

The stupidity of these Muslims is that, rather than think for themselves, rather than refer these questions back to the Quran and Sunna, their thinking does not extend beyond, “Well, if the racist, bigoted White Nationalists reject these ideologies, that means those ideologies are good and we have to accept them!”

Those Muslims who understand these realities (and they are the majority, alhamdulillah) need to do their part to set the rest of the Ummah straight. Otherwise, the ignoramuses will dig a hole in the bottom of the safina (ark) we are all collectively riding through the turbulent seas in these days at the precipice of Qiyama.

And a Note to White Nationalists

If you are a White Nationalist reading this, let me have the privilege of inviting you to Islam. If you are a non-Muslim reading this, White Nationalist or not, we invite you to the path of God, a path of righteousness, a path of sincerity, love, and devotion to the Creator, God Almighty. All the hackneyed arguments against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ are coming from the exact liberal secular philosophy you reject. If you can for a moment turn off those biases and consider Islam objectively, you can see its unmatched merits. This is because Islam is the Truth. And the people of the world deserve the Truth.

Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth? And let them not be like those who were given the Scripture before, and a long period passed over them, so their hearts hardened; and many of them are defiantly disobedient. [Quran 57:16]

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Amazing one


Do you think it is correct to say that the Enlightenment gave birth to White Supremacy?

Steven A White

Did this shitskin just try to claim muslims are more moral and ethical than other religions or races? What a fucking joke. You people rape children ok. Your prophet was a pedophile. You people are a plague on this earth led by a false prophet pedophile piece of trash.


mate, get rid of antiislamic bullshit, it aint needed here.


Mister, before spewing such BS, let me school you. You are the ones to distort ‘Isa’s (A.) messages; go check for yourself how much of your so-called Gospels are divine. An you claim we Muslims rape children; what about you, jerk? You white infidel sons of sluts have a pedophilic pornography industry that is a billion-dollar business? And before saying bad things about our Prophet Muhammad (S.), go ask your own mother who your father is.


The talking points of a parasite. This is no different than Jewish Marxism and the branches of thought such as repressive tolerance or critical theory.

White men and women are going to rise up again and this time we will carry with us the Gods of our forefathers instead of an all loving Jesus Christ who promotes turning the cheek. It will be a time of Odin, the god of war and strife, victory and death. It will be Kalki who cleanses the earth with a blazing sword.

We will never abandon our blood, nor our folk-ways. We will only be born again and now are the birthing pains.


And when it is said to them, “Follow what Allah has revealed,” they say, “Rather, we will follow that which we found our fathers doing.” Even though their fathers understood nothing, nor were they guided? And the example of those who disbelieve, is as that of him who shouts to the (flock of sheep) that hears nothing but calls and cries. (They are) deaf, dumb and blind. So they do not understand. (Quran 2:170-170)

They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah refuses except to perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it. It is He Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad SAW) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam), to make it superior over all religions even though the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah) hate (it). (Quran: 9:33)

The prophet may peace be upon him said “This affair will reach what is reached by the night and the day; and Allah will not leave a dwelling of brick, nor fur, except that Allah will cause this Din (Islam) to enter it – bringing honour or humiliation. Honour which Allah gives to Islam and humiliation which Allah will give to disbelief.” [Sahih: Related by Ahmad (4/103), Ibn Hibban in his Sahih (no. 1631) and others. Shaykh Al¬-Albani authenticated it in Tahdhirus¬-Sajid (p. 118)]

Oh Kaafir, Kill as many Muslims as you want, burn as many mosques as you can, you will never succeed. Don’t be deceived into thinking that because the Muslims are weak, debased and humiliated that Islam wont spread to every part of this world. Allah does not need the Muslims to spread His perfect deen.

Just like when the hordes of Ghengis Khan decimated the weak, debased Muslim world piling their severed heads in pyramids and filling the Euphrates with their books, Islam rose as a nation from amongst their very ranks just like Islam is already, and will continue to rise from amongst yours. Your white ‘comrades’ are reverting on mass (like me). The more you fight the more it will spread. 50 killed in New Zealand and hundreds converted in one week as a result. Your Ideological house is built on sand, Oden and Kalki won’t help you. Keep urinating into the wind oh Mushrik.

tom deen

Dude. That was a badass response.


