Ramadan Is Here! Will Degenerate Muslims Take the Month Off?

As Muslims, it would be nice to enjoy the month of Quran, fasting, and qiyam without having degenerate garbage shoved in your face. Here at MuslimSkeptic.com a month of not having to deal with nonsense and depravity would be a welcome change. But alas…

We know the shayatin are chained this month but shayatin among mankind are still out and about causing fitna. So here at MuslimSkeptic.com, we will inshaAllah continue bringing you politics, culture, philosophy, and news in our mission to make it crystal clear how Islam is the only beacon of hope and Godliness in a world saturated with immorality and irrationality.

Speaking of degeneracy, Metro.co.uk put out a lurid op-ed yesterday (that I won’t link to to save you your eyeballs) from a woman claiming to be Muslim about her uncontrollable sexual urges:

It’s been 112 days since I’ve had sex (but who’s counting?) so the idea of more abstinence is a cinch. It’s Ramadan, the month where Muslims not only fast our stomachs (during daylight hours) but when we Muslim women strive for modesty wherever it can be sought out. The ‘modesty’ part is a bit of a problem for me.

I’ve had sex during Ramadan (after Iftar, not during the fast which isn’t permitted) and it’s great. Well it’s great all year round but there is a heightened sense of arousal given the increased awareness of primal urges through the hunger and thirst. If I had a choice, I’d give up a sandwich over semen.

The piece then strays from the topic of Ramadan into her personal musings on the acceptability of fornication:

I believe in sex before marriage – mainly because I believe in sex and not so much marriage. The only guys left are the ones looking to ‘save’ me from some imaginary, oppressed plight they seem to have conjured me up suffering. Non-Muslim guys see dating me as a challenge, as though conquering me is akin to when the US invaded Iraq. I mean, I need some [censored] but I don’t need you to be one.

The “empowered” brown woman loves to talk in grotesque ways about non-Muslim men using her and discarding her. A normal person would feel great shame at being used in this way. But not the empowered brown woman! She revels in the squalor.

Because how do you maintain your modesty when you’re trying to get into someone else’s modest regions? There’s no shame in it. Call a spade a spade. I actually haven’t had very many sexual partners and have lost out on a whole host of experiences as a result. I don’t want to be that person looking back on my life, boasting that at least I never committed haraam. 

So here begins a series of dumb liberal cliches that have been used to attack religious sexual morality for centuries now. First cliche: EXPERIENCE IS AMAZING! IF YOU AREN’T GETTING PUMPED AND DUMPED, YOU AREN’T TRULY ALIVE!

You would think that people would be smarter than to fall for this. Six year-old children are smarter than to fall for this. Try using this line on a kid: BROCCOLI IS AMAZING! IF YOU AREN’T EATING BROCCOLI, YOU AREN’T TRULY ALIVE! See if he eats it. No, he sees right through it.

But the average adult modernist Westerner doesn’t have that level of foresight and perspicacity. Just shout the word “Experience!” and nothing else matters. It doesn’t matter if the experience in question is disgusting, self-destructive, vile, immoral, painful, costly, self-debasing. As long as it’s a new experience, it must be worth having!

Doing stand-up has been a great way for me to express exactly how I’m feeling about sex and dating and it’s shown people that Muslims are not ‘all the same’. Because no matter how many layers of clothing I am wearing (or not), spirituality and faith is about what’s on the inside.

Self-expression is liberating. Muslims are not a monolith. Faith is about what’s on the inside. Any other liberal cliches to rattle off?

It’s not something for me to prove, nor something others can pass judgement on, however hard they may try.

Bingo! Don’t judge me. Gotta get that one in somewhere.

I don’t think modesty is static, a specific point on a spectrum. For me, the best way to understand the relationship between my sexuality and my faith is to constantly re-evaluate what modesty means for me individually.

And finally: Modesty is whatever you define it to mean for yourself. Yup, pretty much every single moronic liberal cliche in just a couple of paragraphs. A computer algorithm could have written this op-ed. It’s nothing more than a standard script at this point and any brown person willing to read that script will get some lime light, get some media exposure, maybe a nice book deal. It’s all quite tiresome.

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Astaghfirullah; this woman’s beliefs sound like those of Satanists…

Proud Meshuggahite, the ORIGINAL Absolute Madman, the ORIGINAL Alpha

No, satanists arent hypocrites walking around with crosses around
their necks wearing kippahs and fist long beards pretending to follow the path of the Abrahamic Prophets.

This is an opportunist who uses one identity to exploit another for her personal benefit to get some lime light by sounding edgy but comes off painfully cringe that even ex muzz murtads will find nauseating. She suffers from c–knitive dissonance as a self acknowledged sperm receptacle for Muslim and non-Muslim men alike. Bless her soul tho, its a dirty job, but someone has to do it. She is like a Marvels Superwhoreine with a head scarf instead of a cape.

On a brighter note, Ramazan Mubarak!


Asalamu Aliakum and Ramadan Mubarak,

I agree mostly with the “Proud Meshuggahite” above in his assessment of the disgusting creature masquerading as a Muslim woman using the hijab as a prop. Its not a coincidence that such a filthy degrading article was written by this degenerate nauseating woman, published by the British gutter press on the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan. It is my view the slattern in question is NOT a Muslim woman but likely a murtad pretending to be a Muslim attacking the morals and manners of our Deen. She sounds like a straight up wh0re, a dog in heat, and will no doubt be treated as such by men who will use her over and over again. I suspect there might be some mental illness at work as well but its obvious she knows what she’s doing to engaging in fahisha. I would not be surprised if you has dabbled in prostitution.
Her parents ought to be alerted(according to her they don’t know) and hopefully she will never reproduce inshallah.


May G-d bless you this month, Muslim Skeptic. I am glad you are still posting after that international smear campaign launched against this site last March.


Brother Daniel

Just wanted to point out one fallacy you missed on while exposing the article written by that slut using the hijab as a prop.

Two actually.

Firstly she’s right when she says call a spade a spade. That erases the whole ‘don’t judge me mantra’. She’s a confessed whore under a hijab and we ought to be fair and just to her by calling her just that.

Secondly, her mention that her parents’ generation faced less divorces despite her genius liberated self having seen all the cracks and all. Here lies the fallacy that just because two people have had some issues on any matter, the marriage ought to be dissolved and that marriage in general is a failed institution. It’s the social programming from the western Cinderella and “happily ever after” mindset. It is the main reason behind divorces among westerners themselves as well as their intellectual slaves with Muslim sounding names.

Marriage is hard work and involves a lot of conflict resolution and adapting and patience to make it work. These same intellectual slaves will talk about making things work at their careers through conflict resolution and emotional intelligence and cultural adaptability and other buzzwords from western academia, but when it comes to sacred Islamic institution of marriage, they want to portray it as something unfit for their liberated modern lifestyles.

Sure, we don’t follow the Christian model either that outlaws divorce outright. Some cases are surely beyond repair. But for the most part, marriage is a blessing that comes with some adversities and setbacks based on human interactions. It has not been called half of faith for nothing.

You need to point out their cleverly trying to discredit Islamic social institutions in this manner.


What makes her Muslim and why does she indentify as one?

People like these are walking contradictions. They need to see a mental health professional.