Are Muslims Obsessed with Criticizing the Left?

Why do I tend to criticize what appear to be left wing positions more than right wing ones? For example, why do I spend so much time on left wing promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism and almost no time on immigration? Isn’t this unbalanced? Doesn’t this make me a right wing partisan?

Firstly, Muslims need to stop thinking in terms of left and right. As I have explained before, the political left and right are actually very aligned on most issues. This is because, first, they share the same fundamental ideological base of philosophical liberalism. Second, they both ultimately represent the same corporate interests. Third, they are both constrained by the same “deep state.”

The reality is, many of the policies leftists are most in arms about with Trump actually existed in some form under Obama. Yes, there existed a Muslim ban in some form under Obama (Obama hugely expanded the No-Fly list which mostly targeted Muslims). Yes, there existed immigrant detention camps and mass deportations under Obama. Yes, there was police brutality under Obama (actually, Obama did a lot more over his first 7 years to militarize the police than Trump has done in 3). Yes, there was belligerent foreign policy toward the Muslim world under Obama (actually, far more belligerent). Yes, there was the selling of billions of dollars in arms to Saudi under Obama. Yes, there was targeting of Muslims domestically under Obama (in fact, way more under Obama; Trump has rolled back some of the anti Muslim domestic policies of Obama’s FBI and NSA). And so on.

But we didn’t hear much protest about these things from the Muslim leftists back then. And the few leftists who did protest still sung the praises of Obama and acted like smitten fanboys and fangirls while they assured us that Obama was eventually going to change everything for the better (He didn’t).

Why such a soft spot for Barack? Maybe it was the iftars at the White House. Or maybe it was the access, appointments, and funding these Muslim leftists enjoyed for 8 years…

So, excuse me if I don’t take the present histrionics of these leftists very seriously. I have a memory that alhamdulillah extends past 3 years.

Now this is also why I say that I criticize what *appear* to be left wing positions. I say “appear” because the right actually agrees on many of the issues I raise, for example, on LGBT, on feminism, on secularism, etc. The outrage against Brunei, for instance, was totally bipartisan. The Trump administration’s foreign policy is also pro LGBT, etc. And so forth.

But what about the original question? Why focus more on LGBT as opposed to immigration?

The answer is easy. Being anti immigration does not threaten one’s iman whereas being pro LGBT does. A Muslim can believe in a political policy like stricter border control. In fact, most Muslims around the world do believe in this for their own countries. But a Muslim cannot believe in the morality of same sex acts. To do so is to directly contradict many clear cut verses of the Quran, such as 7:81, 27:55, etc.

Now, even if being in favor of tighter border control threatened iman, there are virtually zero Muslims taking this position in the West, for obvious reasons.

With LGBT, however, we sadly do see a proliferation of kufr views spreading throughout the community. There is a great deal of confusion and none of the major national organizations and figures are willing to address it. Why? Because they don’t want to threaten their political alignments, their high paying careers, their media access, their academic appointments, etc. You can’t fit in with the elite class in the West if you have expressed even the slightest disagreement with LGBT ideology. So they keep their mouths shut while segments of the community flounder.

Also, pro LGBT policies have FAR greater implications for the Muslim world than Western immigration laws or even the “Muslim ban.” What we are seeing now is just the start of this, where Western nations and Israel justify war and “intervention” against Muslim nations on the basis that those Muslim nations are oppressing LGBT individuals and need Western forces to liberate them. So as LGBT is normalized in the West, this poses an acute threat to all Muslim countries and indeed all traditional societies around the world. We have already seen both Obama amd Trump try to justify aggression toward Muslim nations on this basis, and as the Western public becomes more pro LGBT, this will also mean that they will be more willing to support “spreading freedom” of this kind to the Muslim world by force, whether through military action or economic sanctions. Again, look at Brunei and our own leftist shaykha Ilhan “The Sharia is Barbaric” Omar introducing anti Muslim, anti Sharia legislation to Congress. (Didn’t hear a peep from all the Muslim leftists and orgs on that fiasco, by the way.)