Even smart Europeans saw through pagan nonsense:
“But if cattle and horses and lions had hands
or could paint with their hands and create works such as men do,
horses like horses and cattle like cattle
also would depict the gods’ shapes and make their bodies
of such a sort as the form they themselves have.

Ethiopians say that their gods are snub–nosed and black
Thracians that they are pale and red-haired.”
– Xenophanes

Also, maybe they’ll bring back sacrificing humans to penis statues for more babies (cause they need that fertility bump):
“Animal and human sacrifices made to a symbolic phallus were thought to ensure a successful new crop among people, animals and nature.”

Oh – and those “all-loving-turn-the-cheek” Christians kicked the ever-loving snot out of those awesomeness-berzerker pagans on the battlefield, again and again and again and converted them at the sword:


Tylia –

I been a white nationalist for a very long time and what you say about WN’s getting behind a bunch of false Gods is not going to happen.

Islam is actually very compatible with most WNs who just have a preference for ones own people but don’t want to cause injustice to others. I mean you can build a wall, but without the right religion you’ll have a degenerate people behind it.

Ronald Cherrycoke

Join Islam? A barbaric death cult invented by a sex crazed paedophile with a ‘holy’ book enjoining the slaughter of nonbelievers and saying the earth is flat? Er, no thanks…

The truth seeker

The fact that your only criticism is the same tired “BUT MUH PEDAL-FILE WORD-LAWRD” lies shows how you NPC kuffar are truly lacking in original thought. Try better next time 🙂


It also shows that they do nothing other than regurgitate liberal talking points and non-arguments.


The funny thing is, these guys claim to hate JEws and Zionists and be “Jew-wise” and all (and I mean literally all) of their propaganda points come from Zionist-funded organizations. They are so pwned, they have no idea how badly the Zionists are playing them from both sides – so much for “muh Hi-IQ”.

Eric G

Dude not everything is “da zionists” get a grip. Do you really think the only people who criticize Islam are Jews and Zionists?


Have you read Quran, have you read hadeeth, if not then how can you say that its wrong. There are some conditions to do all what you have mentioned in your comment. So before saying anything wrong about Islam, you must research yourself and then come back.

Goldman (((Sachs-Coburg)))

Jokes on you, all the real NPC’s are in the ‘immigrants welcome’ cuckfest. But hey, nothing perspnal, I’m sure your on thr staff at SadIQ’s london police online Islam defence league. Enjoy your 72 cents for le sick burnnzzomgzz.

Sarah bashir

Salam br Daniel,
Have you writen any articles on socialism, communism, marxism , and other similar ideologies?
Because i often see high profile muslims supporting these campains because they share similar values of social justice that islam promotes, and although there may be some differences in the way we takle social ills , is it categorically wrong to ally ourselves with these groups? Can we not just take the good and leave the bad? Do we necessarily need to disassociate ourselves from them despite the social equality some of them campain for ?

Ibrahim Ihsan

Why should we? If Islam has all the answers, If our Prophet S.A.W.W and the Sahaba didn’t necessarily depend on foreign ideas to become the great nation they were, why should we? We don’t need them. We simply need to stay firm and united. Your own argument is towards supporting something that has a high reputation of disunity because Islam is where our ideas come from, not Anti-religious Marxism, or nationalizing socialism, or UN declaration. We need to understand our problems through Islam, not through them. Sadly, for a few years of comfort, many movements leaning towards such ideas were heavily promoted by several confused Muslims despite the obvious opposition to Islam proposed through these very ideologies.


I am not a white nationalist. But I fully appreciate that Western governments are favoring foreigners over their own people and do have a problem with that.

