Talking Liberalism, Colonialism, Harvard, LGBT, Islam w/ Saajid Lipham

I recently had an extended conversation with Ustadh Saajid Lipham on his youtube channel. Ustadh Saajid graduated from the Islamic University of Madina. He is the founder of Ilmstitute and is very active in dawah.

Check out the videos segmented by topic below. You can also watch the entire interview. Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel.

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Interesting how on reddit the shills are calling you a “friend” or an “ally” of “White Nationalists” for trying to address alt Cuck/Right claims and issues. Though if alt Right is “Nazis and White Nationalists” how come there are good amount of Jews in their leadership Pamela Geller, Ben Shapiro, Michael Savage, Milo, Ruben, Stephen Miller and some of the top advisers to Trump are Jews?

Consider that Jews are less than 1% of US population, they sure are nicely represented in the alt Right amongst the “White Nationalists” and “Nazis”… you know who killed 6 million Jews in the Holocaust.

But do they all think alike? Here is an interesting case study from 2015. When Pam Geller (No Mosques Ground Zero) was holding Draw Muhammad event in Texas, none other than DONALD TRUMP came out against it and questioned her motives. Look that up.

The event was attacked by two dumbass reactionaries who were encouraged on social media to “defend the honor of Prophet Muhammad” by a man from Florida pretending to be a jihadi leader. Google Joshua Ryne Goldberg.

I think a lot of these token Muslims are either low IQ or straight up idiots with no history of how events have transpired past 20 years. Where the tea party, alt Right, and people like Trump are coming from. Or maybe many of them were in their diapers.

Don’t get played like those two idiots that got shot up by Texans armed to the teeth. Dont get played Muslims. Enough already.

May Allah SWT preserve us and ruin the plotters at the hands of their own monstrosity. Let them reap what they sow whether on the Left or Right.



Can I please request you to add these two links under a separate topic on the main page so that your readers can note this important development: