MuslimGirl and Friends Wage Ideological War on the Muslim Community

Do you know what March 27th was?

Muslim Women’s Day! Yay!

We already had International Women’s Day on March 8th, where all kinds of feminist degenerates and deviants took to the streets in Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, and elsewhere to shout down the adhan, promote LGBT, act lewdly, declare themselves sluts, and blaspheme against Islam, and much more, all in the name of “women’s liberation.”

And of course, there was the original Women’s March throughout the US back in January, promoted in the Muslim community by Linda Sarsour and her obedient gaggle of imams and former-Muslim-rights organizations.

So far in 2019, we’re averaging one holiday, protest, or march per month dedicated to feminists, white knights, and homosexuals celebrating themselves for how unfathomably amazing they are.

If these events were merely about feminist and gay self-involvement, that would be one thing. But unfortunately, that’s not the whole agenda. The most prominent component of these marches and fake holidays is shouting down traditional religion and everything it entails in terms of gender roles, modesty, sexual propriety, etc.

Take “Muslim Women’s Day.” The whole thing is a social media campaign invented by in 2017. Imagine the audacity of inventing a holiday on behalf of all Muslim women and then using your non-Muslim institutional connections to center your organization in midst of the media attention. It’s quite brilliant PR, actually.

Now, if you are not familiar with what MuslimGirl is about, here is a sampling of their articles:

Yes, Allah did give us such a definition of unlawful sex. It’s in the Quran. But MuslimGirl is not really interested in such details in this shocking zina-promoting article. (btw, what is the cantaloupe picture all about?) 

This is an article promoting a self-described bisexual trans woman, i.e., a cross-dressing man. He is also on the board of one infamous Muslim activist group, HEART.

Let’s be loud and proud of sodomy and other deviance this Ramadan.

Don’t you dare judge her!

Surprisingly, this article doesn’t promote casual sex despite the title. But MuslimGirl makes sure to include the prominent disclaimer, making sure that readers know that not everyone at MuslimGirl is anti causal sex.

Testing the gag reflex is a common theme at MuslimGirl.

According to “true Islam,” sodomites are the only imams worth following.

Deviants need to have their own sect.

Stupidity and shirk wrapped into one.

Finally, MuslimGirl providing a generous “rainbow crescent” scholarship to promote fahisha among Muslim youth.

Trust me, this is but a small sample of the kind of filth these people are pushing onto the community and impressionable young Muslims.

MuslimGirl takes all the worst aspects of modern Western degeneracy, mixes in a little kufr, applies garish makeup, then slaps a sheer scarf on it. And then they’re pushed onto the Muslim community as a hip, fashionable, empowered outlet “providing Muslims a voice.”

By the way, have you noticed that the ones who are the most concerned about “having a voice” and “taking back the narrative” are also the ones who are the least representative of orthodox Islam?


One Thousand Ugly, Loosely Wrapped Scarves

Who is behind MuslimGirl? Meet its founder, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh:

FYI: Gary Vaynerchuk’s fortune is from his family’s wine business.

Now, there are many dumb Muslim blogs in the world today that spew the most heretical, iman-distorting garbage. But what makes MuslimGirl different is two things:

  1. It is promoted by prominent Muslim figures who are seen as religious leaders and role models by the mainstream Muslim community.
  2. It is also promoted by mainstream media and numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Let’s address these in turn.

Birds of a Feather

One of MuslimGirl’s biggest supporters over the years has been Dalia Mogahed, Director of Research at the ISPU (Institute for Social Policy and Understanding).



Dalia Mogahed sits on the boards of several prominent Muslim institutes and organizations and is regularly invited to speak at mosques and Islamic conventions.

Why would Mogahed maintain such close ties with a blog that regularly outputs anti-Islamic messaging? Why would she promote to her Muslim followers an online blog that has as its implicit — if not explicit — mission to promote LGBT, abortion, perennialism, casual sex, trans rights, and the most vile, corrosive aspects of feminist thought?

Well, could it be that Mogahed is on board with that very mission, or at least parts of it?

American Muslims Should Welcome Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

A great deal more can be said about Dalia Mogahed and the ISPU and the agenda they have been pushing since their inception in the Obama era.

One salient fact is that, prior to joining ISPU, Meira Neggaz, ISPU’s Executive Director, worked at Marie Stopes International.

Marie Stopes International is one of the biggest promoters of abortion, birth control, and sexual “freedom” in Muslim countries and the rest of the world. They are at the forefront of pushing demographic war on the Muslim world and spreading fahisha in the name of “women’s choice.” So it is quite telling that a former official of that major organization is now executive director of ISPU and is the person Dalia Mogahed answers to.

Friends in High Places

To see the extent of MuslimGirl’s reach, we can take a snapshot of their non-Muslim supporters congratulating them on their “Muslim Women’s Day” this year:


You can see that a plethora of left-wing organizations are promoting MuslimGirl, from Planned Parenthood to the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Also noteworthy are the international institutions like the UN and NGOs like the Human Rights Campaign that are actively involved in “interventions” in the Muslim world, pushing “human rights” by attacking Islam, that are also pushing MuslimGirl and its affiliates.


How naive can we be?

Muslim Buddies

And finally, here are the ostensibly Muslim organizations pushing MuslimGirl’s media campaign. You will notice some of the usual suspects.



We all need to keep our eyes open for these public associations and behaviors with open promoters of deviancy. And then, we need to put pressure on public figures by asking hard questions. And we need to share this info widely with the community so everyone is aware. After all, MuslimGirl, Mogahed, and others are promoting these things very publicly in the name of Islam and Muslims. Does Islam approve of what they are doing? Do we Muslims approve of what they are doing in our name and what they are pushing upon our community and upon the world?

UPDATE: Dalia Mogahed responds to this piece here.

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With a Muslim number but kufr feminism and liberalism to the core


With a Muslim name but kufr feminism and liberalism to the core.

Just say your secularist and LIBERALIST not muslims

Just a bro

Feminism is disgusting, bro.


💔💔💔. Following into lizard hole !!


This is what happens when women become, quote on quote, leaders of Islam and the Ummah. As the prophet said, no people with become successful with women as leaders. Unless you equate success with anything but decadence and its equivalents.


will become*


What part of that hadith gives you the impression that it’s only referring to that incident?

Imam Bukhari has the following wording:
ﻟﻦ ﻳﻔﻠﺢ ﻗﻮﻡ ﻭﻟﻮا ﺃﻣﺮﻫﻢ اﻣﺮﺃﺓ

قوم comes as a نكرة which gives it تعميم or a general meaning. Women are never encouraged to be leaders in Islam. That doesn’t preclude the possibility of their being bad male leaders. Infact, close to qiyaamat, nearly ALL the leaders will be corrupt. But the fact remains, Islam frowns upon female leadership.


Incorrect. The matter was ignited (sabaab) because of the Sasanians who had appointed a female wali-ul-amr (the daughter of Khusrow II, Boran aka Purandokht). The ruling (hukm) itself is general as is apparent from the hadith of Abu Bakr as-Saddiq which can be found in both the saheeh of Imam al-Bukhari and the Sunan of an-Nisaa’i. This postmodern, individualistic, feministic reading is a new invention and distinctly American.

Al-Nisaa’i is also very clear in his explanation of the hadith:
“النهي عن استعمال النساء في الحكم”

trans: the prohibition on employing women in positions of – legislative – authority.


I wonder how long its gonna take them to publicly admit that they truly HATE Lut AS


I’m just waiting for the last hour, any second now!


Brother Daniel, keep up the good work. Keep calling out these human devils for what they really are. Message me if you need financial support.


He doesn’t ‘need’ financial support, but it sure would help him in the good that he does…

And if you like his work you should support him. He’s one of the few who actual are vocal against this filth.


How can one read the article and protect his gaze at the same time? Please leave out the pics.
Jazak Allahu khairan.

Ibn Issam

The pics are necessary for us to see the full extent of the problem so that we may be aware.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Jahil-phobe

Lol what’s there to protect? I wouldn’t touch any of these fools with a 10 foot pole.

Umm Abdullah Al Muhajirah

May Allah guide these ppl.
Where are the imams and people of knowledge in America?? How are they not addressing this fitna.
Yaa rabb…

Ibn Issam

Salaamu Alaikum,
Brother Daniel,
I have been reading your blog for some time now. You are engaged in good work and I encourage you to continue in your endeavors on behalf of those of us who are on the true path which our Nabi (sws) laid down for us to follow.

Thanks for bringing awareness to this problem of so many Muslim (and Non-Muslim) organizations targeting our community with such fitna and degeneration. Clearly some like ISPU are knowingly supporting this sickness, in a kind of “deal with the devil” while I wonder if other organizations (Pillars fund, etc.) are only partially aware of what they are supporting. Has anyone contacted the various organizations to inform them or question their support of organizations which are undermining our faith teachings, and causing negative deviations in the impressionable Muslim youth? We cannot change the situation without talking to those agencies directly, and also working to establish and/or support Muslim organizations which defend traditional morals and values and do not sell out to gain secular support. It might also be helpful, if you could research and publish a list of Muslim organizations which are worthy of our investment and support. I hope I am not asking too much.

Thanks again for your efforts, Jazakallahu Khair!

Just a bro

These tweets of these so called celebrations make me sick.
Great post, Daniel


Wow, MuslimGirl is supporting the oppressed! How unislamic!


No, they are unislamic because they promote:
1. sodomy
2. crossdressing
3. fornication
4. abortion
5. female rebellion
6. usurpation of male authority
7. unisexism
8. sterility
9. misandry
10. female worship
11. shamelessness
12. hyperindividualism
13. consumerism
14. uxoriousness
15. role reversal

Following their path is a sure way to destruction. Most of these women lead dysfunctional lives: either divorced, no children or never married. You can’t possibly build a healthy well oiled community on that basis.


They are NOT promoting sodomy. They are promoting tolerance, respect, acceptance of diversity.

What is wrong with female rebellion? Female rebellion brings freedom, it’s great.

So what if males lose authority? Why can’t females have authority too?

Gender roles are not a thing, they are shaped according to where you live or come from.

Why do you consider not having children or not being married or being divorced a dysfunctional life? Everyone has their own aspirations in life, and being married with kids is not everyone’s ambition. I don’t see the issue.
A dysfunctional life is when you are taught to hate yourself just because you were born with a different sexual orientation, when you are forced to live hiding your true self for fear of repercussion. Being bullied leads to a dysfunction life! Being threatened with death like what’s happening in Brunei leads to a dysfunctional life! All these horrible human right violations lead to a dysfunctional life, not all the other things you mentioned.

Look at the most peaceful countries in the world. They are mostly the Nordic countries which unsurprisingly respect everyone’s rights, including LGBT’s. Now make the comparison between Iceland/Norway/etc and any other country that doesn’t respect gender equality or LGBT rights.

You can only build a healthy community when you start respecting your fellow humans, Muslims or non-Muslims, men or women, gays or heterosexuals, whether you like them or not.


a muslimah

Denial has no Cure…
Thats for sure
cancer aids diabetes every damn disease has a cure but not denial which unfortunately u massively suffer from
God help u

a muslimah

Ms Rose
fyi our benchmark is Islam and teachings of our prophet not some nordic country
why dont u search for the dark side these nordic countries have
its plain n simple
Go against the commands of God by by trying to play God and destroying every shred of human decency nature and existence and then wait for His wrath. Acceptance and tolerance doesnt mean making fun of God’s commands and putting up with every crap that exists in this world. These sick people need genuine help not further encouragement to be worst than animals.
Go do some research on the deviant behaviors in human kind, their repurcussions causes and treatments than misusing the term ACCEPTANCE AND TOLERANCE. Get out of the hole of ignorance and do some real work to help these physically emotionally mentally and spiritually sick people.


I base my stance on facts. Psychiatry has advanced and showed that homosexuals are NOT sick. And this is a fact.
You can’t cure them, you can only help them accept that they are different. Bullying them won’t help, in fact, it will only drive them towards depression and suicidal tendencies.



Those countries have been deemed peaceful because of their tolerance but tolerance doesn’t mean peace. So I reject those statistics. Anyway our religion is Islam and yours is liberalism so we won’t agree.


This “women rebellion” has driven the “most civilized, educated, tolerant, Western straight White male” into the bosom of fascism promoting the rise of alt-Right and identitarian groups that are challenging the shape and size of these democracies.


Most important thing for us as Muslim is to follow the rulings of Quran and Hadith of Prophetص
Quran and Sunnah are clear that
1)Homosexuality is Sin and if We will have 4 witnesses then Death penalty will be applied according to Majority schools of Fiqh

2) Men have been made head of Institution of Family by Quran and Sunnah , Whoever looses this God given authority infront of Wife is Dayooth i.e Cuck .

3) Islam is what Prophet Muhammad s.w preached , practised , and teached his companions . Outsiee that is Innovatiom not Islam and has no legitimacy from Allah

Liberalism + Progressivism can go to hell . Word of Allah reigns Supreme کلمة الله ھی علیا


Sister, are you Muslim?


I’ve always noticed muslims in America tend to be rather liberal minded, particulary in comparison to muslims here in Europe who are much more traditional. Problably because immigrants to the US up untill recently were educated secular folks while immigrants to Europe were low skilled guest workers with more conservative attitudes. Another factor might me the comparatively high percentage of Shia among US muslims. Many of these so called ex-Muslims are former Shia. Particularly Iranians. Which explains the relatively high apostasy rate among US muslims. Because of this i’ve personally stopt listening to US preachers (nr. 1 being Shuaib Webb)….way too much weird stuff coming from over the pond.


No, Muslims in America are not liberal per se, but are aware of the laws of the land. Unlike in the UK where you have most of the rag tag village immigre with basic education trying to force their beliefs on others with little understanding of their own faith let alone of the concept “separation of religion and state”.

American Muslims tend to be more educated, and know about the laws and institutions that govern their affairs. This doesn’t mean we should accept concepts that are a determinant to the health of society, family and continued propagation of human life. But it also puts us in a tough situation where we have to accept that the law of the land doesn’t discriminate based on sexual orientation, skin color, or religious beliefs…without actually condoning things that are sinful and contradictory to our monotheistic faith.

Do we agree with shirk and mushrik beliefs? No.
But do such beliefs have freedom of practice in America? Yes they do.
Does the law guarantee the rights of homosexuals in America? Yes it does.

As Muslims are we going to deny it and act like Evangelicals who cheer lead the concepts of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY in the face of all these “low IQ brown people” who weren’t smart enough to come up with such great ideas in their “shitholes” but when those things are put to actual practice they turn around shout “CREEPING SHARIAH?!?!”? I think hypocrisy is not a Muslim cup of tea, maybe it is for these Evangelicals.

So you have to understand the position of a lot of these young Muslims being brought up in American and Western educational system that teach such rights, and freedoms. Then they are put in the position to defend those who might be discriminated against ie. Christians/Evangelicals promoters of FREEDOMS n SHIEEET, just like they discriminate against Muslims.

I would suggest to realize the special situation many of these sisters and youth are in, and I would also encourage
them to stay firm in their faith and not be used, exploited and manipulated.

As a Muslim male, my heart goes out to our sisters…yet again they are the target of schemes, agendas,
exploitation, networks and groups. They are seen as an easy target…trying to do well and mean well but used as trojan horses for nefarious agenda.

As these feminists and rights groups warm up to Muslims, the wars on Muslim nations and their occupations are constantly
justified using these groups, and the lack of such groups or ideas in Muslim societies. You know, the intolerant Muslims must be bombed
into progressiveness. Regime change now because its the law of the land that women should cover!

I haven’t heard a single pundit or politician who support occupying Muslim nations because LORD JESUS CHRIST SAID SO or how
women in some of these Muslim nations actually became presidents, leaders or prime ministers. It’s always about lack of
rights for this or that group and the intolerance of Muslims.

Some of the biggest Islamaphobes have been and still are feminists, secularists, liberals, and gay people. But their intolerance of Muslims post 9/11 spewed on every liberal news channel, film, documentary created monsters that are now clawing at everything…including so-called “Muslim and Shariah enabling” liberals. So much so that even ex Muslims have abandoned liberals and are now sleeping with groups that label these caved in cowards as “shitskins” and “pajeets”…the one shifting their demographics by given birth more “coloreds”. SubhanAllah.

It’s a cesspool. But Allah plans, and is the best of planners.

Invisible Sheikh

This is the capitalisation of everything, like a SIDA of Kufr… The same to what happened to the Nabbi Lot and his Qaum. Just feel it, it’s like a illness.