This is was an interesting read, but I think the author misses the mark several times. For instance:

Acknowledges that Tarrant barely mentioned Jews, but still thinks Tarrant blames the Jews for all that is wrong in the world. Author doesn’t seem to be aware that leftists regularly troll the dark webs larping as white nationalists and blaming everything on the Jews like crazy people in an attempt to divide the community. It is impossible to say how many have those feelings, how many are simply joking, how many are leftist trolls. Daniel Haquqajou is all in on the simplistic knee-jerk globalist narrative name calling with this one in spite of reading Tarrant’s manifesto and seeing evidence that suggests the opposite (in Tarrant’s writings at least).

Says white nationalism is racist. This is too simplistic. For example it implies the movies like Wakanda are racist. Why is white nationalism racist? Are white people not under sustained attack from globalists/leftists/Muslim Jihadists? The ones who want to be left alone are racist? It’s too simplistic. The very same name-calling that the author claims to condemn.

Much of the article is a reach for events 100+ years in the past to find evidence of widespread white supremacist thinking while ignoring all evidence to the contrary that exists in modern times. Leftists use this type of argument justify ever increasing diversity (meaning promote anything that isn’t white).


After the Pittsburgh synagogue attack I think it’s impossible to say that belief in Jewish conspiracy is not a key part of the alt right worldview. Even before the alt right got off the ground, Breivik made the same key concealment of his true feelings about Jews in his manifesto, a deceit which he later revealed in a letter to a Norwegian newspaper.


Arabs are dumb, stinky, brown people, Islam (like Christianity) is for drooling retards, and Whites are better in every way imaginable. Atheist racism is the way forward. We hail Hitler and we hail AIDS.


“Whites are better in every way imaginable”
Except when it comes to having kids.
“Atheist racism is the way forward.”
Yup – if you want to put your society’s TFR in a terminal nosedive.
“we hail AIDS”
Well, if this is true, then this would explain why Gay Pride Parades are so ubiquitous in majority-White countries. I guess all part of the plan…

Lister's Sister the Fister Resister

Good arguments and very well-worded post. The “whiteness fetishism” thing was interesting to learn. However, there are some things I would like to say about it:
You argue that the genetic superiority of whites based on technological advancement and morality is shown to be false because the former is meaningless due to the ephermerality of life on Earth, and the latter is made clear to be false due to modern degeneracy and our apparently increased susceptibility to it compared to other races. I do agree that technological advancement is meaningless and value moral and spiritual pursuits higher. However, our reasoning differs in that while I would argue that technology, although it offers great power, also creates dependencies not only on the technology itself but also on its raw materials and complex social systems that lead themselves to tyranny which ultimately leads to more suffering and less survivability, you argue that the Earth is completely worthless when compared to Heaven and Allah. This world-denying thinking of you abrahamics is not shared by others and thus your technological argument holds validity only to other abrahamics. If your target audience is just muslims, this is fine but otherwise the argument is weak.
In regards to your claim that WNs believe that immigration itself causes degeneracy, this is simply false. Although there are many different opinions on what else is to blame, such as Christianity, fluoridation and urbanization, what we all agree on is that this is primarily the work of the media and education system which are run by selfish groups like the government, big business and certain other cliques, for the purpose of making submissive consumerists. The immigrants are nothing more than plebs sent to replace us, even if some of them hold malevolent aspirations. Too many foreigners create weak nations and poverty, but do little to weaken ethnic groups and morality. Looking to your so-called leaders and seeing only hate and contempt for your people, on the other hand…
“Superiority” is irrelevant to ethnonationalism. Ethnonationalism is just about survival. It means you have a group that is proud to exist and will look after you and your family. Naturally, having the group large enough to have its own competitively powerful military and self-sufficient economy is highly advantageous. A divided nation will be weak, and a weak nation will be defeated and a defeated people have no pride. Prideless people are immoral and weak. White people could be demigods or subhumans and we’d still need ethnonationalism otherwise we’d be outbred and starved by our “lessers” or crushed by our “betters”.


“This world-denying thinking of you abrahamics is not shared by others and thus your technological argument holds validity only to other abrahamics. If your target audience is just muslims, this is fine but otherwise the argument is weak.”

