4 Steps to Becoming Rich and Famous While Playing the Muslim Victim

Step 1: Make a lucrative career for yourself as a Muslim who constantly blasts the right wing as fascist, racist, misogynist, etc. Be as outspoken as possible in denouncing them while simultaneously aligning closely with the left despite all the anti-Islamic things the left stands for. Convince the Muslim community that their only option is political and electoral support of the left. Constantly promote voting and political activism to support the left. But, of course, stay silent on anything anti-Islamic coming from the left. And make sure to conveniently ignore all the damage that your white washing of left wing causes and ideologies do to the faith of the Muslim community, especially its youth.

Step 2: When the moronic right wing and its constituents inevitably clap back, pretend like you’re surprised and act like you are the victim of a grievous hate crime, even though, unlike real victims of hate crimes, you’re going to profit handsomely from your newfound victimhood status. Pretend like you are being penalized for “speaking truth to power” when in reality, you are a mouth piece for a powerful political party in the form of the left wing, that supports you with media access, academic appointments, and financial largesse.

Step 3: Use your self-declared victimhood to rally support from the Muslim community. Guilt them into “standing” with you and donating to you and your organizations. Convince them that they are, like you, on the verge of extermination and if they don’t pay up, they will be thrown into concentration camps. Cynically avoid acknowledging the simple fact that this is all part of the political game you have been playing since Step 1.

Step 4: Repeat.

Bonus: If anyone dares call you out for your shameless toying with the emotions of the Muslim community and essentially scare-mongering them for your personal gain, just accuse such detractors of being right-wing shills or out-of-touch extremists who are too un-nuanced/hateful/wahabi to understand the complexities of politics. Works every time!

Guaranteed to work! Not convinced? Just ask the masters: Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour, and friends!

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Doomguy 2020 Subscribe to Crawkism

Based and redpilled


Typical far left smear


Very true. You can add embracing degeneracy to fit in as well.


Also include:
-Don’t forget pet statements like “More power to you”, “Make world a better place to live”, “embracing all spectrum of society” etc.

Proud Meshuggahite, THE MUSLIM KNEW since 600 AD!

Frankly I dont see a problem with these charlatans exploiting the very mercenary groups that export such degeneracy to Muslim nations through wars and bombings. The same men who point at their liberated women as a sort of achievement while mocking intolerant repressive Islamic societies as low IQ “shit holes” deserve what they sow.

These Muslimahs are taking advantage of the very corrupt system that the alt Cucks proudly point at as their 8th wonder. Not to mention the alt Cucks proudly wave the flags of the very groups they accuse of subversive plots and schemes.

I simply cant compute the cognitive dissonance of the castrated alt Cucks. It seems their manhood and honor is not betwen their legs but in their pockets. It always comes to money with these people. Theyll do exactly what these token Muslims are doing for money.

Riaz Syed

The left fails on social issues and passes on some issues. the right probably passes in the social issues to some extent but fails miserably in foreign affairs. I don’t see a difference they are both not perfect. so that is our dilemma. What is the solution? should we elect lesser of two evils? should we just completely stay out of politics?
I think you’re suggesting muslims to participate in politics without compromising Islamic ethics and values.


The solution is to keep your distance from both of them by not getting too much involved in politics in the first place. The left-right paradigm presents a false dichotomy, they are different sides of the same liberal secular coin. The goals are basically the same…they only differ in methodology. De left wants to kill you with kindness the right simply wants to kill you. The end result with both is a materialistic hedonistic atheistic society.

The second thing to do is: do not appoint women as your – political – leaders. If you have to appoint a leader appoint a respectable man with suffient life experience and ‘ilm. Firstly it’s a signal to the outside world that your community is cucked, secondly women are unfit for general leadership positions – as these sisters clearly show us. Both men and women should stay in their lane.

Goldman (((Sachs-Coberg )))

@Riaz, the right “fails miserably in foreign affairs”? Have you not seen Trump galvanise an entire movement by promising to kick the neocons out? Stop living in the Bush years.

Oh and as a moronic right-winger….at least the country that was built when my views were mainstream continues to attract ungrateful, unassimilable gimmigrant freebooters. Seriously if the West survives this onslaught, diversity will be a four-letter word for as long as the electric grid exists.