But this glaring fact escapes these Muslim leftists, as they participate in marches, do photo ops for leftist media outlets, praise leftist, pro LGBT groups like Planned Parenthood, etc.

Another point: Some Muslims, especially on the left, have forgotten dawah and spreading an invitation to Islam. Well, for those who haven’t, let me ask a simple question. All else being equal, which is more difficult: trying to convince a pro LGBT advocate or an anti immigrant advocate that Islam is the Truth?

From my experience, the latter is much easier. This is because Islamic theology can accommodate ideas like stricter border control but cannot accommodate the morality of same sex acts and lifestyle. So, as far as dawah is concerned, the normalization of LGBT poses a far bigger obstacle.

So in a nutshell, this is where the need lies and why I prioritize what I prioritize.

I pray that Allah gives us the vision to see our reality clearly, protects us from harm and misguidance, and rectifies our situation.

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And what about right wing Muslims like you who ignore the sexual deviency of the Brunei Sultan? Or his love for alcohol? Or his massive wealth while half of his country is poor?
You have linked to right wing media outlets like Project Veritas and the New American. Both are anti Islamic.

Why are you always contradicting yourself?


He’s not promoting and encouraging people to be sexually deviant stupid.


He is PRAISING the Brunei Sultan repeatedly. The Brunei Sultan is also the head of Islam in his country. He also regularily invites nude celebrities to preform concerts. He also BACKED DOWN from hudud punishment for homosexuality.


Ali quick question do you support LGBT even though it is haram? Honest answer please.


Your question has nothing at all to do with anything related to my post.


That isn’t even a good deflection. The West isn’t attacking Brunei because of the Sultan’s personal lifestyle. They’re targeting that country because it wants to implement Islam. They are fearing a ripple effect. Once Brunei starts implementing other countries might folllow. This is why they want to set an example, in the sense of “don’t get that ‘silly’ idea in your head…or else”.


the Brunei Sultan is a SEXUAL and ALCOHOLIC devient. He is also the head of Islam in his country. He also BACKED DOWN from hudud. And Haqiqatjou is SILENT on all of this.


“He also BACKED DOWN from hudud.”

After Western political pressure which Ilhan Omar co-initiated.

As long as he keeps his stuff private it’s between him and Allah. Once somebody brings corruption/munkar into the public sphere and actively starts calling people to it the situation fundamentally changes. Then it becomes a barrier between the people and the truth, and that must be resisted. Ilhan and Tlaib are literally making that which is haram halal and halal that which is haram.


Ali June 29, 2019 at 4:17 pm

By now i’m pretty sure you’re trolling. The way you consequently miswrite deviancy as deviency gave you away. This writing mistake is common among people who originally write in Cyrillic script.

“the HEAD of Islam” lol…no muslim talks like this. The Sultan is the head of the state. The highest organ for religious matters in muslim countries is the council of major scholars (majlis). We are not Catholics (Pope) or Shiites (Vilayet al-Faqih).

I have never seen open nude concerts in Brunei or the Sultan consuming alcohol publicly. If he does it in private it’s still extremely bad but different from doing it in public en calling people to it….which many muslim politicians in the West do to cater to certain demographics.


LOL the irony of calling me a troll! Laughable! freaks are the ones who troll in the name of Islam. freaks are the ones who want to get under the skin of others in the name of Islam.

Don’t be a sooo’yim, be a Muuus’lim.

The Alt Cuck wouldnt even exist if it wasnt for the “globohomo” and their “Islam is intolerant” and “Muslims hajjis are terrorists” narrative for the past many decades. You know, Muslims are the enemies of Freedom and Free Speech. Muslims hate cartoons. Muslims hate little school girls. Muslims dont like shaking hands with women. Muslims dont like infidels. Muslims muslims muslims so on and on and on.