The futility of the physical and material is fairly apparent even from a non-religious point of view. As a matter of fact, from the perspective of an atheist, there exists no valid non-religious reason as to why this world is worth investing into at all, if it is finite and nothing we do here has any impact on anything in the long term and we are all going to die. At least from a religious point of view, there is the idea of what we do in this world having a DIRECT eternal impact on what happens after death. However, from the point of view of an atheist, this is all utterly meaningless and our existence in this world is about as relatively significant as a glass of water pouring into the ocean. Except the glass of water is the existence of human beings and the ocean is all that exists.

Lister's Sister the Fister Resister

Oh, another thing is the concept of “Ummah”.
My understanding is that it is a brotherhood based on faith rather than blood, no? And this makes it superior to ethnonationalism since it has its own set of morals as opposed to the latter which only inherently values strength and loyalty. The consequence being that while WNs have room to commit injustice in the name of E U R O P A, Islam provides certain rules meant to prevent injustice.
Yet reality shows this to be false. Countless injustices have been made in the name of Islam. Slavery, genocide, “Kafir taxes”, killing people for following the wrong religion, desecrating Kafir holy grounds… The list goes on and on. Even if we, for the sake of argument, assume that every one of these misdeeds was in fact sinful and do not represent Islam then it is clear that your argument that Ummah is perfect is false. Even by your own reasoning, it holds precisely as much weight as the claim that white people are morally superior on a genetic level.
But of course, these injustices are not haram, are they? Mohammed himself had slaves. Mohammed himself massacred those that did not submit. Jizya is derived from the Quran. Mohammed himself would convert people by the sword. Smashing temples and erasing history too, no doubt. So therefore, Islam has inherent injustices. It is precisely because it is not morally void like ethnonationalism that it commits injustice. A system without any built-in morals at least can learn what is right and what is wrong and enforce these through culture, whereas Islam is stuck with its injustices until the last Quran burns and the last imam perishes.


1. Islam never claims that the Ummah has ever been or will ever be perfect. As the notion of the Ummah and its political manifestation of a Caliphate was never meant to be a Utopia.

2. Pointing out the fact that people commit injustice in the name of Islam such as terror attacks and genocide is meaningless as an argument against the notion of an Ummah. Why? Because so what? What does that even mean? Whats important is if they apply Islam correctly. ‘Quoting directly’ means nothing, especially since they knowingly misrepresent verses and have no consistent methodological approach. Muslims can respond to terror attacks and genocide by pointing out that Islam is not being implemented correctly. Ethno-nationalists can never, under any circumstances claim that when one of their own commits an atrocity, he is implementing it wrong, because there is no such thing as implementing it objectively correctly. There is no lawgiver, it is an inherently non-religious concept with no basis for any moral claims or subsequent enforcement and implementation.

3. “Slavery, genocide, “Kafir taxes”, killing people for following the wrong religion, desecrating Kafir holy grounds” Let’s say for the sake of the argument that these were all true and Islam permitted all of these. You’d still have no basis upon which to claim that they are injustices because there exists no valid non-religious reason as to why any moral claim ought to be true. A system without built in morals cannot learn what is right and wrong because it is secular and thus doesn’t believe that right and wrong exist as objective concepts independent of human beliefs.

Steven A White

Did this shitskin just try to claim muslims are more moral and ethical than other religions or races? What a fucking joke. You people rape children ok. Your prophet was a pedophile. You people are an inbred plague on this earth led by a false prophet pedophile piece of trash.

Eric G

@ Steven A White I don’t think he’s saying that I think he is saying that Muslims have a moral basis and a more legitimate identity as a group than just belonging to a certain race (especially when people within that race have fought each other far more than people outside it historically anyway).
He is certainly more admirable than some freaks on the alt right. At least he is trying to point to a higher purpose and meaning not just blood and soil which passes away in time like every other material thing.


@Steven A White This is the kind of hackneyed liberal posturing that Daniel was talking about. Muslims don’t rape children (well some do, just like some Westerners do – and both should be punished for that obviously). The pedophile nonsense is just that. People in the past simply had different cultural paradigms. Now, look at the age of consent for most US states (which was 10 years old until the 20th century):

Are you willing to denounce those historical people as pedophiles, child-rapists or at least enablers of such so that we can take your criticism seriously?


