Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Friends Are Islamophobes. Period.

This is all so very tiring.

Honestly, I’m tired of pointing out all the anti-Islamic nonsense coming from self-described Muslim politicians. Every week (literally) there is some shocking new thing these politicians say or do, and every week I think: “Well, it can’t get any worse.” But then I am quickly proven wrong.

I mean, just look at this stuff:

The original tweet is a gif of Ilhan Omar dancing in the LGBT pride parade. This is the “sharia law” supposedly implemented, and Ilhan extends the joke. Joking about and mocking the Sharia and Islam is a mainstay of her social media activity.
This is how these politicians, for better or worse, represent Muslims and Islam. This is a disaster for dawa, i.e., inviting people to the true message of Islam, not a liberal kufric distortion thereof.

Of course, it is not just Ilhan.

Other major US politicians like Rashida Tlaib and Keith Ellison have also gone to great lengths to show how unconcerned they are about Islam.

LGBT Pride Is Only Part of the Islamophobia

Does the fact that Ilhan “The Sharia is Barbaric” Omar and Rashida “My Allah is a She” Tlaib engage in regular blasphemy not bother those who have done so much to fundraise for them as “strong Muslim women”? How about the fact that Ilhan has actually introduced anti-Sharia legislation in Congress attacking a Muslim country?

This Is Islamophobia, Pure and Simple

We need to call this what it is: Islamophobia. Clearly these politicians despise Islam or aspects of Islam. What is really the difference between Ilhan and a right-wing Republican on the Sharia? In fact, Ilhan has gone further than most Republicans in opposing the Sharia, mocking the Sharia, and sanctioning countries that implement the Sharia.

What is the difference between Rashida and, say, alt-right clown Milo Yiannopoulos on Islam’s stance on homosexuality?

On the details of Islam and Islamic law, there isn’t much difference between these left-wing politicians and activists versus card-carrying islamophobes. They both believe and express that traditional Islamic values and the Sharia itself are dangerous and must be sanctioned.

So let’s just call a spade.

Who Is Responsible for This?

What is so disturbing is that these Islamophobic politicians have been pushed onto the Muslim community by organizations, activists, and Compassionate Imams®.

What were they thinking?

I would like to think that some of these imams and organizations now regret endorsing these politicians (though that is pure speculation on my part). But even if they do regret it and have realized the error of their ways, surely they should explain how they could be so irresponsible to endorse and associate with these figures in the first place. Didn’t they see the writing on the walls? Didn’t they heed the clear warnings?

As a community, we need to seriously question the judgment of the prominent figures and social media warriors who pushed things like #IStandWithIlhan. Do these figures not do the minimal due diligence to find out whether the activist or politician they endorse is or is not a complete heretic, zindiq, fasiq? Do these figures not realize their endorsements have an impact on the iman of the community? Or do they simply not care?

Whether it is ignorance, incompetence, or apathy, these figures and orgs are playing games with the iman of hundred of thousands, if not millions, of Muslims.

And we are not going to let it keep happening.

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All you do is recycle.

you're a huge faggot

Change your name for you don’t deserve any names of the sahaba


Ali June 25, 2019 at 8:45 pm

Your doing exactly the same thing you’re accusing him of. The difference is you’re visiting his site. Don’t like don’t visite.

Liberal blogs are plentiful.


Ali, i would like to know how supporting sharia law in Brunei makes you islamophobe?


It is about time people are starting to wake up to the fraudulent nature of this activism has been. I was warning people of this stuff years ago but it continue to fall on deaf ears. It is time for us to stand up and shut this down for good.


Politicians are much like e-celebs: they use the back of islam to get a following and momentum, when they reach their destination they get off. Notice how her ‘hijab’ is getting smaller and smaller….this is a common phenomenon under e-celebs ass well. As it may be this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Politicians are disliked the world over for a reason – untrustworthiness. Muslims should be a bit more critical with whom they associate with, and louder in their denunciation of these zanadiqah.