All these alt-Right movements came about due to the unchecked xenophobia, Islamophobia, and pro regime change rethoric that was the overall policy of both the left and right war hawks. 24/7 news and Hollywood. Sand nigs getting blown up because they are low IQ muzzi savages by White Male RAMBOS. Was Hollywood all those years in control of Alt Right?!? Who dressed Mia Khalifa in hijab where a white stud banged her and her Hijab wearing mother?? Alt Right Christian Conservatives!?!? Who owns those studios? Right wings? Who dresses Latinas in Hijab making Muslim and Arab porn making money off of xenophobia?? Are these producers, directors, Right wing Christian Conservatives?!?!

The difference is that Frankeinsiten now threatens its own creators. It dug deep, and found muzzis arent the problem. The problem was the Blue Pill they took a long time ago. Although this blue pill didnt help with their electrical dysfunction, it castrated them altogether. Rendereing them useful cucks ready to die in wars as mercenaries with the promise of booty. However they hadn’t considered the global and national ramifications. What you occupy, kill, or conquer you become responsible for. That means cultural enrichment, diversity, melting pot….which is indeed an existential threat to those who use sex as a recreational sport instead for its intended purpose – procreation. Where family is opression, and the patriarch a tyrant. Same patriarch that fights, defends, and protects. Where the natural role of a man and woman in society are unholy. But kids in drag are fashionable.

But these are not our problems, and we must protect ourselves from acquiring them. Alt Left or Alt Right two faces of the same demon. Islam is, and always will be, the Middle Path in everything. SubhanAllah.

The present situation between these groups can be beautifully articulated in the Scorpian and the Frog fable.

Because ALLAH SWT is the best of planners.

Crawk the Crawkiest of Crawkisms

I love the way you say things. Kinda relatable to how i would say it.


Just how dumb are you liberal “Islamic adab-ists”?

A person’s personal life of piety or impiety is none of anyone’s business, unless you have evidence to prove it in a court of law. That is the maxim in Islamic law as well as your beloved secular law. Unless you have four witnesses and evidences for his sexual deviance or a personal confession from him, you do not have the right to call him a sexual deviant just based on the reportage of kafir media. Read verse 49:6.

Personal lives of anyone, be they public figures or private individuals, are no one’s business. It is in such cases where gentle counsel with wisdom is needed in private. If you see your brother consuming alcohol, pull him aside and have a talk about its haram-ness and harmful effects, with wisdom and good counsel.

A public figure’s public sayings and actions that impact the public sphere ARE everyone’s business, and they can and should be taken up on them. In these cases, the adab-imams’ standard line of defense is – “boo hoo hoo, he shouldn’t publicly take me up on it, but rather counseling me in private – with adab of course. He has made a mockery of me, he has no adab, wah wah wah.”

Of course, it really doesn’t matter if the adab-imam publicly spreads heresy and apostasy, right? He is entitled to it and it’s his birth right to spread disbelief publicly. It is only bad adab if us lesser mortals call out on that public spreading of heresy and apostasy, yeah?

The Sultan of Brunei could be a an unholy crack addict or a philanderer or a drunk, or even gay in his personal life. It doesn’t concern the public sphere. What concerns the public sphere are his public actions and sayings, and in those public sayings and actions he is working to uphold Islamic laws.

By the way, you’re just regurgitating the puerile nonsense of the neo-liberals and your adab-imams. Brunei is a cradle to grave welfare state. The Sultan may be immensely wealthy, but his tiny population is one of the wealthiest in the world and well taken care of. Don’t stuff your foot in your mouth by saying “half of his country is poor”. It’s as dumb as saying Donald Trump’s hair are black. Next time you want to make such idiotic comments, think about the wealth disparities in America itself and what percentage of the population lives below the poverty line and on food stamps, and what the regime (right or left, don’t matter) is doing to change that, and how much your adab-imams criticize that regime!


The Brunei Sultan is OPENLY a sexual devient and an alcoholic. He is also the HEAD OF ISLAM in his country. He owns luxury hotels all around the world that sell alcohol. Last year he held a concert where he invited Shakira and Beyonce to shake their nude bodies.

