Ilhan Omar Bravely Introduces Anti-Sharia Legislation to Congress

Our amazing Muslim congresswoman is really representing us Muslims so well!

The Hill:

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) this week introduced legislation that would bar any Brunei government official enforcing the nation’s “draconian” penal code from doing business with the U.S.

The Brunei Human Rights Act would prevent any official involved in implementing Brunei’s the laws from traveling to or doing business with the U.S., as well as require reports to Congress on how the penal code affects refugees who have fled the country. The bill would apply the sanctions under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, which authorizes U.S. government sanctions against human rights violators.

I, for one, am happy that this small Muslim nation will suffer crippling sanctions for having the audacity to implement its religious laws. Good on Sister Ilhan — the Salahaddin of our times — for being at the forefront of this legislation. You go girl!

Out of 535 members of both the House and the Senate, the one with the special honor of introducing this piece of anti-Sharia legislation was Ilhan. Talk about representation!

I wonder why Ilhan got the special honor and not any of the other woke members of her party… Could it be because it would look bad for a woke non-Muslim Democrat to use his privilege and structural racism to bully a small Muslim nation? That would be Islamophobic to the extreme! But not if Ilhan is the one doing it! #opticsWIN

“These laws are anathema to our values as humans, and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms,” Omar said. “The new statutes will violate the human rights of women, children and the LGBTQ+ community. This brutality runs counter to universal values of respect for human rights and freedom for people to worship and love however they choose. The United States has a duty to protect against this blatant disregard for humanity and the violation of basic rights wherever we see them.”

100% agree! These laws, meaning the Sharia, are completely anathema to what Ilhan Omar thinks it means to be human. Anyone who wants to implement these laws is inhuman. In other words, we have to dehumanize those who desire to follow and abide by the Sharia.

The nation’s criminal code, unveiled earlier this year, would impose the death penalty for homosexual sex and adultery. Amid an international outcry, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah announced that the country had imposed a “de facto moratorium” against enforcing the death penalty for such cases, which would continue. However, Omar’s office notes the penal code continues to authorize flogging for women who have abortions and amputations for accused thieves.

See, Sister Ilhan is not solely opposed to the penal code that addresses same-sex acts. She is opposed to Islamic hudud as a whole. Isn’t she soo brave?

“We are grateful to Rep. Omar for her leadership in condemning Brunei’s draconian and horrifying laws that target LGBTQ people, women and children,” said David Stacy, HRC’s Director of Government Affairs. “In the absence of White House leadership on these issues, it is crucially important that Congressional leaders send a clear signal that this sort of persecution will not be tolerated and that the people of the United States are part of the world community in condemning this sort of hate.”

Well, that’s not really fair. Donald Trump’s administration also has some strict policy prescriptions against Muslim countries that implement Sharia. So I guess that is one area where our beloved Sister Ilhan and Donald Trump agree!

Nothing like mutual hatred for Sharia to unite Democrats and Republicans, right Sister Ilhan?

You know what is really inspiring me to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY MUSLIM? This:

Ilhan introduces anti-Sharia bills and then, IN THE SAME WEEK, co-sponsors pro-homosexual, pro-trans bills! It’s unbelievable how much good comes from this woman!

As a Muslim community, let’s do our part by donating our hard-earned money to Ilhan’s re-election fund! I hope ALL our mosques, imams, community leaders, and national organizations will do their part by spreading the news of Ilhan’s courageous anti-Sharia stance! These amazing social justice imams have been so AMAZING promoting Ilhan every chance they get. I hope they don’t suddenly go silent now that Shaykha Ilhan is pushing anti-Sharia bills in Congress.

Get those hashtags ready to roll!


What I am most extra eager to see is how national organizations like ISPU and CAIR, who have long bemoaned anti-Sharia bills in state legislatures, will take this news. If anti-Sharia bills are so bad, according to them, then surely they will oppose Ilhan’s anti-Sharia bill and boycott her, right? Or will they see the light and recognize that anti-Sharia bills are brave and much needed and rally behind their shero Ilhan?

Or maybe they will take the middle ground (Islam is all about the middle way, right?). Maybe they will say that anti-Sharia bills are BAD if white people push them but are GOOD when Somali immigrants push them. That definitely makes the most sense to me.