Doko Bongeka

lol, i did notice that. soon it will be a Jewish top hat

You’re fucked up

We get it… you don’t want people to have human rights. The next time you want support as a Muslim and a minority in this country, people aren’t gonna give it to you. We have to stick together and accept one another, you don’t have to like it, but this is just disgusting.


Who ever told you we want the support of poofs?


Complete miscaricaturization. As a muslim i understand that degenerates have rights in a secular society. Secularism by definition is amoral. That doesn’t mean i should support and even encourage their sinful behaviour. That would put me directly at odds with my own religion.

Ps. as muslims we aren’t allowed to unite with people upon falsehood. Sodomy is wrong, sexual relations outside the bounds of marriage is wrong and encouraging both is wrong as well.

Yeaaaaaa, that word again…”human rights”… is a joke and exposed empty slogan. If a nation democratically elects a leader who will install a system according to the majority wishes that contradicts “globohomo” agenda it’s literally bombed into submission, coup after coup. Even in the West, where the masses of rural areas are conservatives, the entire MSM has to be in line with the narrative of the “globohomo” reporting false polls, events, allegations, unsubstantiated proofs, in order to push them towards an unnecessary war or into accepting laws which the majority desist. It is evident that certain “human rights” can’t be implemented without coercion and deception.


I need to understand if takfir is applicable to these activists. I mean they publicly mock the Sharia by calling it barbilaric and literally pass legislation on Muslim countries who implement the Sharia. How can we still call someone who does that a Muslim? And not an apostate? Because of her name and her hijab?. Wallahi a woman who is covered in tattoos and does not wear hijab who has the name Stacey but she believes in Islam does the 5 daily prayers and tries her best to implement what she can of Islam in her life WALAHI she is my sister more than these posers like ilhan.


So true Daniel, it is islamophobic to believe islam isn’t an intolerant and murderous ideology

Samir Kakli

You are confusing Islamophobia with heterogeneity in belief structures / religous practices. The former is defined as a dislike / prejudice against Islam, leading to attacking Islam and Muslims (think Pam Gellar / Robert Spencer, etc). The latter category are people (Muslim or non-Muslim) that don’t agree with Islamic doctrine or lifestyle, but they are not hostile to us; they don’t spend their time attacking and deriding our faith or its adherents.

Millions upon millions fall in the second category, including christians, jews, hindus, atheist, and even Muslims. Some of them even advocate for Muslims, even though they do not believe in the faith. It is amazing to me, and very sad, that you would spend your valuable time on this earth attacking such people, while the people most worthy of your criticism, the real Islamophobes, get a free pass.

In the time of our Prophet (saw) was a man named Mut’im ibn ‘Adi, a nonbeliever who NEVER accepted Islam in his life. He, however, had sympathy with the Muslims and did not like how they were being wrongfully persecuted for their beliefs. He offered assistance to our Prophet (saw), and our Prophet not only accepted his assistance, he even praised him later on after his death, during the battle of Badr – saying that if Mut’im asked to free the prisoners of war, he would do so for him. This statement was about a nonbeliever, or Kafir!

The point is – our Prophet (saw) spent his time in a positive way, fixing the real problems, building people up and not tearing them down – especially if they don’t deserve it. I do not agree with everything rep Ilhan / Rashida say – but stand with them overall, and I commend them for their courage in speaking up for truth with regards to the Middle east conflict, and finally speaking out for Palestinian cause, at a time when nobody else is.


I’d take 10 Pamela Gellers over 1 Rashida Tlaib (“my Allah is she”…audhu billah). These liberals pretend to be neutral and even sympathetic which makes them 10X more insidious. The likes of Gellar are atleast honest in their hatred for islam and muslims….in a sense i can appreciate that.

You’re use of that hadith is incorrect. The prophet didn’t change his believe and attitude the make the nonbelievers pleased with him. Sorry to say but you’re analogy is absolutely terrible.

A lackluster appeasing attitude like that would have meant the end for the deen a long time ago. Thankfully muslims have been firm and alert in shielding the deen from matters that do not belong to it.