Do you understand now?

Ibrahim Ihsan

I know what you mean. Daniel Haqiqatjou is not pointing out the fact that the Brunei leader himself is corrupt and does many haram things. But then that’s more of a critique on some hypocrite instead of on the sin itself. We all know corrupt leaders are among the Muslim leaders but pointing that out is something you do in a specific manner. Meaning you should have other places to do so(he has some articles where he critiques Muslim leaders whom spread fahisha). But in this case, he really was doing the right thing. For Brunei to try punishing homosexuals with death is a good thing on Brunei’s side. It may even mean moral progress. However, America and Ilhan Omar is opposing such a thing. And besides, if a sinner does have values, we should berate him over his wrongdoings but it is good to promote his good actions. And when were we told to lose hope in a sinning Muslim? Sure, he’s still evil and must be punished but in this case, nothing wrong occurred.

Ali al-Ilami

@Ali: the Sultan of Brunei backed down from the Shariaah? Then he is no different from all the other tyrants ruling the Muslim world, no Shariaah equals kufr (5/44 of al-Qur’aan al-Majeed). As far as Daniel is concerned: he doesn’t even makes takfir on gays like Ilhan Omar (note I didn’t call her a Muslimah, but a gay since she is part of the gay community by attacking the Shariaah of Allah and promoting LGBTQ), so how do you expect from him to denounce the Sultan of Brunei?


Typical judgmental comment

Winston Smith

Why don’t you just come out of the closet already? Obviously, you are a faggot.



You’re dumb. No point arguing with you. Apparently anyone who opposes LGBT supporters like Ilhan is a “Haqiqatjou follower”. So this is all one big cult of Haqiqatjou followers!

But of course, the LGBT supporters like Ilhan and Rashida and all those adab-imams and their fanboys and fangirls who throw their weight behind them are not a cult in any way! Just try criticizing them and watch all these fanboys and fangirls crawl out of the woodwork in defense of their adab-imam.

I like the way you throw in the “right wing Muslim” comment – where’d you learn to talk like that? Did you learn all these techniques at a deen intensive rihlah? I called you liberal because you guys do openly align yourselves with the LGBT and feminist supporters and the Democrats.

Being against LGBT is not being a right WING Muslim. It’s just being right AS A Muslim.

Additionally, I don’t really think you’re “Ali”. I think you’re a lady feminist on PMS; that or gay!

Poor insufferable caved coward who most likely isnt here to convince us but him/her/it self after getting caught up in their feelings and “rights” emotional exploitations. Too much estrogen. Lack of T and vegan diet will make you think in questionable ways. You can sense their animosity towards Islam, Islamic beliefs by the way they refer to the Prophet SAW.

All I see is a braying mule accusing everyone of dubious intentions. Like, fk the Brunei king bro…we know all these kings are munafiqs. But we got so-called Muslim representatives trying to interfere in the laws of Muslim nations declaring any attempt to impose laws based on their Islamic traditions as “barbaric”. Thats not just Islamaphobic, racist, but straight out kuffr.

This rants prove yet again how amazing it all is.

Allah bless you forever akhee.

My existence reminds you of what sort of an effeminate eunuch you are? Good. Alhamdulillah. From now on I’ll go the extra megabit to say hello. I hope it causes you PTSD so you can commit seppuku…but then again that requires honor which you lack because your are gutless maggot. The type that lives in the anal cavity of a sodomite. lollllllll


Ahmed, the amount of low IQ degeneracy in my comment is enough to prove…

It is clear you understood nothing from my comment.

Nothing in my comments ever stated I align with liberals or LGBTQ.
And your last line is enough to prove why so many Muslim women don’t to marry Muslim men.

This “high IQ” NPC automaton continues to bark the same terminology used by Islamophobes for the past 30 years i.e. “jihadis” against any Muslim that challenges the possible trojan horses among the community who has found sweetheart support from the same groups who considered it justifiable invading two Muslim nations over the actions of a few deranged messianic terrorists. So if any Muslim questions such developments today, “oy vey its another 9/11”.