Time to CELEBRATE with a Drag Queen Dance Party!!!!

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As unpleasant as this is to witness, it’s better to acknowledge the uncomfortable truths staring you in the face instead of hiding one’s head in the sand. May Allah swt bless you brother for highlighting the fitna we need to face.


I think we have to look deeper into your hands actions before we label her as basically anti Islamic. We live in a society that pride It’s self with free speech. this is a cornerstone of the American dream and our constitution. Furthermore, as a Muslim living in America, the media has been an offensive to Create an evil image of Islam. So like all the congressman and congresswoman living on campus hill know that you have to play the game. I really truly believe that representative Ilhan is playing the game. I’m not here to say if she’s right or wrong in regard to Islam or lgbt status in Islam. But what I see with my eyes is that she’s breaking down the barrier with the LGBT community and push out preconceived notions of Islam (that we fly magic carpets, blowing up buildings or killing gay people). I think what she’s doing is showing that Islam can function well in The western world. From this starts a discourse and from there, who knows, sky’s the limit with a lot of stars in our sight. So be patient brothers. Because the rest of Congress is after bombing poor countries back into the dark ages

Syed Aman

I would be careful defending Ilhan Omar the Munafiqs clear blatant statements of kufr.

Would you want to be placed/written in the same party as her? Disassociate from her completely, for selfish reasons; you want to stay away from people who will bring you to hell with them


I can’t wait for the rainbow hijabs on 12 year old Muslim boys twerking for drag queens & LGBTQXYZ allies at the next anti-war march. Progress is coming!

And when it is said to them, “Do not cause corruption on the earth,” they say, “We are but reformers.”
– 2:11


so true and utterly despicable at the same time. The world it seems has hit rock bottom as far as perversion immorality and animosity for Allah’s laws are concerned. Just praying for the destruction of falsehood in every shape and form…

Your comments are the best as is your screenname

The Muslim Theist

I think you’re missing an important point here Daniel. Those social justice imams *agree* with banning shariah law. They think its outdated and are themselves uncomfortable with what they read in the fiqh books.

Ariful Karim

I mean you are sarcastic with sacasm


“it is crucially important that Congressional leaders send a clear signal that this sort of persecution will not be tolerated…”

Why do these people concern themselves with issues that don’t concern them? Brunei is a sovereign state. They can rule within their own borders exactly as they wish. If you don’t like it pack your bags…nobody is holding you hostage. If you want to engage in immoral, deviant and outright corrupt behavior move to a country that is tolerant of that kind of behavior – and even supports it – like the US. Even better go to Canada….that country seems to be a magnet for degenerates.

Paya Hatam

Next on the list is to invade Brunei and bring freedom for rectal sex enthusiasts, scissoring dykes, and adulteress sluts.


“that country seems to be a magnet for degenerates” rofl, that one made me laugh and cry at the same time. I got my graduate study opportunity there, so I will be staying in that LGBTBBQ nonsense swamp for a couple of years. May Allah support us, all the other non-degenerates there.

140IQ Guy

Pwople will say that this is reverse psychology by Ilghan Omar😂😂😂

What an idiot.

Doomguy 2020 Subscribe to Crawkism

I have made the conclusion that based on some research on male and female anatomy and the phenotypes of Somalia i have concluded that Ilhan Omar is a Somali man cross dressing. No surprise since almost all of these politicians are baphomets who’s whole purpose is to establish the JWO through tranny’fying everything.


Tinfoil hat

Abu Ossama

it’s sad to see that when you expose the lies of these people to your Muslim entourage you get labeled as an extremist.
The media got even the muslims it seems…


Can’t believe how she can commit such intense kufr while calling herself a Muslim at the same time.

May Allah protect all Muslims from hypocrisy.

I am who I am

Right, well aren’t you guys supposed to behead torture and kill everybody who supports gays and or is gay?


It’s not that deep. I wonder why you’re even on this site because it is clear you enjoy conjecture and are one of the deniers. Why make over-generalizations like this? And why add the word “torture”? I hope you are asked about this on the Day of Judgement. Homosexuals should be killed, if not for the numerous reasons why they should, then simply because they spread corruption in the land. Kind of like how your people have no qualms calling for the death of rapists and pedophiles? Because they too cause corruption in the land.