Samir Kakli

Our Prophet (peace be on him) was soft on the believers. And as mentioned above, he was accepting and welcoming of help and assistance from even non-believers (kuffar) if they were not hostile to Muslims. He never changed his belief to please anyone, you completely missed the point, which is where he spent his time – working on the big problems, building up people, making the believers strong, and when necessary, fighting against the abu jahls, utbahs, and other pharoahs of the ummah. When the believers had incorrect practices he corrected them with WISDOM and beautiful preaching. It is very sad to see this site spent so much time and resources attacking Muslim politicians for one or 2 wrong statements they make, dismissing all the good contributions they have brought that can potentially Muslims in other parts of the world. If they can bring ease to 1 Palestinian family suffering that is a great accomplishment, although people like you would toss that aside just to serve your pride and superiority complex so you can say they are bad muslims, or even kafirs, for aligning with LGBT, meanwhile you (and all of us) are sitting here in the US very comfortable, safe, and secure. it pretty much sums things up if you have a meeting of the minds with Pam Gellar. nuff said


Samir Kakli June 26, 2019 at 6:10 pm

You’re still missing the point. The niceness of many liberals is tactical niceness. Right now they are lacking numbers which means they have to build coalitions. Make no mistake their hatred for islam is probably even bigger than the hatred of the right for islam. The right to a certain degree have respect for islam because of its traditional conservative values. Their hatred is a combination of misinformation and envy. The left is largely made up of atheists who hate religion in general – particularly Christianity and Catholicism in specific.

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar have been caught on numerous occasions saying outright vile stuff about islam. Not saying that they are kuffaar but their utterances are definitely utterances of kufr. Clearcut blasphemy/shirk, lying on the prophet, mocking the prophets, attacking the Kalam Allah, making the haram halal etc.

Both of them have been advised and they still continue up untill this day.

Proud Meshuggahite,

And that’s the sad reality of things that blind fools like you don’t see…that the likes of Pamela Geller, Shapiro, Ruben, Milo etc. are part of the same nepotistic network, narrative, and institutions which has attacked Islam and Muslim majority nations for past many decades under the pretext of women rights, girls rights, minority rights, freedom, democracy, and secularism. When you follow the money, it’s all one and the same. These “Right Wingers” never attacked or advocated regime change in Muslim nations to implement Christian theocracies, rather SECULAR DEMOCRACIES on a deeply religious and conservative people who unlike the cucked West continue to practice their faith till this day. The faith which has protected them, and their children from the pornographic casting couches and children in drag parades of the “globohomo”. Also known as PEACE OF MIND and DIGNITY.

When our sister Ilhan Omar spoke out against the “benjamins” and “dual loyalties” she came under attack from all sides including her Democratic Muslim loving leftist groomers. They chastised her to the point where she had to apologize like a little SOY child for crossing the line. oh no no no no… you little brown peasant this office has gotten to your head you best watch out who talk about. Speak all you want about the evil mercenary White Man/cuck, but don’t you dare look this way. Interestingly it was the Alt Cucks who came to her defense and commended this tiny brown Muslim lady for having more balls than their entire Anglo/Saxon Christian leadership including Drumpf for speaking the unthinkable.

Same thing happened to Linda Sarsour at the Womens March. Her groomers came down hard on her for her beliefs. Same thing is happening to Tulsi Gabbard. You will notice time and again how Leftists Socialists are in bed with Capitalists when it comes to regime changing in Muslim nations. The fact that the councils of ExMuslim all around the global were started by Leftists Socialists like Maryam Namzie and Mina Ahadi, diaspora “regime change” advocates, should cause alarms. The entire network is the same and one. There might be some overlapping contradictions here and there, but that is to happen as the snake eats itself, full circle. This shouldn’t just confuse Muslims, it also confuses exMuzzi murtads who are dumbfounded by the love their leftists comrades have found for Muslims.

BUT, as Allah SWT has said, “those who disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you or kill you or evict you. But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners” …. this verse encompasses all of them, including these murtads advocating war and slaughter of Muslims so they can wear skirts and take off their hijabs…because you know, thats more important than human lives.