Looks the gender studies degree failed to produce a capable, critically thinking independent mindset in this biological failure.

Regurgitating your faux intellectual 2 lines diatribe and ignoring key points raised by the “MUH CULT OF DANIEL” doesnt help the case of your IQ. Rather it makes you look desperate.

Take some time off. All this spanking isnt healthy even for a hedonistic machostic like you.


“And your last line is enough to prove why so many Muslim women don’t to marry Muslim men.”

Thanks for taking the bait. 😁

Love the high IQ feminazis and their emasculated metrosexual allies.

So, so many “Muslim” women don’t want to marry Muslim men because random strangers spar on the internet.

Do highlight the brilliant online and offline character traits of cisgender, straight kafir men too – 75% of whom admit to cheating on their wives.

When you’re done with praising them, enlighten me further on the awesomeness of trannies and gays too.

Go on – the floor’s yours.


Well polygamy support group or incel/red pill/MGTOW support group. degenerates can’t even make up own minds.

Alhamdulillah, we sane minded civilized Muslim men are not activist freaks. This makes us perfectly suitable for Muslim women.

Laughable also how degenerates use the exact same terminology as Americans.

HOLLL UP….Is this dayyuth enabler projecting the symptoms and byproducts (incels, red pill, cucks, MGTOW etc.) of secular liberal feminist societies on us Muslim men now? LOL

No such thing among Muslims because the system and beliefs that leads to the emergence of such pathetic emasculated groups and concepts are out rightly rejected within Islam. Which is exactly what is happening here with the criticism of Ilhan Omar and the likes.

Cope harder Alison.


I see the hyperlinks are missing in the article which direct to relevant article of yours. I suppose the reason is you being too busy to do that. But If yo’ve not done it puposefully thinking it to be of not much significance, just know: Those are very beneficial and needed. JAK.


And just what exactly is harmful to the Muslims about selling arms to the guardian of the haramain?

Ibrahim Ihsan

Don’t you know? Why would they? Would you want to think about that? Canadians and Americans used to sell weapons to Afghanistan with the clear intention of westernizing their armies. If the US sells guns to a country with an anti-secular law like Sharia, it isn’t that hard to consider corruption among the Saudi government or intentions of the US to get more involved with them. We all know US-Muslim country relations aren’t usually satisfactory for Muslims.

Aboo Abdullaah

They should also guard the haramain from the kufr and open fasaad which is replacing the sharee’ah with Saudi nationalism and ghuloo towards their royalty which leads to shirk. There is no obedience to the creation if it involves disobedience to the Creator. Yet we hear every day of the changes in Saudi allowing what Allaah Almighty has clearly prohibited and prohibiting what He allowed. Not to mention spreading of open munkar and fisq to further ruin the Deen of the youth like inviting these nasty disbelieving performers. Read about الغزوة الفكري “the ideological attack” written almost 50 years ago by shaikh ibn baz. It’s clearly what’s happening now.

It is obvious the Saudis, by their statements and actions, are not fighting the rawafid in Yemen for religious reasons, which is to remove the heresy that is called the Shia religion, but rather as a political power play against their main regional competitor, Iran. And the mess they and the houthis have caused in much of Yemen was facilitated by the policies of the neocons seeking financial profit at the expense of Muslim lives, the warmongerers working with Obama and Trump, and on the other side we have the Iran and maybe Russia and China and other enemies of Allah sending arms and supporting that ill intentioned war from all sides while the Muslims suffer. So yes, the self proclaimed guardians of the haramain are guarding their own interests rather than Islaam. Remember actions are only acceptable to Allah according to the correct intention and methodology. May Allah guide them all to the truth.

PS. It may have better for ilhan if she had stayed in somalia. Perhaps she could have at least kept her deen. The sell outs like CAIR and other so called Muslim organizations should have some shame and gheerah for Islam instead of supporting this politician who has sold her religion. Allaah is the best of planners.