There are a couple of faults to this, an otherwise refreshingly direct appeal.

You jump into a bit of a strawman when you suggest that white nationalists attribute Western decline to Muslim invaders, and I think you know how obvious a strawman it is. Rather, we all recognize that white nationalists attribute the decline to ethnic Bolshevics and their white allies. Were it that white nations were not so weakened, replacement migration would not be a thing which exists, much less a thing which threatens whites in the lands to which they are indigenous.

The other two flaws, I have no interest in forcing home as I have no intention of seeming spiteful. Briefly, Muslims don’t really have the standing to nurse resentment over white conquerors doing cool stuff all over the globe. And also, the superior spiritual health of the Ummah is not evident in the present state of Muslim nations. At least not moreso than the West.

Yet, as that last point is made, I know that I make it at this point in my life when I recognize with horror the extent to which the West has become mentally ill and spiritually degenerate. I would accept poverty over what passes for comfort. Ted Kazinski understood what you stated here: the world created for people will nourish you. The world you create for machines will choke you out. Progress is, as Chesterton said, a numerator with no denominator assigned to it. Like cancer.

Your offer is kind and appreciated. God is a concept I have difficulty connecting with in an authentic way. Though lately I’m aware that this is something which was snached from me a generation before I was born. Even so, if I find God, it will be because I went looking for him where my people have historically found him.


One more goof that needs to be clarified: The term “Globo-Homo” is a reference to economic social engineering. It’s short for globalisation-homogenization, or the preference the market has for a future in which everyone has jettisoned their local, real sense of place, self and culture and adopted one, uniform culture of empty consumerism. The LGBT stuff is part and parcel with feminism.


“if I find God, it will be because I went looking for him where my people have historically found him.”

Why? When they lost Him that way? If you are talking neo-paganism, OK if that suits you, but that was replaced by Christianity which is a Middle Eastern import (specifically tied into the notion that only the Jewish people received revelation). Why wouldn’t you go for a more universal Middle Eastern import?


Former nationalist turned muslim myself. I have met others with similar background. I like your website and your article is very interesting. May God reward you in this life and the next.


MashaAllah! Sweet, welcome to the Ummah. May your people – whether White, Black or Brown – prosper and may you be a part of their spiritual revival. I would love it if people of your background started up an outreach program for similar people. I have been engaging with a lot of alt-Right, far-right and even White nationalists online. I was pleasantly surprised (after the initial thrashing I had to endure with patience) that a lot of them have very real and honest concerns (that should be openly debated) and that they were respectful of many aspects of Islam even if they may be in opposition to it. Have you come across?:


I am a white national. I don’t look down on Godly non Europeans. I still believe whites have a right to have their own countries with very limited immigration, but recognize that it won’t mean anything if we have a white country full of satanic degenerates.

While I agree with much of what you say, I don’t agree with all that you said. For one I think what Brenton Tarrant did was a awful thing.

I believe after many years of searching, that Islam is the truth, and would like to see whites more adapt Islam and sharia law, as it would be good thing.

Goldman (((Sachs-Coburg)))

Your introductory segment was quite the tour de force. I am frankly dazed at such a fair synopsis of the white nationalist position coming from a Muslim. Things went sideways when you said WNs take Tarrant’s actions as defensive (everyone knows tue real culprifs are the politicians…maybe Breivik was onto something) but I’ll overlook it. I mean, you”re familiar with KMac n the CoC! You’re prctically family.

You say that “The narrative that is being aggressively pushed is that White Nationalism is a fringe movement playing on the margins of Western culture and history. This deceit is necessary in order to supply Americans and Europeans a non-racist past to identify with”. First of all whites are forever self-flagllating over our ancestral guilt, so to whaf non-racist past are we clinging? Second, why do we need said past supplied? Why do we need to ingratiate orselves to muds?