Good point. In The Netherlands (Holland) the council of ex-muslims was started by a social democrat of Iranian decent called Ehsan Jami. After investigation they found that he never was muslim – father was an atheïst mother a Christian.

Here in Europe Iranians (often with a leftist background), despite their relatively low numbers, are massively overrepresented in anti-islam activity. The prime anti-muslim in Belgium is this lady….

The alt-right in the US for some reason attracts many Iranians as well. Mike Cernovich is married to an Iranian. Then you have RooshV (Daryush Valizadeh) who is an alt-righter/pick up artist and Jason Reza Jorjani the founder of

over it

Excellent break down akh! Excellent. All of these neo-cons, left and right have one goal in mind. IT IS THE TOTAL and complete destruction of the last force that can stop the Dajjal. ISLAM. That is what they want.

BTW, what sort or kind of allies are we speaking of where one has to compromise their core values and beliefs? Having Muslims, or expecting them to be in the LGBTQ parades is like having vegans celebrate Eid al Adha. Even as a Muslim I will never expect a vegan to approve or celebrate Eid al Adha. We can still be allies. We can agree to disagree. Especially in a secular society. But as a friend and an ally I’ll never force nor expect them to participate in an activity that is against their belief system, moral values and ethics. That is what true allies and friends do for each other. Oh look there vegan, I’mma slaughter this goat, later me and my family will make goat biryani and feast on this animals flesh. You better not show any discomfort or disagreement of any sort. In fact you must hold it’s a piece of it’s flesh, smile and take a selfie with us.

Y’all are deluding yourselves. If you can’t get your “RIGHTS” without conforming, what good are those “RIGHTS”? You can support everyone guaranteed rights as an office holder without having to parade yourself in events which are antithetical to Islam and Islamic beliefs. That is what democracy and secular societies should be about. LIVE AND LET LIVE, not DO AS WE DO.


This thread runs way deeper than what is seen. Pedophilia and pederasty will certainly be next on their agenda in the coming 20-30 years, and organizations like NAMBLA & IPCE are going to gain traction, now that the LGBT pride and marriage rights movement seems to be saturated in many ways.

LGBT and the feminist onslaught are the two sides of the same coin.

In the words of David Thorstad, the founder of NAMBLA:

“The liberation of children, women, boy-lovers, and homosexuals in general, can occur only as complementary facets of the same dream.”

They say they cooperate with feminists as well –

Among other things, NAMBLA directly or indirectly teaches adult gay men about seducing and grooming teenage boys into homosexual activity, who may then go on to college and publish peer-reviewed studies that homosexuality is a ‘natural’ urge!

They’re all making preparations to embrace and join the dajjal.


Interesting a Dutch anti-islam homosexual politician said something very similar before getting murdered by a animal rights activist. Paraphrasing: “gay rights can’t exist prior to women’s liberation. Everywhere we look we see that where gay rights proliferate women’s liberation preceded.”

this is the exact clip:


@Samir Kakli

I wish I could say you’re ignorant but it is clear you’ve actually been taught to blackmail Muslims like that by the adab brigade of scholars-for-dollars and their “deen” intensives.

So tell me buddy, when the Prophet prescribed the death penalty for sodomy in rigorously authenticated hadiths, was he “working on the big problems, building up people, making the believers strong, and when necessary, fighting against the abu jahls, utbahs, and other pharoahs of the ummah” or not?

So if we can’t implement hudud punishments for sodomy in a secular state, does that mean we dance on the streets like $ 2 hookers with the LGBT perverts?

Go back to your compassionate imam as Daniel would call him, and ask him-

What are the rulings of the jurists on apostasy? What acts and sayings do and don’t constitute apostasy?

What is the ruling on someone who openly promotes fawahish like adultery and homosexuality?

Did or did not the Prophet say that the man who killed himself because he did not want to suffer the pain of war injuries was in hellfire? Did or did he not have adulterers stoned? Did or did he and scholars not say that Allah even helps his deen by fasiqs and even kafirs?

Why stop at Ilhan Omar or Rashida? Heck Netanyahu himself can help suffering Palestinian families if they dance to his tune like Ilhan. You’re really pathetically deluded if you think token Muslims like these will beat the lobby, drain the swamp, and bring success to the Palestinian cause.