These people blocked me on FB ‘cause I told them one day they are gonna pay for their sins, their hypocrisy, their Satanism.. Even Dalia Mogahed’s sister. She’s leading people to Fire and the irony is people pay her to get them in Hell. RIDICULOUS!!!! She travels through out the world and tell people tell to learn The Deen of Allaah from her cause She is an agent, 😂😂😂. Basically, she is the agent of the Devil and she knows that. She’s fooln people by her speeches and people think she is God sent. Grow up bro, She is nothing but a drop of sperm. Wassalaam

Sufi Ascetic

Hmmm, Good article my intelligent and concerned bro…….

a muslimah

bro Daniel
even more surprising is the fact that when i searched for her online there is no mention of her parents…lolz
that says enough about her being an agent implant of the luciferians to create further divide deviancy and filth among muslims esp muslim women. She is prolly a child of the devil too. Its all too creepy really.
well you know who among muslims will be given coverage in the american media n placed on the highest pedestal..yup the ones who sell their souls to the devil. This is not even a joke.
There are some who unknowingly become a pawn like sister Dalia..Its hard to swallow that with her background in Islamic knowedge she would actually endorse this crap. i mean does she really have to do it just to get acceptance fOr muslims n minorities. I mean God knows n He is watching n yes these are testing times. why sell your soul unknowingly just for some petty cause. Nothing is greater and more precious than IMAN.
Honestly its a crazy world we live in n it hurts bad when sane muslims fall prey to the luciferian tactics of the enemies of islam. It feels worst when u see they have somehow succeeded. Its much better to lay low n do the dawah of haq even if it reaches a few genuine people than have a platform for a greater audience coz eventually you will have to make some compromises with the luciferians. I wonder what the ulema say about it?
You are doing great work mashallah. Allah knows n He will reward you. you dont need the acknowledgements n accolades from the luciferains. I pray we have more people like you. And may Allah make you stand for haq till your last breath come what may. This is a dua from a sister in Islam who always agrees with you 100 percent and i hope that never changes…:)


As a women I feel sorry for men in America. These are your choices to be the mother of your kids? People that think Islam is liberalism.

A suffering brother in crazy California

I am actually quite worried now and probably have to start for looking for a wife from back home at this rate.


This fitna should be treated well. I request all imams and organizations working in US UK to check this out and do something for the betterment of Islam. Thanks


We are living in testing times
. May Allah Ta’ala protect us from the filth and fitna .

Books by The Majlisul Ulama os South Africa ( Mufti AS Desai) are wonderful


This has to be the greatest amount of Muslima Female PHUKERY that’ve seen since saying the Shahada.

Stephan Aitken

Islam is truly a dark, evil and dangerous ideology. Islam is in fact a Totalitarian ideology that uses religion to achieve it’s goals.
It should never be considered as a religion. It’s an ideology and a cult at the same time.

Islam must be kept out of Non-Muslim countries at all costs!
We are being deliberately flooded with fake ‘refugees’ intentionally to destabilise the West and our National identity.

Look at what’s happening in Europe. France is now lost. Sweden now lost. Germany next.
Do you all think that this is by accident or deliberate????

These inbred ragheads cannot beat us militarily, hence they will beat us by the slow stealth Islamic invasion.


1 — To dumb down the populace…..

2 — To destroy nationalism……

3 — To send us broke thru the massive welfare and few of them work…..

4 — Bring in the illiterate inbreds in because they stupidly follow any instructions – “Go blow yourself for Allah and you will go to heaven with 72 virgins” — “Oh OK”! They are too dumb to even read their own Qu’ran…..

5 — Bring in young men of military age…..

6 — The wives they do bring in all have at least 7 or 8 kids (or all happy to die for Allah – terrorism increases…..


Mohammed was a Paedophile, Paederaster brigand, rapist, warmonger who scribbled lots n lots of depravity in a book & inbred Muslims call that the Words of allah.


WARNING: Chauvinist ahead.

Watch this, if you want a Muslim perspective:


@Daniel Haqiqatjou
I really don’t know, or your work. Have linked through somewhere else.
Above, from somebody’s writing, found that you are the writer or taking care of the blog-type website.
I’d suggest you include some moderator, so that they clean up unnecessary and dirty comments.


Salam Brother. Can you please write an article debunking the article “DID ALLAH give muslims a definition of unlawful sex?” Brother please, it will be helpful. Cuz this article might be saying premartial sex is not necessarily unlawful sex. Also brother please give explanation regarding quran 23: 5-6. I think this ayat may be used to misinterpret and say premarital sex is halal.


What!? I wonder which delusional drunk munafiq wrote that article.

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I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you
hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to find
out where u got this from. thank you