Waiting for you to do better brother Daniel.

When are you gong to make a stand for the community and show how things are meant to be done?

Or will you just sit at home behind a computer and criticise others?


she is opposing sharia law, which makes her an enemy of islam and the enemies of islam must be called out. Are you opposed to calling out islamophobes?

This is exactly that, him taking a stand for the community.


Saira May 19, 2019 at 7:07 pm

“Or will you just sit at home behind a computer and criticise others?

Isn’t this exactly what you’re doing right now?

Criticizing is a great and necessary thing when justified. Actually it’s a science within the islamic sciences called jarh wa ta’deel.

When we see munkar we are obliged to speak against it. This is from islam. We aren’t liberals who go by the mantra of ‘do as you please’. We don’t take that indifferent stance in life, because that’s exactly the messed up attitude that allows munkar the fester.

Abu Muslim

God this brother really needs to learn his religion. He’s so completely devoid of any nuance that it’s hard to see why he hasn’t already joined ISIS.

May God guide him so he doesn’t waste his life in these petty attacks on fellow Muslims

ISIS are low IQ reactionaries. They look good getting blown up by drone missles in the desert.

The brother here is high IQ intellectual playing 7D chess with 2D token Muslims who are easily discredited as Muslims by supporting things and values that are antitheitical to Islam.

Even ex muzz murtads laugh at candy hijabis and their support for LGBTQXYZ. Are they also closested ISIS sympathizers according to your caved imagination?

Another Muslim Skeptic

Please enlighten us with the nuance where it allows muslims to abandon Sharia Law calling it “draconian” and to Sanction a Muslim country.

Eagerly waiting to get enlightened. And also your thoughts on

“Enjoin good and forbid evil”

Is there any nuances in that where we can enjoin evil and forbid good.


What the ClownWorld doesn’t get about the law of G-d is that it is the law of G-d. It wasn’t a message suddenly sprung upon some merchant in Mecca which nobody knew before. “LGBTQ+” was known and condemned by all the serious faiths. If the people of the first century before Hegira weren’t following that law, that was on them.
And maybe that’s why they lost.
If Muslims won’t follow the law of G-d, they’ll lose too… we just don’t know to what, yet. But it will go hard on the people, Muslims and nonMuslims alike.

Timur Mirza أبو رشيد

i thank Allah for brothers like daniel – i have never heard of you until last week, the more i read the more i like. keep it brother. i will publicize your stuff to friends, my arabic students and to all i know in the muslim community and to family!!! may Allah protect you!!!!

A voice of reason

you will never convince me or millions of Americans that Ilhan is doing this for a good reason. She is the epitome of evil. Isn’t it called taqiya where you can lie in order to advance the cause of the muslim agenda. no there is something amiss here and one day the truth will come out.


Brother Daniel is being sarcastic in his piece. He IS denouncing her. Have your never read satire before?

a k mia

No true Muslim denies or can deny that the shariah is immutable for life but circumstances alter cases : did the second rightly guided caliph hazrat Omar R A not abrogate lapidation when there was a famine in Medina
when people were forced to steal to secure food to sustain life. What right has the US or Ilhan Omar to foist their views on Brunei or any other country? Are you my brother’s keeper? Please spare us your expediency and middle class vested interest morality but I will still be behind Ms Omar on her Islamic crusade.


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Links with what was talked upon during the femenist debate and what other good Muslim speakers have touched upon too that,women don’t see reasoning as a man would in a place of power in this case external international representation of Islam.By nature they are prone to letting their compassion for anyone and anything take 1st place over reasoning.You have to be strong in a field like this where strength and hard reasoning is needed.

Last edited 11 months ago by Skepticdude

The hudud are really debatable man. The Quran uses that verses in Chapter two as to the limit in number of times a man and woman can divorce until she has to have sex with another man again before she can marry her earlier husband – three divorces in a row, which includes two remarriages until the woman has to get married with another man before she can marry the earlier husband again. Ilhan Omar is doing this in order to compensate for her Jew Hatred the last few years.

Syed Aman

May Allah humiliate this munafiq Ilhan Omar who dare has the name of one of our Sahabi radiAllahu anhu, in dunyah and the akhirah both.

Allah increase izat of the Ummah and the Muslims