As for apostasy, I will call your bluff. They are not apostates for sinning and promoting sinning (homosexuality) but Ilhan is an apostate for insulting and mocking Sharia law. So is Tlaib for using disrespectful and cheap feminist dog-whistles for Allah.

Go back to your teachers and tell them that this whole trick of trying to blackmail Muslims by presenting false premises, bogus analogies and out of context examples from Prophetic character doesn’t work on Muslims any more. It worked for a while in the post 9/11 years, but now people can see through this charade.

As-Salamu ^ala man ittaba^a al-huda.

Matt Freymuth

How sad and narrowminded some muslims still are, completely trapped within their 1400 years old interpertation of Islam, not willing to change it to the realities of today….
Ilhan Omar is BY FAR the most interesting and eyeopening American politician in decades!!!

Imam of Pieces

“Some muslims”.
LMAO ….oh you gullible white liberal! It is the view held by the majority muslims in any country. But I understand since you are an outsider so it’s not possiboe for you to know. Also, Ilhan, Tlaib, Linda Sarsour and et al. are just as ultraconservative as this guy. They can’t express their views in public because then you liberals won’t support them.


Matt Freymuth June 26, 2019 at 10:49 pm

Which realities? You know sodomites (which is the correct term) have been present since thousands of years…nothing new about it.

Islam will be relevant and applicable 1400 years from now. Just like the law of gravity will still be in effect.

Just Commenting


Imam of Pieces

LMAO you clueless blogger…Ilhan, Tlaib, Linda Sarsour et al. are just as ultraconservative muslims as you are. They’re just being deceptive about it FOR NOW, because they’re playing the long game. When Muslims take over the west/USA, then the time will be right for them to reveal their true shariah-loving faces. Until that time, they’ll keep playing the “liberal muslim” card to get allies to vote for them. LGBT people will be the first group to be killed off by them…the useful idiots.

Right, just like all those Anglo Saxon Protestants and Catholics who played the “long game” as they witnessed decade after decade their beliefs, heritage, and institutions corrode from within? If the “HIGH IQ master race” couldn’t protect themselves from being cucked and enriched how can suppose “low IQ” Muslims? Nice try soy boy, but the only reason why Islam has remained steadfast is because Islam isn’t a SUBVERSIVE FORCE. Islam doesn’t allow any sort of “cucking”, not even remotely, no matter what is offered backhand. Islam is and always will be an OVERT belief system. All subversion leads to being astray. The truth doesn’t need sheep skin.

Imam of Pieces

Interesting how two ultraconservative muslim women who are playing the long game by being deceptive have done the unimaginable : became part of the legislature of the world’s super power, where they can influence the law, and then there is you, a ” I must stay pure at all times” nobody ranting and bitching about those muslim women on a blog by another nobody with less than hundred views that noone will remember. LOL.

“You are a nobody, 100 views, no one, haha, hehe. Long game. Taqiyya. Shariah law. No Mosque Ground Zero. Draw Muhammad. Burn the Koran. ” – typical NPC reeeeeeee

Imam of Pieces

Typical butthurt comment when reminded of the reality. *crying cat gif*

Abu Fulaan

Takfir is a sensitive issue. However Tlaib, Ilhan etc are beyond the pale of Islam. They are muharib, not Muslims.

Abu Fulaan

There is a time for adab and then there is a time to simply arise and warn the community regarding these degenerates. I care not about the rectification of Tlaib etc anymore, rather I, like many Muslims, are concerned about the Muslim laity drinking the cool-aid. Our youth are being sacrificed at the alter of secularism with a wolf in sheep’s clothing leading them to their demise. Daniel is a shepherd who guides his flock and smites the wolves. Keep it up akhi, it is going to be a long fight!

Doko Bongeka

She may have no choice, it is the price you pay to have that platform. al-Taqiyya


It’s not worth it though, my Brother/Sister. They should rather give up the position and keep their deen, then pursue this way of life at the expense of their religion.