And you think white superioity is predicafed upon tech only? We take pride in our art-Louvre over LHC. So its not like dropping iPhones on the Yemenis will put them on our level. Ok I tire of typing on the phone, nd Erik hit some pertinent salients, so ilI’ll leave off here, but hope to be back. That said, I had to address a rankling shortcoming in your analysis. You said “what of the fact that, according to White Nationalists themselves, Whites are a dying breed? Doesn’t this mean White are being defeated, and wouldn’t this mean that the values and beliefs of the non-Whites are superior?” Aint that sumthin. It’s the Faustian thing, sir (with pologies to Apocalypse Now), although the much olded tale of icarus….sheds light.

Finally:Thank ou for invoting me to Islam, but as I mentioned to another commenter, liberal secular ideology is pushing the ‘diversity is our strength, my fellow whites’ protocol of elder learning, so to speak. In no way am I in a foxhole with Muslims, taking up arms against the Globo-homo empire. I can be repulsed by islam and be an intellectually-fulfilled nationalist. What shared enemies have we? What shared values?
You criticise muslims for watering-down their faith and adopting beliefs merely because ””islamophobes”” hate those ideologies too. Then turn around and make a half-ass display of welcoming, merely because we’re both given short shrift by liberal secularism, or perhaps under attack from Zionist media. As if! This kind of thinking is how goats get fucked. I’m kidding! You’re family, remember? Poor Persian cousins, true….but we won’t kick you out of bed for eating crackers. Ya digg?


@Goldman (((Sachs-Coburg)))

I suggest you take up Daniel’s invitation to Islam, many many White nationalists have heeded the call and are better for it. Christianity has failed Western civilization, that’s why Europeans have abandoned it en masse since World War I. The West needs a backbone that Christianity, Fascism, Communism, liberalism and White Nationalism simply CAN’T provide … ONLY Islam can provide the backbone The West needs. If you fear Zionism, and wish to resist it, then Islam is your best bet I think.


Love how you point out how European Muslims are improving Britain with their strong moral values yet this is the country where gangs of British Muslim men of Asian origin by the thousands have been systematically raping little girls for decades.

In fact, you could point out many cases of these devoted Muslim immigrants raping women and children in Europe. Like Maria Ladenburger raped and murdered by an Afghan refugee. The child in the Austrian swimming pool anally raped by an Iraqi refugee who then went diving once he finished relieving himself by raping a ten year old. The 2018 Freiburg gang rape committed by Syrian refugees. The Cologne New Years mass sexual assaults committed by migrants.

Murder and stabbing is another culturally superior value brought by the immigrants to Europe, like the refugee who stabbed Alexandra Mehzer to death. Also, running people down in cars or shooting them. Joining ISIS.

Committing bombings like the new bombing crisis caused by immigrant gangs in Sweden.

I’m glad the immigrants have shown us their morally superior ways by raping, sodomizing, shooting, murdering, bombing, stabbing, robbing, leeching off welfare, and using children as human shields to attack border police. Those devoted British Muslims really improved the moral character of those kids they gang raped.


Stop spreading lies in America alone white nationalists have done more terrorist attacks then muslims must of muslims in all Europe or America don’t indulge in terrorism at all while the people u talk about are refugees not necessarily they are devoted if they were devoted they would have never done such heinous crimes as rape is one of the worst crimes in Islam even zina (sex before marriage ) is prohibited let alone such heinous crime talking about getting moral values to ur lands let’s talk about America what morals did u brought there enslaving people ,torturing them ,taking away their land and many were killed due to starvation . To add insult injury u made movies about them as if they were animals how moral .

Farhan Sadique Kazi

“And without that value in science and technology, there is no reason to look at White (i.e., Western) civilization as inherently superior to non-White civilization. Without the metaphysics of materialistic progress, White Nationalism has no leg to stand on.”

You forgot to add one thing – Justice. Western Civilization post-Enlightenment, you have to agree, was the most just society, even today (probably to some extent).

As one scholar said,
‘In Europe, I saw Islam but no Muslims
And in the Muslim world, I saw many Muslims but no Islam.’